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March 19, 2015
Sleepless in L.A.
The fact is that Isaac Herzog made a complete ass of himself: He would HEAL the relationship with America. No, Izzie. The relationship with the Congress and the American people is fine. It’s the White House that’s toxic and all you’ve done is set yourself up to be their little whipping boy. How silly of you. They’d have just pulled down your pants and spanked Israel some more in front of the whole world. That crowd wants a Palestinian state — and an Iranian nuclear path — over any Jew’s dead body who gets in the way.And then, Izzie, you channeled your INNER OBAMA CIRCA 2008: You would HEAL Israel’s relationship with the world! Izzie, did your rebbie ever tell you that Jews aren’t supposed to believe in False Messiahs? What a (nearly) deranged schmuck.Herzog deserved to lose. He’s a loser. Tzippi deserved to lose. She’s a self-serving, power hungry wench. Obama deserved to lose. He’s a backstabbing apologist for America’s enemies and a facilitator of the Palestinians and Iranians.BTW, remember Avi Shalit? That cyclothymic, psychobabble mess? That pudgy version of a Woody Allen without a spark of jest? The guy that has to be miserable to feel good enough to feel miserable again so he can feel good about having been miserable which he feels good about because he’s miserable….? Remember him?Well, he was on MSNBC — the Rachel MadHouse Network — in full throated mourning. NO HOPE! IT’S HOPELESS! WAIL! WAIL! WAIL! (Would someone give him a wall to wail on? (Get it?) Or just beat his head on?)
March 17, 2015
Elections in Israel
Sleepless in L.A. The pro-Zionist American Jews would have had a very hard time working with Herzog if he had won Israel’s election since we work primarily with Congress, and most of Congress would consider Herzog delusional — at best. Can you imagine if that dingbat had won? We went to Capitol Hill saying, “Stop that Iranian Nuclear Express (Obama is driving).”
Then we’d have Herzog who says he trusts Obama to make a good deal with Iran. So we’d have to say, “Never mind…”?
Boy, that would really be great for our credibility, wouldn’t it? Not to mention Israel’s security. Not to mention cutting the ground right out from under all our friends in Congress. In one of Herzog’s more bathetic moments, he channeled the 2008 Obama campaign, claiming he would “heal” Israel’s relationship with the world. Apparently Herzog hasn’t heard that Jews aren’t supposed to believe in false messiahs — Obama notwithstanding….But we dodged that bullet to the brain…..
Yes, today is a great day…for Israel. Obama got his ass kicked. The elephant in the room from this election, however, may be the united Arab list. Portent of things to come. This list has the potential to seriously compromise Labor in the long run.

G-d bless Bibi!


March 13, 2015
Aliyah by French (and Other European)

To the editor of the Jewish Journal
Sleepless in L.A.
I’ve been to Europe over 100 times. I doubt you have. For one, I’m aware that as a Jew, I’m often a bit of an oddity there.
That’s the least noxious of it when it is less than irrelevant that I am a Jew.There are the conversations I’ve had with French Jews in Paris — the ones with grown children already in Israel and the parents making their own plans because “We can’t stand it anymore.”
Sort of like the time I was wearing a kipah in St. Emillion and some Arab Frenchman with his kid looked at me with pure, unmitigated hatred and made sure his 7-year old boy saw it. I glared right back. Over the years, there have been other incidents. The horrendously anti-Semitic remarks or glares if I am wearing a kipah on a Jewish holiday. Incidents that I just don’t generally experience in the U.S. There is no break from the torrent of Israel bashing there. There is no Fox News. There is Bad Israel All the Time News. Or haven’t you heard?As usual, the logic in your editorial was facile and uninformed. Facile because it argued against the extreme cases of violence being reason enough to leave and uninformed because it ignored the constant assaults to the sensibilities. But first as to violence, you miss the point there as well. The point of the violence against Jews is not that there was a turn out of so many Danes (actually rather few) or Frenchmen — finally — but that these turnouts, such as they were, followed the murders of leftist atheists. If the attacks had been “merely” that deli where some random folks got shot, there would have been a miniscule turnout of mostly Jews. So I guess we better hope that the next massacre of a handful of Jews follows only a massacre of leftist atheists, right? The fact is that France has had many hundreds of its “citizens” leave to fight for ISIS. Obviously, there are many less venturesome but hate-filled sympathizers who remain in France. If nothing else, Jews are a target for their open hate. Or haven’t you heard? There is no reason why Jews should have to put up with this. Last weekend, I talked to two Israeli women briefly visiting the U.S. on business. One described how in Paris, while riding a bus, she spoke Hebrew to her companion, and when she was heard, a number of the people around her began threatening her and to make ugly comments. But then, if it comes from French Arabs it’s just to be expected and doesn’t count. Is that it? It only counts if it comes from white atheist secularists?You missed the point of De Gaulle’s anti-Israel rant. In the end, we are not wanted by a great many Europeans. How many does it take to wear out one’s sense of welcome? Is 10% dedicated Jew haters not enough to say “Dayenu”? 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%? A massacre a year? Every two years? Two or three times a year? A daily assault in the press against Israel? Emotionally violent and obscene demonstrations against Israel any time the country defends itself? Where to draw the line? You didn’t address that. Indeed, you completely ignored the day-to-day insult and intellectual and emotional barrage that occurs. You ignored the fact that those killed in the (kosher) deli were buried in Israel largely because the families feared their graves would be desecrated — as many Jewish graves have recently been vandalized.De Gaulle’s anti-Israel rant reminds me of your kneejerk criticism of Netanyahu’s calling for an aliyah from Europe. Given how many European leaders have so hideously trashed Israel, the criticism of Bibi on this point by yourself and others is worse than gratuitous: It is utterly fatuous. The anti-Israelism I have encountered in Europe is frequent and intense for those who live there and speak the language and are exposed to everyday life in the streets. Generally, it crosses into some form of anti-Semitism if only because no other nationalism is held in such contempt other than America and that quasi-racism is the nearly exclusive domain of leftists and Muslims (again). But anti-Israelism is even more pervasive. I’ll never forget the argument I had one night with a bunch of drunk Europeans in a hotel bar in Ghent, Belgium. The only other sane person in the room was a Frenchman. I said, “Pardon, monsieur. Vous etes triste. Etes-vous Juif? Je suis aussi. Je pense il est tres difficile pour vous.” “Oui,” he nodded sadly. Ah, yes. Israel did 9/11. The Mossad, that is. The Arabs are always the victims of the Jews. The worst were the two guys from Lichtenstein. The bartender was a real Jew hating bastard. The rest — an Englishman, a couple of Belgians, were just plain nuts. And this was an upper middle class hotel. My otherwise sober head was swimming.My world is one of sophisticated businessmen and they are generally pro-Israel and pro-American. But get out there otherwise: The schools, the waiters, the cab drivers, the bookstores — it is often unpleasant. One time in an art gallery in Belgium in a North Sea village, I put up with an uninvited and irrelevant harangue against Chagall’s art, in so many words, as a conspiracy of Jewish art dealers. He thought it was — somehow — appropriate to bring this up in a conversation about the COBRA artists. (Never mind….) I guess I looked Jewish…. And after all, I was an American interested in art….*****
One other thing since your paper did not see fit to publish my letter taking to task your editorial that there would be another Gaza war by June, 2015. Clock’s ticking, Mr. Eshman. But if it does happen, I predict you will (cluelessly) blame Israel’s “lack of progress” with the Palestinians as your editorial presumed to prognosticate. Actually, if it happens, it will be because President Sisi is squeezing Hamas so hard that Hamas will feel compelled to attack Israel on the assumption that the blame will automatically shift to Israel, particularly by the Europeans. Which leads me back to why the Jews should just get out already. What you also appear to be oblivious to is that no amount of talking between Israel and Abbas is going to dissuade Hamas from attacking if it believes that will distract from their problems with Egypt. An attack also have the added three-fold benefits: First, it would undermine any talks between Israel and Fatah/the PA; second, it would trigger howls of blame from you, J Street and others of your ilk; and third, it would give Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes another excuse to say that “Israel isn’t being careful enough” and to call for a ceasefire immediately after saying that Israel has a “right of self-defense.”Incidentally, it is inexcusable that your propaganda rag publishes only one more letter on your website. It should publish all if not most letters. But then, your Jewish Journal is just another organ in the Ministry of (Mis)Information of the (Not So) Democratic Party. So why should it publish dissents? I can’t wait for your editorial praising Obama’s clearing Iran’s path to nukes on missiles. What’s a decade (or less) between implacable enemies?
February 27, 2015
FDD’s Reuel Marc Gerecht on President Obama’s comprehension of the Islamic world’s “particular problem with ‘violent extremism.'”
Sleepless in L.A.
 Perhaps President Obama is suffering from Displaced Anger Syndrome.It’s easier to be publicly enraged at Israel in the surrogate person of Prime Minister Netanyahu than it is with Violent Extremists who have no identifiable etiology. He has no trouble naming the Prime Minister and his hapless little country. Is it possible that it is Barrack Obama’s inability to deal in a monarchical manner with the real enemies that is causing the “damage to the fabric of the relationship” between the U.S. and Israel?Though as I am getting a bit older and at odd times have misplaced something, I seem to have no trouble whatsoever placing my anger where it belongs: At the violence to logic the Obama administration has committed against the relationship with Israel and against the Islamonazi madmen cannibals who would immolate hundreds of millions if they could. I do not put the President’s cravenness in the same basket as the Killer Zombies, but the problem is that they are all in the same global cauldron and that Obama character just keeps reaching over the simmering brim to feed fuel to the fire under the pot: One log is labeled “Bridges to Allies to Burn” (Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates) and the other is “The Club of Heavy Arms for Desperate Allies that Won’t Be Shipped (the Kurds — hell, call it what it is: KURDISTAN), and empty appointment books. He just won’t fill in those names…. So this stew is also in part of his own making. Uh-oh, I have to go. Iran’s Supreme Leader is coming with a big spoon to stir the pot.
February 27, 2015
Democrat Support for Israel Falls 10%
What Jarrow Thinks Unsurprisingly, the B-HO’s non-stop hostility is having its effects.Remember Bush 1’s Chief of Staff James Baker?Baker: Fuck the Jews. They don’t vote for us anyway.
Obama: Fuck the Jews. They’ll vote for us anyway.Can’t wait for a Democratic National Convention speaker to give a full-throated damnation of Israel and praise of Palestinians. Trust me. It’s coming.

