Israel: 100 Years in a Flash







religious-majority countries around the world:

56 Islamic
49 Roman Catholic
20 Protestant
12 Eastern Orthodox
4 Hindu
1 Jewish

Zionists were idealists from countries around the world
who sought national self-determination in their ancestral home
and labored to restore the unique language and culture
that had once prevailed in the land.
The Jewish people were engaged in nation-building long before Israel’s rebirth in 1948.
Over 150 years ago, Jews from around the world immigrated in ever-larger numbers.
They again became the majority in Jerusalem
in the 1870s and established Tel Aviv in 1909.
In 1920 the international community officially affirmed
the Jewish people’s historical rights to the land
and endorsed the Zionist dream of restoring their national homeland.

Security threats:
Iranian leaders are racing to build nuclear weapons while calling for Israel to be
“wiped off the map.”
Hamas and Hezbollah are Iranian-supported proxies.
Iran is considered the world’s leading sponsor of global terrorism.
West Bank Palestinian communities:
Ninety-eight percent of the Palestinian population
lives on 40 percent of the West Bank land,
leaving over 50 percent of the West Bank virtually vacant.
Israeli communities in the West Bank:
Built up areas of Israeli settlements now cover less than 1.7 percent of West Bank land.
If you include the fence, Israelis live on 5 percent to 8 percent of West Bank land.
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