Israeli Defense Forces

Creativity, Flexibility, Determination, Wisdom, and Caution   The purpose of the IDF is to protect the existence of the state of Israel, its independence, and the security of its citizens and residents. Service in the IDF is based on patriotism, commitment and devotion to the democratic State of Israel and to its citizens and residents. The IDF and its soldiers are obligated to preserve human dignity. All humans are to be valued, regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender, status or role. You must visit the Israeli Defense Forces blog. This is an exciting website straight from IDF headquarters. It covers news from the Northern, Southern, Central and Home Commands. You get the inside stories of the Air Force, Navy and the IDF general staff. It includes up to the minute news on security issues direct from the operations room concerning Lebanon, Syria, Judea and Sumaria, Gaza and more. A must read are the fascinating stories of IDF soldiers (men and women) , technologies, military operations and military cooperation. It also has extensive info on Palestinian cooperation, rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, the Gaza economy, and humanitarian missions.

The IDF prides itself on being a modern military — making use of new advancements and innovations in order to best defend the State of Israel. From homemade weapons to the world’s best tanks, from converted light planes to the most advanced aircraft, and from torpedo boats to submarines with the best technology, since its inception the IDF’s primary mission has remained the same: to protect the border and defend the State of Israel.


Israeli F-15 fighter jets refuel during an air show.  AFP/Getty Images

The Israeli Air Force In 1948
“Above and Beyond: The Birth of the Israeli Air Force”
Meet the soldiers at Sea that keep Israel safe
 Krav Maga
Elite soldiers fight it out in IDF’s first-ever Krav Maga tournament idfspokesperson
Fighters from elite combat units participated in the IDF’s first-ever self-defense tournament last week. The competition featured matches between soldiers with training in Krav Maga – a method of self-defense developed in Israel. The Maglan unit claimed first position, while the Paratroopers Brigade’s Duvdevan unit and the Lotar counterterrorism instruction unit followed closely behind.
Krav Maga Tournament
The tournament featured fighters from sixteen units – each of which fielded three representatives to battle it out for the top prize in three weight classes. Reservists from the IDF’s Combat Fitness Division served as the competition’s guest judges. Krav Maga – meaning “contact combat” in Hebrew – originated in the 1930s when Imrich Lichtenfeld, a European Jew, invented the self-defense method to combat anti-Semitic violence in his hometown of Bratislava. After moving to British-mandate Israel in 1940, Lichtenfeld joined the pre-state Haganah defense force, where he trained elite units in the use of the system that he had based on his training as a boxer and wrestler. Since the establishment of the IDF in 1948, the method has evolved into a complex self-defense system and has spread throughout the world. THE HUMAN WEAPON “We are beginning to train not only the special units and reconnaissance brigades, but also regular infantry brigades in Krav Maga,” Col. Oren Gil, head of the Combat Fitness Division, told the IDF website. “The Givati Brigade conducted Krav Maga training in their most recent brigade-wide exercise,” Col. Gil said, adding that “brigade training bases are beginning to include exercises in this field in their training.” According to Col. Gil, the School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders is set to integrate Krav Maga training into their programs. The addition will allow graduates of the course to return to their units with the necessary capabilities to teach basic Krav Maga to regular infantrymen. “A combat soldier, whether he is from an elite unit or from regular infantry, is the only one prepared to contend face to face with the enemy,” Col. Gil explained. “Another weapon at [the soldier’s] disposal is his body – his physical ability. Krav Maga exercises very much contribute to flexibility, quickness and building a stronger body.” Col. Gil mentioned that as of next year the Krav Maga competition will be expanded and that the various regular infantry brigades are expected to participate in the tournament.

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