February 26, 2015
Susan Rice: “Damaging the Relationship”
Sleepless in L.A.
No, it’s not Israel that “damaging the relationship. It’s the administration’s desperate obsession for a deal, any deal, with Iran that is threatening to actually destroy — the other “D” word — Israel. Certainly destroying Israel’s sense of security because it is destroying Israel’s actual security. What will Israel do? Move to permanent Defcon 3? However, the very utterance of “damaging the relationship” does in and of itself do so. It is not a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is the very act of demolition. Somewhere in here one would think that an enterprising politician would find leverage to build their career and try to derail Obama’s Train to Nuclear Auschwitz: “Nein. Arbeit Nicht Macht Frei. A-Bombs Macht Welt Judenrein.” “No. Work Does Not Make Free. A-Bombs Make Jew-Free World.”The “Obama is a Muslim conspirators” can relax. He’s much more. He’s the Harbinger of the Twelfth Imam and he’s made it his mission to facilitate Iran’s own Reign of Hell. Next to health care reform, a deal with Iran is the administration’s raison d’etre.So Rice is right about one thing. The relationship has been deliberately turned toxic and the Ayatollahs are toasting their honey sweetened mint teas day and night.If I were an Ayatollah, I’d say it’s time to double down. Where’s the harm in it? After all, that Jew Bibi and Israel will be to blame!How do you say L’Chaim! in Farsi? Death to Isarel! Death to America! That’s how.
February 25, 2015
Iranian Dissidents Disclose New Secret Iranian Site Near Tehran
Sleepless in L.A.
Another Iranian (not-so) secret nuclear site. As to the credibility of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Clare Lopez endorses their revelations and she is credible. She is a professional and former CIA analyst. Her endorsement is meaningful.One wonders whether the U.S. administration knew this already. Frankly, I find nothing trustworthy about them in any matter pertaining to Iran, particularly in regards to Iran’s determination to become a major nuclear power and cut the U.S. down to size and quite possibly annihilate Israel.I don’t expect a meaningful statement from the White House, the State or the Defense Departments. I do not expect it to be mentioned in Geneva at the so-called talks. I hope the room where the Geneva talks are covered in many layers of Persian carpets so Secretary of State Kerry doesn’t injure his knees as he crawls and supplicates before Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, and their top negotiator Abbas Araqchi. “Please, please, pretend it’s a tough deal and you’re ready to walk out. PLEASE! That Netanyahu keeps telling everyone it’s a bad deal. You gotta help me out here.” You gotta understand. Kerry and Obama come from the School of International Studies of Deal Junkies. They’re hooked. Just like the rugs they’re crawling around on.One can only hope that newly revealed nuclear site will be raised by Prime Minister Netanyahu in his upcoming speech. When it comes to the P5+1, he is the only honest man (not) in the room — unfortunately. But deciding the fate of the Jewish state, which is what they are really doing but without the Jewish state at the table, is, well, anti-Semitic. Actually. Another misfortune is that when you read the description of the (no longer) secret site’s location and the nature of its construction, it seems hardly imaginable that Israel is capable of taking out that facility and all the others they would need to, especially considering that only the U.S. has the 30,000-lb Massive Ordnance Penetrator GBU-57s and the B2s to carry them — but apparently lacks will to use them even though a Fox poll shows that 62% of Americans believe that only a military strike will stop Iran. There is something to be considered here: If Iran were threatening any other Western ally in this manner, particularly if there were a major European nation with the misfortune of an Iranian-type state on its borders making such nihilistic threats and sponsoring terrorism and major terrorists groups in the same manner as Iran, the leader of that threatened ally would not be treated in the same way as PM Netanyahu has been. Neither would the predicament of that ally be treated so indifferently, so cavalierly, even with skeptical cynicism. The U.S. leader would not be so dishonest as to deliberately distract from that nation’s concern by maligning and snubbing its leadership. However, considering the affronts this administration has served Honduras and far more significantly and recently Egypt, perhaps no ignominious cupidity is beyond this administration’s general buffoonery after all. Whether it is the “soft” anti-Semitism of being merely indifferent to the constant existential threat from Iran to the Jewish state as opposed to the “hard” anti-Semitism of an extremely rare right wing extremist shooting into a synagogue — which would be treated with alarm, of course, unless it were a Jewish deli in France — it is still anti-Semitism, but in the circumstances far more threatening than any since WW2. The tactic of trading off the existential threat to Israel by treating it instead as disrespect coming from a “right wing” Israeli who just won’t give away the store to the Palestinians who hate his country betrays a callous indifference and arrogance that borders on malicious. This administration really should inaugurate a new celebratory rite: The Throwing Under the Bus. Israel is becoming the humdinger Under the Bus Victim of all times: An entire nation, not just a white grandmother, or an errant former preacher, or an unrepentant Weather Undergrounder, or a murdered Ambassador to Libya with some security types thrown in (or under), or a nutty video maker, or a Border Agent murdered using a Fast and Furious gun, or an incompetent Secretary of HHS, or a lying former IRS official, or even a former blow-hard (not to be confused with the present blow-hard) Secretary of State. The Czech Republic and Poland don’t count because they only had anti-missile defense systems pulled out from under them. Besides, those anti-missile systems were only intended against…Iran’s coming ICBMs…. This Under-Zee-Bus is the whole Jewish state in one backstabbing, perfidious agreement. How efficient! It’s almost elegant. John Kerry could even write “Finis” in French! Of course, there are sequela as with any disease: The threat to our Arab allies, even to us, and arguably (if you must quibble!) all of Western civilization. But one thing is clear: In one fell swoop, much of the region is being signed over to Iran and Israel is given the biggest shaft since the arms embargo of 1948. But this is even worse because there is no going around an Iranian nuclear arsenal like there was the 1948 arms embargo.Ultimately, such indifference — if that is all it is — is still anti-Semitism, and the Iranians and their unbridled nuclear ambitions are thriving on it. Bear in mind, their nuclear ambitions are driven by Jew hatred: With the ultimate violence of eliminating the Jewish state, the time of Shi’a Redemption will have been initiated: The Twelfth Imam will return and the world will be saved. All on the ashes of the Jewish state. It is so mad, it is inconvenient to take it seriously, and how much easier to ignore it since the ritual sacrifice will merely be Israel and a bunch of Jews. I am not the hysteric here. The Iranian tyrants are. Go play a few videos from of the Iranians going berserk — as they do at least every Friday — with their chants and screams and hysterics of death and martyrdom. Play it every day. Play it five times a day… Maybe THEN you’ll catch on. Democrats, not so much. I’m afraid. Very afraid, actually.Will anyone really listen to the Prime Minister’s speech? Will this latest secret nuclear site remain the elephant in the room or will it actually be the deal breaker it should be? Color me pessimist. I think Obama is obsessed with a deal with Iran at any cost and there is no room for reality, much less Israel, in his calculus. And the elected Democrats are determinedly more partisan than patriots. Color them bloodless and without a tint of True Blue. Certainly not Israeli Blue on this most crucial of issues. G-d bless the exceptions like Senator Menendez. Would there more of him. If I were wrong, there would be no Nuclear Free Iran Sanctions Act with a provision for an ongoing presidential waiver, which is to say there are no sanctions forthcoming — and again, the Iranians know all this, and their nuclear program thrives on it.Alas, I am without Hope for Change….

February 23, 2015
President Putin Visits Egypt*
Sleepless in L.A.

This is the destruction to our relationship with Egypt that Obama has reeked.

The real threat is proliferation.  Assuming Russia supplies a reactor, there will be far less safeguards than if the U.S. does.

With Iran obtaining a nuclear arsenal, Egypt will simply build one of its own.


February 17, 2015
The Ayatollah Spring: The Ferengis vs. The Orcs
Sleepless in L.A.

The Iran negotiation charade has been a slow motion nightmare that is gaining frightening, unstoppable momentum.  Are you feeling wrung out by it yet?  Obama obligingly, constantly ceded ground as if on cue.  His goal is a “grand bargain” with the Ayatollah Ferengis.  The Ferengis (Star Trek fame) were vulgarly unethical traders:  So the Ayatollahs and the IRGC get regional hegemony, “rights” to nuclear technology just hopefully not a nuclear bomb until after Obama leaves office (right?), and Obama gets to claim he “prevented war,” “got a deal with Iran,” made a “historic breakthrough,” and, in truth, further truncated the Pax Americana which he clearly disdains.  Wendy Sherman — the negotiator who gave the North Koreans their nuclear turf — is now running the same merry-go-round with Iran and she’s right on schedule.  It’s just those damn Israelis and their allies in Congress that are getting in his way.What Jarrow thinks:

In order to get Democrats — who would rather see a nuclear Iran than upset their Oval Office rock star — to sign on, the Senate version of the “sanctions bill” now contains a provision for an ongoing 30-day administration reauthorization, rendering it worse than meaningless.   For any flimsy excuse, Obama can — and absolutely will — put off reimplementation of any sanctions.  He won.  Iran won.  Congress lost.  Israel lost.  Bibi lost.  The American people lost.  And hey, civilization lost.  I mean, what’s a little mass proliferation of weapons of mass destruction amongst enemies these days, anyway?  Bipartisanship has been redefined:  It now means partisanship to the White House before patriotism, even before promises to “allies.”  Even the term ally has been rendered into a fungible.  If an enemy can be assuaged, the ally be damned.

ISIS is just a freak show, a distraction, compared to Iran.  Yeah, the Lithuanians and Ukrainians could be pretty ghoulish during the Shoa, but the real monsters were still the Germans.  So it is with ISIS and Iran.  Between beheadings and burnings versus nuclear blast and immolation, the nuclear Iranian Ferengis have the cannibal Orcs from ISIS beat hands down.  And Obama’s heart beats in orgiastic anticipation of the headline:  “Obama in Teheran.”  If he can’t get that, he’ll settle for the current nightmare:  A nuclear threshold Iran and Iranian hegemony over the region.

Whether Iran goes fully nuclear within two years (or sooner!)  or a little later, well, a little later will give the Obamaites time and space to blame….ISRAEL!  After all, they have nukes!  Or, Well, the U.S. has nukes, so….  It’s all relative, you know.  How about this scenario?  Right now, Iran’s developmental missile can only reach Europe (and Israel).  So they can keep spinning up 5% or so enriched U235 until they have an arsenal of missiles that can hit the U.S. also.  Then they can sprint for a mess of that 90% finished grade stuff:  20-30 bombs at one time with ICBMs to match.  By that time, Barrack Hussein Obama will have played a few more rounds in his new Rancho Mirage golf course home.

I hope AIPAC is not planning to send people out to lobby for that now meaningless Iran sanctions measure.  Sure it means “taking on the president,” but he’s more than taken us on.
He’s declared war against us.  He’s accused the stop nuclear Iran lobby of being the ones who are trying to start a war.
I will not lobby for that measure.  I’ll fly home.  I will not be complicit in further empowering that administration’s passive aggressive scheming, manipulation and fraud.
It’s better that there is no bill than a bill that is a fraud, that shines light on Obama’s naked supplicative prostration before Iran’s nuclear menace — not to mention “Death to America” and other ambitions.

A nuclear “Death-to-Israel-Iran” will chill immigration to Israel, even chill tourism.  How many Israelis will pack up themselves, their children and leave rather than live under a constant existential threat?   Iran won’t even have to drop The Bomb on Tel Avid to cripple Israel.  And don’t think Obama isn’t aware of this, apologists.

As for those irremediable, incorrigible, relentlessly retrograde “Palestinians” — think of them as Southern Syrians — they will now have their long sought ultimate Dark Champion.  Nasser and the other nationalists failed.  The original religious fanatic and neo-nationalist the Grand Mufti failed.  Hamas and Hizbollah have failed.  But a nuclear Iran?  Now that’s hope!  Eventually, no more Nakba Day.  The Ayatollahs are exactly what the old Grand Mufti and Arafat themselves would have wished for.

Obama has always been antagonistic to Israel and, in the final analysis, a Palestinian facilitator, and he found the perfect Trojan Horse:  An “agreement” with Iran.

This is why he can’t tolerate a speech from our Jewish Paul Revere, PM Bibi.  He doesn’t want the world or the American people to hear:  “Nuclear Iran with ICBMs is coming.  And with it, regional nihilism and global chaos.”

Welcome to Springtime in Iran for the Ayatollahs.  This episode brought to you by that White House in D.C.

February 16, 2016
Hersh (Annals of Nat’l Sec): Obama’s Mideast policy (New Yorker 2007 article)
Sleepless in L.A.
I am unconvinced Hersh is right, that Obama is empowering Sunni extremists to undermine Iran.
The opposite seems more likely: That he is using ISIS as an excuse to empower Iran. That actually seems rather obvious.If he truly wanted to undermine Iran, he would take a much more aggressive position on both sanctions and in the nuclear talks.
He’s not. In fact, he’s spending more energy fending off Israel’s frantic efforts to stop Iran than he is making to stop Iran’s own leisurely lope toward its nuclear manifest destiny.If any argument can be made, it is perhaps ISIS that is its own worst enemy. Yesterday’s mass beheadings of Coptics in Libya is a case in point.
ISIS seems to think it can cause us to spread ourselves too thin for our own good with these outrages. I see Obama passing a tepid AUMF for a limited region and time period while ignoring Libya, the Sinai and such. In truth, he barely helped the Kurds. In fact, the disconcerting disgrace of it was that it was Iran that passed critical arms to the Kurds in their fight to save Kirkuk. In the meantime, Obama’s bombings of Kobane was desultory. If Obama wanted to undermine the growing strength of the Iranians in Iraq, he would be sending heavy weapons to the Kurds. If he wanted to undermine Iran, he would have helped the Yemenite government stay in power against the Iranian-backed Houthis. Now, the Bab al-Mandeb Straight is virtually under the control of Iran: The critical, narrow approach to the Red Sea and southern shipping lane into Israel and the Suez Canal — the Suez Canal! — will be subject to an Iranian chokepoint. Couple that with the ongoing threat to the Straight of Hormuz in and out of the Persian Gulf and you have growing Iranian hegemony. Throw in a nuke and you have global mayhem hegemony. If only Bibi would just shut up. Everything would work out for the best. I have it on good authority. Iran told me. No. Obama told me.
February 15, 2016
Leibler Mailing List: Obama’s shameless Jewish cheerleaders
Sleepless in L.A.
There is no excuse for constant excuse-making by lib Jews. When is enough enough? He doesn’t even want to say that the Paris attack on the kosher mkt was anti-Semitic.He’s making a suicidal deal with Iran. He’s lied about Iran non-stop for 7 years, since before his election.
What does it take already?
February 14, 2016
Romeny and Bain/Off-shoring and all that jazz
Sleepless in L.A.
You fell for the DamnoKratz b.s. agitprop lines.Romney’s job with Bain was to push the profits — as he did.His job as President is not about what he did for Bain. It would have been what he’d do as President.MR’s Bain stint did not mean he was going to outsource America if he were elected or push old ladies over a cliff. In fact, AS YOU YOURSELF HAVE ARGUED ABOUT HIM WHEN HE WAS MASS GOVERNOR AND HEALTH CARE, ROMNEY DID NOT CONDEMNH OLD LADIES TO BE PUSHED OVER A CLIFF IN THEIR WHEELCHAIRS AS THE DAMNOKRAT, LEFTIST FASCIST AGITPROP B.S. PICTURED IN THE AD. The questions were: 1. Did he understand the economics to boost the economy?
2. Did he understand the security issues, first and foremost the Iranian threat?
3. Where is he at on the underlying political cultural issue of America’s role in the world and the worth of our culture.I give Romney high marks on all of those. I flunk the B-HO on all of those.1. That Romney ran Bain capital was not a threat to capitalism and entrepreneurship. The B-HO’s being a shill for Saul Alinsky was and is and will be.
Obama is insidious. His attacks on the business class, including my moderate level in the grand scheme of things, is divisive and corrosive. It is not without meaning that he is profoundly hated by entrepreneurs. AS A GROUP, WE HATE HIM. It is the heart of the matter. This is, at its essence, an entrepreneurial country. He is the enemy. He and the DamnoKratz have egregiously wounded the category. You have to be a millionaire to begin most any business now. Big business and Republicans didn’t do this. DamnoKratz, their bureaucrats and their trial lawyers did this. They have mortally wounded entrepreneurship.2. Obama has given away the region to Iran. PERIOD. This is not even discussable. I suggest you start doing some serious analyses on Iran. The situation IS dire. He has done made the entire region a cauldron far worse than anything Bush has done. He gave away the store to them. He lied to our country repeatedly. He ceded ground to Iran every step of the way and then lied some more. That evil snake Trita Parsi of NIAC (National Iranian American Congress) bragged in a tweet that the B-HO has accepted every talking point of NIAC’s, which is Iran’s. He’s a front for the regime. But he was also tweeting the truth: There is no daylight between the B-HO’s position or NIAC’s.3. Identity politics, race, gender, class warfare: That is the essence of the B-HO’s domestic agenda. It is the antipathy of Romney’s. FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE meant: Much more government intrusion and control over the economy and much higher taxes. They are demanding even more so it can be a 2016 campaign issue. My top marginal rate b/n state and federal is already over 56%. How much more do you want, Dallas, in your endless apologia to this Manchurian Candidate?FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE meant: Stabbing our traditional Arab allies and Israel in the back and turning the region over to Iran. He’s done it.FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE meant: Making the role of Identity Politics in our society its dominant theme, particularly with a view to building a patchwork of constituencies that would be the “tent” of the DamnoKratz and condemn our society to a class-race-gender riven society at constant war with itself. He creates a “War Against Women” — IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not a word from that lying scum about the Real War Against Women by Islam and Arabs. In his infamous Cairo speech (June 4, 2009), that crappy, shitty, lying, cowardly little twerp’s sum total of addressing the brutalization and annihilation of women and womanhood was some febrile, pathetic reference to “some people” objecting to “a woman covering her hair.” THAT WAS IT!G-D I HATE HIM!
Tell me I’m wrong.— Following is an article about the letter the Grand Ayatollah sent the B-HO. Yeah, nukes for ISIS. Khameini is supposedly “non-committal.” Yeah, sure. The Nazi would never openly “agree.” It’s obvious because it’s already happening on the ground. Iran and Hizbollah are fighting ISIS and the sanctions regime is all abut dead while Iran’s centrifuges are spinning at full speed. Read the press on the evolving situation. It was always about that because it was ALWAYS about turning the region over to Iran.Iran Ayatollah Khamenei Sent Obama Secret Letter: WSJ
Reuters Posted: 02/13/2015 7:28 pm EST Updated: 9 minutes ago an Iranian diplomat, the paper said the Iranian cleric had written to Obama in recent weeks in response to a presidential letter sent in October.Obama’s letter suggested the possibility of U.S.-Iranian cooperation in fighting Islamic State if a nuclear deal was secured, the paper said, quoting the diplomat.Khamenei’s letter was “respectful” but noncommittal, it quoted the diplomat as saying.Both the White House and the Iranian mission at the United Nations declined to comment on the report.Khamenei said this week he could accept a compromise in the nuclear talks and gave his strongest defense yet of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s decision to negotiate with the West, a policy opposed by powerful hardliners at home.The nuclear talks with the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany are aimed at clinching an accord that would ease Western concerns that Tehran could pursue a covert nuclear weapons program, in return for the lifting of sanctions that have ravaged the Iranian economy.Negotiators have set a June 30 final deadline for an accord, and Western officials have said they aim to agree on the substance of such a deal by March.Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is due to address the U.S. Congress on Iran on March 3 – to the annoyance of the Obama administration – has vowed “to foil this bad and dangerous agreement.” (Reporting by Sandra Maler; Additional reporting by Jeff Mason in San Francisco and Michelle Nichols at the United Nations; Editing by Mohammad Zargham)
He’s a monster.


February 4, 2015
Sleepless in L.A.

This article is about all the arms we’ve left in Yemen. So much, they don’t even kokw what it all is.


February 3, 2015
Palestinian West Bank students admire terrorist Dalal Mughrabi who led killing of 37
Sleepless in L.A.

This is based on translations of the West Bnak media by Palestinian Media Watch of Israel.
This is typical; it is not the exception.
The “two-state solution” is no more than the creation of a maxi-terror mini-state.

For now and the foreseeable future, Israel has to control the situation. Whether or not it is an “occupation” is irrelevant.
The Arabs of Judea and Samaria are a hostile population seething with Jew hatred. The PA is in complete bad faith with Israel, the U.S. and its European funders.
They continue to teach incitement. They never stopped. Security cooperation is in the PA’s interest because Fatah wants to maintain power and keep out Hamas.
Such are Arab politics.

If Obama paid a fraction of the attention to this as he does to demonizing, hectoring, undermining and attacking Netanyahu, he might actually have something to say to Abbas and the rest. But he doesn’t. His attitude is fundamentally antithetical to Israel.

At FDD, Jonathan Schanzer, who is VP for Researcher, has written and lectured extensively on the PA and participated in an audit of the PA that uncovered corruption included the Abbas family.



February 3, 2015
Iran — Unafraid and Undeterred
Sleepless in L.A.

He is a traitor.


February 3, 2015
Dershowitz: “Trigger Mechanisms” Are Not on the Iran Talks Agenda Either
Sleepless in L.A.
Nuke bomb trigger mechanisms not on the talks agenda; nothing to prevent development.
This is an increasingly more rapidly unfolding nightmare.
Also, an Israeli satellite photographed a 27m tall rocket. This is a multi-stage ICBM. It can hit easily hit Europe, probably every part.
An ICBM that can hit the U.S. is not far off. Rocketry is not on the “agenda” either — the talks agenda, that is. They certainly are on Iran’s agenda.
Also Saudi Arabia’s new king. He has a long and highly involved role in fundraising for extremists and terrorists.

January 28,  2015
Should Netanyahu address Congress?
Sleepless in L.A.

As the American in the room, HELL YES!  Speak, Bibi!  Speak!

You have no idea how disgusted and/or frustrated so many in the Congress are over the B-HO’s total suck up to Iran.

The B-HO believes:

  1. The bad relationship is our fault. He’s said so on one of his apology tours.
  2. As you know, he wouldn’t back the Green Revolution against the ayatollahs and has said nothing about the doubled rate of judicial murders; e.g.., the murder of the poet Hashem Shaabani.
  3. Iran is the rightful hegemon of the region even to the extent that we are barely bombing ISIS so Iran can take the lead. Worse, we stabbed the Kurds in the back by barely arming them.  Heavier equipment had to come from Iran.  That is truly horrendous.
  4. He really doesn’t give a flying frap if Iran gets nukes. He thinks we can — and probably should — live with it.  After all, ISRAEL has nukes.  In fact, it’s probably ISRAEL’s fault that Iran even wants them.
  5. First Cuba, then “Palestine.” Stay tuned.  He has until January 2017 and that Alinskyite intends to “fundamentally change” everything he can.  He is NOT incompetent.  He’s horrible.

What was out of line was Obama having Cameron lobby Congress.  Imagine if Bush did that with Blair.  They’d be screaming for the next 100 years.  Bibi is speaking form the dais of the People’s House.  It’s all up front.  Furthermore, he will be talking to the American people.  Speaker Boehner is asking Israel’s PM to help educate our population.  Israel is not just a follower in this relationship anymore.  It is a major player on the world stage.  Get used to it.  You’re pretty damned important actually.  Get over yourselves and step up to the plate.  Your ally needs you.

10 Dem senators signed a letter to Obama that they want the original March 24 deadline kept; no June date.  Second, that the earlier terms adhere not the lesser present ones.  They will vote for sanctions, which will be immediately applicable, on March 24 if this does not happen.  (Diane Feinstein led 11 Senators sign a letter that they are staying the B-HO’s course but it does matter:  We have all Republicans but maybe one and the ten Dems make at least 63 of the 67 needed for veto override and I think there some very outspoken Dems like Menendez who are already on board.) 

 Congress has a very important role in foreign policy.  Obama says the JPOA is not a treaty so Congress has no voice.  Congress will win that one.  They are not going to get cut down to size by him on something like this.  The majority know that this is the nation’s vital security at stake.  The murders in Europe are not lost on us.

 The PM’s speech could even lead to a movement to further pressure the holdout senators.  BTW, I am not concerned about the House.  Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is whipping the votes on that one.


January 28, 2015
Update on Turkey
Sleepless in L.A.

The events described become more serious further into the article. 

Bear in mind that during the recent Gaza war, Obama-Kerry ignored the proposals of Egypt (which Israel could live with) and went to Paris to meet the representatives of

Turkey and Qattar, who are allied with Hamas.  Peace b/n Israel and Egypt is (was) a keystone of U.S. Mideast policy and Egypt was worse than snubbed.  The “proposals” brought back from Paris were all Hamas’s talking points.  The Israeli cabinet voted it down unanimously and Egypt waved it off. 

And Erdogan appears to be a megalomaniac tyrant.


January 27, 2015
The United States of ‘American Sniper’
Sleepless in L.A.
Very simple, actually.Rogan and Moore — between them, two tons of mental blubber — would never say what they have about the 2001 film “Enemy at the Gates” about a cat-and-mouse game between a Russian (the hero) and German sniper. The Russian kills many Germans, not just his competition. Very much the same theme as American Sniper.
Le plus ca change que plus ca meme choses. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
Btw, also another GREAT film and a MUST SEE as is American Sniper.Reminds me when I was in the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow and an old soldier from WW2 was there and his wife and with all the metals from the war on his suit jacket.
I went up to him and in virtual tears thanked him profusely and told him my father had been in the jungle of Bougainville. A museum docent translated. He greatly appreciated it as did I.
He helped save civilization and G-d knows what he saw and experienced.

January 22, 2015
PM Netanyahu’s coming speech to US Congress, I respectfully submit these modest suggestions…
Sleepless in L.A.
I know that the PM has a sophisticated knowledge and awareness of the American temper, but I respectfully submit these modest suggestions from this student of the American mind and its political fortunes and dilemmas. We need to win this won like we have never won anything since World War 2. I sign many of my posts, SILA, Sleepless in L.A., and it’s true. Iran is gigantic viper looming over the denizens of a virtual Hobbitown in comparison to what those monsters intend. They are Malach. We are far too naïve, far too cosseted in our ocean-buffered sequestration at times for our own good. Yet, perhaps that distance gives us perspective, space and time to ponder and consider. After all, with great power comes great responsibility.Indeed, there is anxiety about Iran but there is also the sense that it is terribly distant and just too bizarre in its inanities to be real in its threats. Can it be so serious?On the one hand, we would like to see this enfant terrible silenced, even better, made whole again. On the other hand, we are trepidacious about what it would take. We are not unwilling to take the matter on but we simultaneously fear to tread. We don’t want another Iraq or Afghanistan, but we really don’t want a nuclear Iran and that is a different equation. We have had terrible leadership from the White House because it sees Iran as the solution. We have had no loyal opposition of any meaning because we have had a perfidious Senate Majority Leader in Harry Reid. (If you have heard, he “slipped and fell” in a gym accident in his “home” in the WDC Ritz-Carlton. Personally, I think after the loss of the election and his Senate leadership, he was blotto and he fell and hit his face on the gym equipment. It was a helluva smash up. I saw a picture. He also just looks like hell, like he’s drinking.) Reid singlehandedly betrayed Israel and America, more partisan than patriot and blocked the Iran sanctions bill when it had strong support. Now, his party’s over. Mitch McConnell has the gavel.Now the American people will hear the debate. And we will be determined that Iran be stopped. Hashem Shaabani, Alberto Nisman, the infection of South America. The beast is afoot.The PM has the chance to be our Mordecai, but the king, is not BHO. It is America itself.Asher Ko’ach, _______________________________________________
January 22, 2015
France vs. Italy: Europe’s Jewish Dilemma and the Israel Dialectic
Sleepless in L.A.
I think I can make a few distinctions b/n France and Italy.1. Italy has so few Jews that it is easy to have their all but invisible population not be an issue.2. France really has Muslims. Lots of ’em. Italy, not so much. France has North Africans galore, especially lower class Moroccans and Algerians. Anyone for suicide bombings? Moroccans are amongst the best. Italy has more Libyans I believe and for that matter a fair bit of the Chadians. They are not so political as the Moroccan and Algerians.3. The Italians are too depressed over their own corruption and economic muddle to take to the streets and demonstrate against the Jews. Too many French leftists and their Islamist allies have little else to do. 4. The French chattering class deems it anti-Israelism a mark of intellectual superiority. The Italian intellectuals would rather discuss Italy’s problems and the rest of the world and not be obsessed with the Palestinians. The Italians are simply not so sympathetic with the Palestinians to begin with. They are not great Arab lovers.5. It certainly helps that we have had three Popes in a row who are Judeophiles and Jean-Paul II was Our Pope Too. You gotta have friends.6. A great many of the French, especially not of the vieille garde, suffer from a peculiar notion — as do the Germans: “I am a European.” The first mark of a truly disorganized personality of the Continential variety. The Italians are much clearer on this matter. “I’m Italian.” As a dear friend once remarked to me after I observed that relatively few Italians spoke French considering they are neighbors and even an “international train” between Italy and France had conductors who spoke only Italian, “Why should we? [Speak French] We hate them!” He replied with a twinkle in his eye. I almost couldn’t stop laughing. So the Italians are going to protect their own — as they did for the most part during the Shoa and very much unlike the French. The Italians know who they are. At least they are of the opinion they do. The French are existentialists.7. I very much stand by my previous remarks about la laicite. I think that French culture is fundamentally, at best, non-nurturing, non-supportive to a Jewish identity. The Italians would look on the Jews like they do their 2,000 varieties of wine grapes: Another exceptional appellation d’origine controlee. Uno regione straordinaria. I can be Judeo there or “Hebraische.” Ah, a Hebrew. How truly original! The Italians like that: Originalism. Maybe that’s why I like the Italians too. Italy took some getting used to after the first years of wild cat strikes and terrible phone service but they improved such mundane matters and got on with the business of being Italian.8. You are an Italian afficianado. Don’t spoil it by confusing them with the French!JEWS! Quittez France! Get your Hebrew hynies to Haifa and all that. Votre grand tour de France est fini parce que le grands traditionnes de France ont beaucoup des problemes. En vrai, c’est une tragedie. With many Jews gone, the French will have to turn their attention to their real problems. It will be a clarifying moment, but it will not last, human nature being what it is. Germany, after all, survived the Holocaust. What will France do with a large, alienated and often hostile Muslim population in the middle of a confused post modern culture? With the Jews leaving, the French chattering class cannot continue blaming Israel over the Palestinians like that monumental egotist de Gaulle. It was ironic how de Gaulle called out the Jews. Could it be that he described himself to himself and then scratched out “Myself” and wrote in “Jews”? What an odious speech. Italy hasn’t heard such anti-Jewish perverseness since Il Duce. Israel pivoted — as it might be termed today — to the United States after de Gaulle’s betrayal. As Israel, to use the French term, “pirouetted,” so now should France’s Jews perform a most graceful curtsey and sashay beyond the Med to Israel.The Dreyfus Affair was the beginning of the end, and Drancy was the end of the beginning. The 1947 UN partition vote and the relationship with the reborn Israel was the attempt to re-begin, but that speech by de Gaulle was the end of the attempt to re-begin. We have been in a long goodbye. Quite Sartre-like. Stuck in the same room. Each creature expositing on its transpositions. But we are back at the end as we have been for a long time but did not say it. Godot has arrived in the form of “Adieu.” I was on a TIP (The Israel Project) mission to Israel a number of years ago and an event one night brought me to tears. We were in the home of one of the Strauss family of dairy fame in the far north, in Kiryat Shmona near the beach. It was drippingly humid, a crazy place for a grand piano much less accompanying two virtuoso violinists for a trio concert. The two male violinists were 20ish. Along with their middle aged female pianist, all were Russian decent. I heard what had been silenced in the roar of trains, bullets, screams and flames: The cultured European Jew, the pinnacle of a culture and civilization. At times I teared and silently cried. What we had lost. What was coming back. What preciousness reborn in reborn Israel. Despite the humidity that challenged the fingers of the artists, that required their instruments and the strings and the piano keyboard to be repeatedly wiped down — yes, there are always problems in Israel — the Mozart, the Mendelsohn — it was all just perfect. The nexus of Jews and exquisite cultural achievement would not have to face the next chapter of expulsion or annihilation. The Jews of France can return to Israel knowing that they are not on loan, that they can better preserve who they are than anywhere else on earth.I do not dislike France. I can always visit — except in the middle of an anti-Semitic riot. But for us, it really is fini. I saw it that afternoon in St. Emillion when, with a look, an Arab taught his young son that Jews should all be dead, that we are to be loathed with the most extreme passion that you can muster. More than you can love, you should hate Jews. I heard that we are “the other, the opposition” when they voted to recognize “Palestine.” France will always betray us. It’s intrinsic to their own sense of Gaullist exceptionalism: They always have to carve out a path that just sticks it right between someone else’s ribs and maybe even turns and jimmies around their wine cork puller. After all, France’s Jews are not really “France.” They are Jews in France. If France were more like Italy, it would be different. But they’re not. They’re French.Forlorn! the very word is like a bell
To toll me back from thee to my sole self!
Adieu! the fancy cannot cheat so well
As she is famed to do, deceiving elf.
Adieu! adieu! thy plaintive anthem fades
Past the near meadows, over the still stream,
Up the hill-side; and now ’tis buried deep
In the next valley-glades:
Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
Fled is that music:—do I wake or sleep?With apologies to Keats, the music’s over, but I heard it again that night in Kiryat Shmona.When I visited the Keats-Shelly House in Roma next to the Spanish Steps, I wrote in the visitors’ book a little quip:
“Sad and beautiful like my last e’erlasting love.” The docent’s titter at my little literary ditty aside, the sad and beautiful relationship with France, with Paris, has become the irony of the last everlasting love. One cannot have one e’erlasting love after another. It is not the same. Le quartier du latin is not the same. The ex pats of Gertude Stein are no longer. The modernists are no longer. Les philosophes are no longer. The Jewish niche is no longer so nice.We are building a state, a culture and lives in Israel. I try to help from here. Many of us do. We are the big galoots of the Galout — and some of us have the gall to kibbitz from afar, but otherwise, we have a fairly heavy burden of our own from here to shore up the indispensable alliance. And part of that is to urge those who can to make aliyah. The Jews of France will bring to Israel more than France will lose considering France has long ago declared itself a lost soul by rights.L’hitraot,Sleepless in L.A._____________________________________________January 22, 2015
The hanging of Shaabani would hit home.
Sleepless in L.A.

I have a point that would deeply affect the concerns and understanding of the members of the U.S. Congress. On January 27, 2014, the judicial murder of the Ahwazi (Arab-Iranian) poet Hashem Shaabani was carried out. Though arrested, “tried” and sentenced under Ahmadinejad, a death sentence must be reaffirmed by the sitting president before execution. That sitting president was the “moderate” Hassan Rouhani, under whom the pace of judicial murders has doubled over those of the “extreme” Ahmadinejad.

Hashem Shaabani was 32. He taught high schoolers Arab literature and philosophy. He was not at all violent. He was convicted of “waging war on God” and “sowing corruption on earth.” Well, some of his poetry did protest persecution of the Awhazis and you know how that goes. He was tortured in prison for three years and the “confession” was televised. And then they finished their murderous plot. His poem, “Seven Reasons Why I Should Die” ends with the line: “Friday: You’re a man, isn’t that enough to die?”

The U.S. Congress and the American people get it: Regimes who murder poets cannot be permitted to be nuclear “threshold” states with a full arsenal of ICBMs capable of reaching Israel, Europe, America and for that matter any part of Asia.

Seven Reasons Why I Should Die
By Hashem Shaabani
For seven days they shouted at me:
You are waging war on Allah!
Saturday, because you are an Arab!
Sunday, well, you are from Ahvaz
Monday, remember you are Iranian
Tuesday: You mock the sacred Revolution
Wednesday, didn’t you raise your voice for others?
Thursday, you are a poet and a bard
Friday: You’re a man, isn’t that enough to die?

The links have several pictures of Shaabani. Perhaps the PM could hold one up if he chooses to present this atrocity. This is the face of true martyrdom. This is the face of what “corruption on earth” really means: The murder of an innocent, gentle poet.

The story of the judicial murder of the poet Hashem Shaabani will clarify in the minds of the PM’s American audience something personal, something they can grasp, understand and identify with in this too momentous geopolitical, geostrategic struggle. They will see the enormity of the threat in the obsession to murder the poet Shaabani. Americans support their Congress in response to such evil and will agree that sanctions must be a real element in the next round of negotiations, and that in the end, everything indeed, must be “on the table” if Iran is going to be stopped from achieving nuclear status.

Undoubtedly the Prime Minister will have much to say, but we have had a tradition for more than a generation now that when speaking to the Congress and the American people, the example of the individual, of the personal, is part of the message. We are, after all, the nation that most extolls the cause of the individual.

God bless the Prime Minister and God give him strength, wisdom and clarity to speak to my great nation in its House of the People, that we may rally our own clarity and strength and do what a mighty and righteous nation is called upon to do.


Making waves
I think the story of the hanging of Shaabani would hit home. It would make every network in the world.
January 22, 2015
Sleepless in L.A.

Could you imagine that at some point, some reporter in Geneva shoves a mic in Rouhani’s face and demands an explanation why he murdered a poet?
Perhaps the Prime Minister could challenge the worlds’ journalists at Geneva — which is poorly covered btw — to demand this explanation.
Why Iran should be trusted to have nuclear technology when it murders a poet?
What a visual that would be.
Can you push this message along also?

Another death, another message: Alberto Nisman. Iran’s footprints stomping around South America.

Claudia Rossett shook one helluva big tree when she broke the Iraq oil-for-food UN scam.
This could also be another tectonic moment by her.

The PM has a monumental task: Enormous appreciation for America. Respect for the President.
Deep humility for the opportunity that Congress has given the leader of Israel to explain the dilemma of civilized people and the threat of Iran.

Such a moment was the book of Esther. I wonder who my rabbi would compare this moment to?

Who went before a foreign friend and warned of danger? Mordecai perhaps. “Mr. President, as in Shushan of yore, there are plots afoot to destroy all that is dear to you.”
Not literally to be spoken, but the plot’s afoot.

I confess I have always wanted Israel to take out Iran’s nukes on Purim.

May America know only

Yasher ko’akh,

(Timothy: The expression “From Strength to Strength”)


January 22, 2015
Sleepless in L.A.
If this much we can do for Alberto Nisman, to make his name resound in that great chamber, then he shall have struck a blow in the battle for a more just world.
Alberto Nisman deserves to be named A Righteous Gentile. It would be a post-Shoa first.

January 22, 2015
I have a problem with the “key” in the inside door lock business.
What Sleepless in L.A. Thinks:

How convenient if you want to make it look like a suicide. So tell the story. Who knows if the key was even inside the lock — and that does not necessarily mean it would block the outside lock either.
If a key inside the inside door lock would frustrate entry, then that could be taken to have been a security measure taken by him to protect himself.

If Nisman committed suicide, why would he seek to frustrate discovery of his own body?
Would he want his body to decay half a week before discovered? Likely not.

Also, did anyone hear the gunshot? If so, why weren’t the police called then?

Is there another way into the apartment such as through a window even if they had to lower themselves from a higher story?
(You should have seen the graffiti I saw in Sao Paolo, 30-40-50 stories up. They obviously hung from ropes to do it.)

Claudia Rosett’s recent piece is devastating — speaking of Angleton and MOs. It reeks of murder being the obvious conclusion.


January 21, 2015
Interfaith Peace Delegation begins Pilgrimage
Sleepless in L.A.

As far as I know, ISNA just another permutation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

If so, I believe the first proper topic of discussion is to correctly identify the true affiliation of ISNA and what their agenda is other than that of the MB.

How do they distinguish themselves from the MB.  Do they disavow the MB credo?

 Please correct me if I am mistaken but I do not believe I am.

 I tend to be reasonably up to date on such things. 


January 21, 2015
From Nisman to U.S. Backers of Israel
Sleepless in L.A.

I guess murdering thugs don’t panic. They just thug.
The key in the inside door lock is intriguing. That had to be deliberate — assuming the Argentine police didn’t make that up to add to the “suicide” story.

The first time I heard the story, the news report said it was congress he was supposed to testify before. The fog of assassination.

Regarding U.S. Backers of Israel :

1. Defamatory remarks about supporters of the pending Iran sanctions legislation which we take as a direct attack on us, our patriotism, our motives, honesty and integrity.

2. Deliberate, defamatory remarks about the Prime Minister with no one being held accountable. The remarks clearly being intended to send a humiliating message about Bibi and Israel to both Iran and Israel
3. Two, and going on three, extensions of the Iran talks with a reduction in expectations each time.
4. The failure and refusal to call out Rouhani on his doubling of the judicial murder rate, particularly the murder of innocents such as Hashem Shaabani and the continued stoning, hanging, etc. of gays and women. This is particularly objectionable because Rouhani is being portrayed as a moderate, a reformer, and a harbinger of a new Iran. It is all knowingly false.
5. Iran is holding innocent Americans in jail as captives yet sanctions are substantially relieved without it being contingent upon release of these hostages.
6. Saying Israel has a right of self-defense the first day of the latest Gaza war and then calling for a ceasefire the very next day.
7. Ben Rhodes accusing Israel of not being careful in its conduct of the war against Gaza.
8. Completely failing to have Iran’s ICBM development on the talks agenda.
9. Our concern that Iran should not be granted the status of indispensable partnership in the conflict with ISIS as it can only add to regionally instability.
10. Our concern that the Kurds are not only being inadequately armed and funded but that Iran has actually become an arms supply to the Kurds due to this failure to take on this role by the administration. The security of the Kurds can affect the security interests of the U.S. and Israel in the region and permitting Iran to insinuate itself into Kurdistan runs serious further geostrategic risks..

Yes, we appreciate the weapons supply, financial support and UN voice, but that cannot give license to treating Israel and its leadership with open contempt and disrespect, the same with American supporters of Israel, Jewish and non-Jewish, and, frankly, making unacceptable statements in expressing opposition to the pending Iran sanctions legislation.


January 20, 2015
Alberto Nisman

A charming, dedicated, vital man.
I do not believe he committed suicide. Certainly not the night before he was going to testify to congress.
His testimony would have been damaging to the so-called nuclear negotiations with Iran.
I am convinced that Iran panicked and murdered him.
Sleepless in L.A.

Alberto Nisman, the special prosecutor who had been investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center (the AMIA building) in Argentina,
has been found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment. Nisman was famous in intelligence and law enforcement circles for amassing evidence that implicateIran in the AMIA attack,
which left 85 people dead and hundreds more wounded. Early reports suggest that Nisman may have been murdered, but the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear.

Nisman had also accused senior Argentine officials, including President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, of protecting some of the Iranian officials responsible for the bombing. Kirchner and other officials scoffed at his claims. Nisman was reportedly set to testify before a congressional hearing today about the matter.

I did not know Nisman well, but I did meet with him some years ago. We discussed the evidence of Iran’s responsibility for the AMIA attack for several hours. I found his detailed knowledge of the players involved to be impressive and convincing.

INTERPOL also became convinced that various Iranian officials, and their terrorist proxies in Hezbollah, were responsible. In 2007, INTERPOL issued a Red Notice saying that six individuals were wanted in connection with the AMIA bombing.

For Nisman, the AMIA bombing was not a one-off event. It was part of a decades-long pattern of Iranian behavior.

From the Iranian regime’s perspective, terrorism is not some taboo. It is an instrument of statecraft to be employed around the world.

One of the terrorists listed in INTERPOL’s Red Notice was Imad Fayez Mughniyah, who served as Iran’s master terrorist until his assassination in 2008. It is widely assumed that the Israelis were responsible for Mughniyah’s death, by way of a car bombing, in Damascus. Mughniyah is a natural suspect in the AMIA attack. He was the godfather of modern suicide bombings, having patented the technique in Iran’s and Hezbollah’s earliest strikes against American interests, including the 1983 bombings of the U.S. Marine barracks and U.S. embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.

Al Qaeda’s founder, Osama bin Laden, was so impressed by the efficacy of Mughniyah’s operations, which helped force the U.S. out of Lebanon, that he reached out to the Shiite for help. As the 9/11 Commission and various other sources have confirmed, Mughniyah and Iran agreed to help al Qaeda in the early 1990s. They showed bin Laden and his subordinates how to execute simultaneous suicide attacks. Indeed, al Qaeda’s 1998 twin bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were consciously modeled after Mughniyah’s and Iran’s terror spree in the early 1980s.

In the years since then, Mughniyah has been tied to various terrorist plots around the world – all while operating as part of Iran’s international terror network. While Mughniyah’s death was undoubtedly a victory in what was once known as the global war on terror, it did not stop Iran and Hezbollah. Instead, they have groomed a new generation of Mughniyahs.

Just recently, Imad Mughniyah’s son, Jihad Imad Mughniyah, was killed in Syria. He was serving as a Hezbollah operative at the time.

All the while, the Iranian regime does not hide its affection for the Mughniyahs. In January 2014, Iran’s minister of foreign affairs honored the senior Mughniyah by laying a wreath at his grave.

The gesture prompted the White House to respond. “The inhumane violence that Mughniyah perpetrated – and that Lebanese Hezbollah continues to perpetrate in the region with Iran’s financial and material support — has had profoundly destabilizing and deadly effects for Lebanon and the region,” National Security Council Spokesperson Caitlin Hayden said. “The decision to commemorate an individual who has participated in such vicious acts, and whose organization continues to actively support terrorism worldwide, sends the wrong message and will only exacerbate tensions in the region.”

The Iranian regime has been sending the “wrong message” since 1979. Few have understood this better than Alberto Nisman.

From my conversations with Nisman, I got the impression that he was deeply perplexed by the international community’s lack of resolve, especially America’s, when it comes to dealing with Iranian-sponsored terrorism. Most of the terrorists responsible for the AMIA bombing have never really been held accountable for their acts. Imad Mughniyah was held accountable. But it was, presumably, an elite team of Israeli counterterrorism commandos who did Mughinyah in — not an international court.

Nisman sought justice for those killed in the AMIA building. But he was keenly aware that Iranian-backed terrorism is a problem that stretches around the globe.


January 20, 2015
Obama Warns Dems Not to Bow to (Jewish) Donors
Sleepless in L.A.

OMG. You can’t make this stuff up, can you?
Okay, gang. I am really sick of this.

There is now a BIPARTISAN majority to pass the sanctions. In the meantime, that B-HO is sowing some very dangerous seeds of anti-Semitism.

His repeated vitriolic insinuations are not going to just pass. They are of record and they are going to come back to haunt. He is leaving a legacy of a debacle in Iran and he is setting this up, among other things to blame the Jews, AIPAC, Jewish donations, etc. He is sowing the groundwork for making Israel a PARTISAN issue. He is doing this methodically and deliberately. After all, he wants to “fundamentally change America.” Clear enough?

This needs to be called out already. Senator Menendez was deeply offended at the accusation that he was bowing to donations and pressure. That will not stop that mamzir. It won’t phase him in the slightest.

We are now headed toward the third extension of the so-called talks with Iran while the centrifuges keep spinning and ICBMs are not even on the agenda.

Iranian ICBMs are not a “Jewish agenda.” They are not a “Jewish pressure group.” They are a serious threat to civilization and it more than gravely insulting that that B-HO

We are disgusted with the insults, bullying, blatant use of anti-Semitism — and most of all, your miserable failure to deal with Iran. In fact, your DELIBERATE failure to deal with Iran.

The clock is running very fast. When P8 centrifuges are installed, they are 32x more productive than the P1 is.

While I am at it, I once was privileged to meet Alberto Nisman, the Argentine prosecutor who worked on the Hizbollah-Iran bombings of the Jewish Cultural Center and Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires. He was supposed to testify this morning before a Congressional Committee. I do not believe for one second that he committed suicide. Given the pending Iran sanctions legislation and the devastating damage his testimony would do to the administration’s idiotically reckless Iran policy, I have no doubt whatsoever he was murdered. Suicide right before such an significant moment? Not likely. Not one bit.

Remember Hashem Shaabani, the Ahwazi poet Hassan Rouhani murdered (I mean “executed”) on January, 27, 2014, be Rouhani didn’t like his poetry? And not a word out of the administration? At most they might say, “That wasn’t helpful.” Yes it was. That’s why Rouhani did it. It silences dissent internally and makes the B-HOs all the more obsequious and malleable. MAY I SUGGEST THAT ONE OF THE PRESENTATIONS AT THE MARCH POLICY CONFERENCE EVOKE THE MEMORY OF THAT DEAR MAN? THAT REGIMES WHO MURDER POETS SHOULD NOT BE GRANTED (AS A MINIMUM) NUCLEAR THRESHOLD STATUS WITH A FULL PANOPLY OF OPERATIVE ICBMs???? And administrations that are mute over such atrocious murders cannot be relied upon to deal competently with such murderers? It’s like the Nazis: People who burn books (or hang poets) are likely to kill people.

And we have an administration that wants to blame the whole thing on “Jewish donors.” Read: AIPAC and such. Read on.


Obama Warns Dems Not to Bow to (Jewish) Donors
Posted By Susan L.M. Goldberg On January 18, 2015

The New York Times reported on the latest Senate Democrat strategy meeting that took place in Baltimore this past week. Among the issues on the table was the Iran issue, namely potential sanctions to be voted on in the form of the beleaguered Kirk-Menendez bill.
According to one of the senators and another person who was present, the president urged lawmakers to stop pursuing sanctions, saying such a move would undermine his authority and could derail the talks. Mr. Obama also said that such a provocative action could lead international observers to blame the Americans, rather than the Iranians, if the talks collapsed before the June 30 deadline.
The president said he understood the pressures that senators face from donors and others, but he urged the lawmakers to take the long view rather than make a move for short-term political gain, according to the senator. Mr. Menendez, who was seated at a table in front of the podium, stood up and said he took “personal offense.”
The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) was quick to assert that the Jewishness of “donors and others” was inferred in Obama’s statement. While Religion Dispatches disagreed, they also pointed out, “…it does look as though Menendez received more ‘pro-Israel’ money than all but 2 Senators between 2006 and 2014. Number one on that list, incidentally, is his co-sponsor on the current Iran sanctions bill, Mark Kirk.”
The Kirk-Menendez bill has been battered around Capitol Hill for nearly a year. In a recent CNN report, Kirk went on record citing their need for American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the largest pro-Israel lobbying group in D.C., to support their efforts to get the bill passed and an inevitable Presidential veto overridden. In light of the strong relationship between AIPAC, Kirk and Menendez, perhaps the Jewish Press was right in their observation: “‘Neocon’ used to be the code word for Jews, now it appears to be ‘donors,’ at least when used by certain politicians, including U.S. President Barack Obama.”


January 18, 2015
OMG. You can’t make this stuff up, can you?
Sleepless in L.A.

Is Clancy nuts? Most of his tweets were non sequitors with a dash of paranoia.

Apparently, Clancy is so dedicated to the “Religion of peace” mantra that he
can’t even see that Hebdo was a total anti-religion cynic with a special grudge
for Islam, which was not surprising in the circumstances.

Hebdo may have bordered on crude and was certainly rude, but he couldn’t have
been accused of being an anti-Semite.
Clancy seems to be an apologist for Islamism with a resentment for Jews that
finally boiled over.

Bizarre, you know. Quite Bizarre.

Cliff May of “Foundation for the Defense of Democracy”
CNN’s Jim Clancy resigns after controversial Israel tweets

CNN’s Jim Clancy resigns after controversial Israel tweets
Debate over the nature of Charlie Hebdo cartoons gets anchor in hot water.
Veteran CNN anchor Jim Clancy stepped down on Friday, one week after a series of
Twitter posts in which he mocked pro-Israel tweeters on a thread discussing the
Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Neither CNN nor Jim Clancy gave a reason for his departure, which was reported
by AdWeek. Clancy had worked at CNN for 34 years.

Although Clancy’s Twitter account no longer existed as of Thursday, the tweets
have been preserved on a number of websites, including Twitchy and Mediaite, and
by Tablet journalist Yair Rosenberg.

On Jan. 7, Clancy posted a tweet arguing that the cartoons posted by the French
satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which was attacked last week by Islamist
gunmen who killed 12, did not mock the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

“The cartoons NEVER mocked the Prophet,” he wrote. “They mocked how the COWARDS
tried to distort his word. Pay attention.”

Challenged on the accuracy of the statement by Oren Kessler, a deputy director
of research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Clancy tweeted,
“Hasbara?,” a Hebrew term used to describe public relations efforts by the
Israeli government.

In the ensuing debate, Clancy argued that “Pro-Israel voice [sic] try to
convince us that cartoonists were really anti Muslim” and accused a pair of
Twitter accounts of being part of a public relations campaign for Israel. One of
those accounts, called Jews Making News, is an anti-Semitic account “Dedicated
to fingering #Jewish main players & their minions in news stories.”

Clancy later told the Twitter account for Human Rights News, “You and the
Hasbara team need to pick on some cripple at the edge of the herd.”

Jay Ruderman, head of the Ruderman Family Foundation, which is dedicated to
advocacy and inclusion for the disabled, demanded an apology from Clancy and
CNN. Ruderman said the use of the term “cripple” was insensitive.


January 15, 2015
Palestinian Guard at U.S. Jerusalem Consulate to be gtiven guns
Sleepless in L.A.

Apparently, there is no end of it.
And who said we have “only” two more years of Obama?
When the second intifada began, one of the first murders was by a Palestinian of an Israeli on a joint security patrol.
Apparently, there is no end of it.
And who said we have “only” two more years of Obama?
When the second intifada began, one of the first murders was by a Palestinian of an Israeli on a joint security patrol.


Janurary 4, 2015
Sleepless in L.A.

Another basic issue regarding the Cold War, which I perhaps did not make clear.
The slaughters were all horrible, but civilization itself was generally not at stake.

The Cold War was potentially cataclysmic, but the major impulse of the main players was not to commit suicide.
The greatest threat, ironically, was accidental nuclear war.

The current situation is more like WW2 as being a very real threat to civilization but in some ways even worse.
While the Nazis sought to commit ethnic and cultural genocide, there was some semblance of science and such that would have been preserved.
These bastards not only seek genocide but also to extinguish all intellectual and cultural advancement.

The difference is that in WW2, the allies knew who we were and what our values were. Today, thanks to the left, we don’t even have that much.
It is the right that is fighting on two fronts, tragically, the first front is the homeland that the left is out to surrender to the savages.
BDS is just one example. Demonstrators screaming, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” is another.
Major political figures acting as agents provocateurs does not help either.
Academia teaching the West is nothing but racism and exploitation has done great harm and continues to.

The left defends endlessly the politics and the politicians that represent this Fifth Column.

“Open hand” comments praising Obama’s idiotic appeasement of Iran is a classic.
Even Chamberlain figured Hitler out and after Munich began the immediate preparations for war and then declared war after Hitler invaded Poland.
The left’s guy is now trying to make an informal alliance with Iran against ISIS. He has surrendered on all counts to Iran’s nuclear demands and all but collapsed the sanctions regime.
Iran’s economy is in rapid recovery. In the meantime, about four months ago, Iran hanged a poet. For his poetry. Not a word from the left’s outstretch hand jerk off.

It’s too much. It’s so obvious and you leftists just don’t get it.


January 4, 2015
Need to Vet Speakers Like Ari Shavit – The Lydda Libel….
Sleepless in L.A.

I didn’t care much for Ari Shavit when he spoke at a dinner for significant supporters.  I found him miserable, whiny, negative, defeatist — all wrapped up in a pretext of praise.
Shakespeare damned with such faint praise. 

His book has a substantial section on the reputed Lydda massacre.  He also mentioned it when he spoke that night.  I didn’t like it then.  I suspected something “untold.”

I like it even less now. 

Ari is too much of a whiny creep on the one hand, a schmoozer on the other, and a liberal’s darling not to be suspect.  He reeks of being sloppy.  There is nothing about that man that assures me he is a careful scholar.  Now I know he’s worse than sloppy.  He wanted a miserable tale to tell and he…created one.  I quipped in an earlier email that Ari needs to be miserable to be happy.  Well, he needs to condemn in order to praise.  There is a sick cognitive dissonance with him.

The first link to Mosaic Magazine is a lulu.  It is a longish article by Martin Kramer examining the evidence in a scholarly fashion, going back to archival film interviews and carefully analyzing them against Shavit’s “narrative.”  Ephraim Karsh’s brief review in praise of Kramer’s work follows in the same link.  Immediately below the link is a brief piece from CAMERA that got me going on this. 

Frankly, I’m pissed.  Pro Israel groups need to vet speakers who give fuel for the propaganda of the enemies of Israel and Jews.  It may even be best to take a wait and see before facilitating the book tour if vetting is difficult.  Reaching out to other community sources such as CAMERA or Scholars for Peace in the Mideast who defend Israel or TIP could help.

 That man has been given credibility he absolutely does not deserve and now we have another Deir Yassin myth to deal with.


January 4, 2015
Harper Collins Publishes Maps In The Middle East That Omit Israel
Sleepless in L.A.
Typical of what goes on but it is not harmless.  It’s toxic.  It feeds and perpetuates the myth, the confrontation, the rejectionism.
And we have one of our own major publishing houses participating.  They should be called to account.

HarperCollins, one of the world’s largest publishing houses, sells English-language atlases to schools in the Middle East that omit Israel.
Collins Middle East Atlases show Jordan and Syria extending to the Mediterranean but do mark the position of the West Bank.
“The publication of this atlas will confirm Israel’s belief that there exists a hostility towards their country from parts of the Arab world. It will not help to build up a spirit of trust leading to peaceful co-existence,” said Bishop Declan Lang, the chairman of the Bishops’ Conference Department of International Affairs, to The Tablet.
“Maps can be a very powerful tool in terms of de-legitimizing ‘the other’ and can lead to confusion rather than clarity. We would be keen to see relevant bodies ensure that all atlases anywhere reflect the official United Nations position on nations, boundaries and all political features,” added Dr Jane Clements, director of the Council of Christians and Jews.
However, Collins Bartholomew, the subsidiary of HarperCollins that specialises in maps, said that including Israel would have been “unacceptable” to their customers in the Gulf and the amendment incorporated “local preferences”.
The Tablet said it had discovered the customs officers in one unnamed Gulf country only permitting the import of school atlases once Israel had been deleted by hand.


January 3, 2015
Saudi Clerics Fight for the Right to Marry Children
Sleepless in L.A.

Part of the crisis is that we have leadership elites in the U.S. and Europe that are doing and saying nothing about this.

This is why the situation is so distressing:  The civilization is decaying from within.

Thank you leftism.


December 21, 2014
Obama to the Rescue of a collapsing Cuba
Sleepless in L.A.

 With oil down, Cuba’s dictatorship was down and possibly going out.  Russian and Venezuelan subsidies were out of the question.

How much longer could Cuba hang on?

With Obama’s latest foreign policy ballocks, I have no doubt that the Castros and their goon squad  cronies will be bailed out — and the U.S. taxpayer stuck with a lot of the bill — unless the Congress can somehow stop it this further perfidy and mischief by the Obamaites.

Was Obama’s move coincidental with the drastic changes a lower price for a barrel of oil is bringing or was this a rescue operation?  I think it was intentional and fully informed.  This is Operation Cuba Bailout.  Obama can take a break from his cigarettes and stoke up a Havana stogie.

 It’s not just that the regime will continue to oppress its 12 million hostages.  The regime will have more resources to continue its sabotage of the U.S. in concert with the Castros’ alliance with our worst enemies.

The Cuba-Venezuela-Ecuador-Bolivia-Iran-North Korea axis will likely be immeasurably aided.  For those who say the embargo didn’t work after 50 years, the response is obvious:  First, easing up on North Korea when we did only got us a Nuclear NK.  Embargoing Cuba at least reduced the resources at their disposal to dole out their revolutionary socialist misery and mayhem. 

I have repeatedly said, “Obama can do a huge amount of damage” in response to those who think relief is “just two years away.”

Stay tuned.  It will only get worse.


December 20, 2014
The Muslim Brotherhood’s International Union for Muslim Scholars
Sleepless in L.A.

Great review of the MB, including near the end, some of the MB’s activities in the U.S.
This is a very important article. It shows the international reach and growing strength of the MB.
The Obama administration has been disconcertingly embracing of the MB including CIA Director’s comment that the MB is “largely secular.” scholars/


November 19, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.

There will be another “agreed principle” with Iran. But in the end, Obama will claim some cosmetic concession is a breakthrough.

In the meantime, Iran will heighten its threats against Israel, further encouraging random murders.
U.S. fecklessness will also encourage random murders.

Iran will end up the hegemon of the oil-producing region.


November 18, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.

The constant “criticism” of the administration, particularly the “chickensh–” and “coward” outrages have encouraged these outrages.
America and Europe — and even Israel — have too long downplayed the culture of incitement, hatred and constant call to murder.  The White House has become part of the initiating events by exaggerating the significance of Israel building housing in Jerusalem.  The U.S. and Europe are still not putting proper controls on post-conflict Gaza.  Hamas still runs a Nazi propaganda mill.
Failing to seriously respond to ISIS when Americans are beheaded on “social media” has encouraged region-wide extremism.  The administration has contributed to the region’s chaos and it is going to get worse.
The problem is that this administration has made zero demands on the Arabs.  Their hate rhetoric, whether in Gaza, Judea/Samaria, Egypt…Iran.  It’s the same everywhere.  And the administration says nothing.
And the aid to the Palestinians has no demands.
Washington, DC:
Following reports that two Palestinians attacked a synagogue in Jerusalem and killed four Israeli worshipers, Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, released the following statement:
“This act of terror must immediately be condemned by the international community. As we mourn the death of the three American citizens involved in today’s attack, our hearts go out to all the victims and their families as they attempt to recover from today’s senseless act of violence,” said Turner.“We recognize and support Israel’s right to defend its territory and its citizens against further attacks by radical elements such as Hamas. The nation of Israel and its people continue to have my full support,” said Turner.
November 12, 2014
The Islamization of Jerusalem
Sleepless in L.A.

Why I don’t believe that Hillary would be much of an improvement.

While she does not wish to advance the Islamist agenda in the same manner as Obama, she kowtows to them and sees bullying Israel as the line of least resistance.

In the end, much of the outcome is the same.


October 27, 2014
Iran’s Pragmatic Camp Calls For Exploiting Obama’s Weakness To Attain Comprehensive Nuclear Agreement On Tehran’s Terms
Sleepless in L.A.

This is another disaster of Obama’s in the making: Iran’s ultimately unhindered nuclear program.

I have no idea how Israel can seriously be expected to take on an extensive bombing campaign against Iran’s nuclear and ICBM facilities, particularly if Hizbollah — with 100,000 rockets — starts attacking Israel. Further, the administration has made it perfectly clear that it would consider any Israeli strike a deliberate act to try to force America into a war with Iran that America does not want. The administration is guaranteeing the success of the Iranian project.

The failure and refusal of the political leadership of this country to lead, to educate the American people further on this threat, will be our own undoing. This is a disaster in the making right in front of us.


October 19, 2014
To the Editor of the Jewish Journal
regarding “The fourth Gaza War: 5 predictions” by Rob Eshman

Sleepless in L.A.

Re the above editorial/link, I disagree with most of Eshman’s predictions starting with whether the next war will be with Hamas, as Hizbollah’s options against Israel will continue to erode. Though Iran wants to pretend it is negotiating the future of its nuclear ambitions and keeping Hizbollah in check helps maintain the illusion, and helping Assad diverts Hizbollah, Assad’s continuing misfortunes may leave Hizbollah with one last best chance to attack Israel and add to the region’s chaos. After all, Iran and Hizbollah are also in competition against ISIS. (FYI to President Obama: The acronym ISIL is aspirational for this terrorist state-in-the-making and should not be used as it cedes to it the Greater Levant.) The motivations of Hizbollah aside, the idea that Hamas could possibly be logistically repaired and prepared enough by June 2015 — less than a year away — is fantasy. If there is any success in assembling “international” repair efforts, launching a war while Gaza has a substantial contingent of non-Gazan busybodies and do-gooders present would not be PR that even the most fanatic Israel bashers could pull off: Not even Hamas could get away with using visitors as human shields for their rocket launching.

Eshman fails to take into account that the U.S. Congress — and a Republican Senate — is not about to fund reconstruction of a Gaza still rife with tunnels and rockets. As well, substantial pressure is likely to be brought to bear on Europe not to facilitate Hamas’s next war after the new Congress convenes. Congress may demand that the rockets and tunnels be destroyed before any rebuilding is funded. AIPAC is likely to work towards that laudable goal even though Mr. Eshman generally considers AIPAC to be kneejerk, rightwing marionettes.

Another logistical matter Eshman does not consider is that Israel is likely to have more intelligence on the intra-Gaza tunnel network in the next year. Even if there is a war, new intelligence does not bode well for Hamas and likely reduces the number of Israeli casualties that Eshman implies to be likely. Another part of Eshman’s second prediction — after his anticipation of “casualty count” — is that Hamas will supposedly have a great many more Syrian-made 302mm Khaibar (M-302) rockets with 300-lb warheads and a range of 130 miles. Again, I have no idea how Mr. Eshman thinks that besieged Syria is going to get M-302s through the much tighter restrictions on its Philadelphia Corridor border with post-Morsi Egypt. The same is true with Iranian made missiles or smuggling in materials for homemade rockets as well. It is doubtful that sacks of concrete and steel rebars are going to handed over without some degree of accountability — at least not for the coming year.

By logistics alone, Mr. Eshman’s “insights” are blindsided — but I would not expect someone so enthralled with “peace” and “takun olam” to be able to think along military lines.

Eshman’s third point about pledges to date — $2.5 billion from the Cairo conference — and the cost of the next war also lacks reflection. Arab pledges are often not met. Whether there is a next war where the damage exceeds the estimated $5 billion of the last one depends on Israel’s intelligence: If it is good enough, a lot of damage can be done to the remaining missiles and key tunnel points without as much bombing as the last war. Bear in mind that Hamas has already used up and lost 60-80% of its rockets, and a lot of angry Gazans who have lost everything might be willing to inform on where the tunnels and rockets are located. In-Gaza HUMINT is difficult but the presence of numerous international personnel will create new opportunities.

I do agree with Rob Eshman’s name for the next war, “You Can’t Be Serious,” but only that it should have been the name for his predictions column.

And the fifth prognostication, that the next war will be “Much, much worse.” Yes, for Hamas if they are foolish enough to try anything. Hamas was badly damaged. It is highly unlikely to rebuild to its previous strength, particularly not in the amount of time Eshman predicts which is by June of 2015, which is barely 8 months away.

And then there is Mr. Eshman’s usual “Peace Now” mantra: “Of the 1.8 million residents in Gaza, 50 percent are under age 15 — if they don’t see a chance for a better, more peaceful future, they will throw their youthful rage and energy behind the hardliners.” As if Hamas has not already brainwashed the “little” urchins. As if they are just dying for peace rather than “martyrdom.” If the reports were correct — and I believe they were — Egypt offered over 600 square miles of Sinai to expand Gaza in exchange for their agreeing to peace with Israel, and predictably actually, it was rejected. But American liberal Jews like Eshman would rather blame the Zionists in the wood pile. So now we know the real reason for Eshman’s next war predictions: It was another excuse for his Solutionism/Peace Nowism.

Mr. Eshman is not much of a soothsayer on matters of war or peace. But I do predict that Mr. Eshman will soon write another handwringing column that Israel must make peace. Well, Mr. Eshman, I’m sure if Israel could, it would. Try writing columns for the Gazan press for a change. Start with that Egyptian offer of Arab land for peace, for instance, or the Hamas Charter — its Preamble (destroy Israel), Articles 7 (kill ALL Jews), 13 (condemning any peace or peace process; no solution but jihad), etc.


October 9, 2014
Funding for construction in Gaza
Sleepless in L.A.

The U.S. should withhold any funding for construction in Gaza — and we should pressure Europe to do so as well — until a UN, or other appropriate international military supervisory force is allowed in to destroy all internal tunnels inside Gaza along with all remaining stocks of rockets, launchers and componentry and end this infrastructure of terror.  It is obviously crucial that this be the position of the U.S. Congress.  Otherwise, the basic infrastructure for again rocketing Israel and the next conflict will remain intact.


September 11, 2014
How Obama inadvertently made an Israeli war with Iran all but inevitable
Sleepless in L.A.

1. US has not sold Israel our most powerful bunker busters. We sold them 5,000-lb bb’s. We have 30,000-lb MOPs, Massive Ordnance Penetrators, but only B2s or B52s can deliver them.
An F-15 can carry one 5,000-lb BB. Refueling is an issue too….
2. Israel could also fly over Iraq. Given the bombing campaign, it would give Israeli jets cover from radar. There could be initial confusion to Iran as to whether anything was coming especially flying low. Would have to fly at night tho’ because Iraqi Shia would warn Iran upon just visual observation.

3. The fact that Obama left any mention of Iran’s nuclear threat out of The Speech demonstrates how little he thinks of the threat from Iran. He accepts a nuclear Iran. Which is the real reason Israel has to strike — if it can.

4. I would not put it past Obama to order US planes to shoot down Israeli planes on the way to Iran.


September 2, 2014
Criticism of Israel’s Military Staff?
Sleepless in L.A.

I disagree with Caroline Glicks article that Israel needs to replace not only Gantz but several other senior generals. She states, “Their replacements must be commanders who understand that the role of the IDF is to win wars, not lose them.”

Ephraim Inbar got it right.

Periodically, Israel just has to “mow the lawn.” That’s the way it goes.
Bear in mind, Hamas lost billions of dollars in this war. Many tunnels, a good number of “fighters”, a coterie of leaders and a massive amount of infrastructure and housing. The war was economically devastating.

Invading to knock off the leadership would have cost many more Israeli lives – 500-1,000 – and may not have succeeded. Hamas is well dug in and hidden. Too many “civilian” casualties. And what would take Hamas’s place? Israel pulls out and then…Hamas takes over again.
Israel is not going to reoccupy Gaza.
It could cause problems with the Egyptian population. It’s a tightrope. We have a good relationship with President Sisi but the Egyptian people have been taught to hate us. Unfortunately, U.S. policy has not been helpful or useful on this at all. The Egyptian relationship is absolutely critical to Israel. Nothing should be done to jeopardize it and an all-out invasion of Gaza would have done that.

Also, America has to watch its own back in the Arab world. There can’t be a “blood bath”in Gaza and there not be consequences for the U.S. I think Bibi struck the best balance he could. The machinations of Kerry were of little help.

The biggest thing, if possible, is to try to disarm Hamas and destroy as many tunnels as possible before Gaza can rebuild or the border restrictions relaxed.
This will be very difficult.

The other big issue is to demand that the incitement be placed front and center. It must be exposed.

Our big job through AIPAC is to work with Congress to investigate the Hamas-UNRWA connection.

With Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, to continue to support their work to investigate, supply information and testify to Congress about the problems with Hamas and UNRWA. UNRWA perpetuates and feeds the problem. UNRWA has insitutionalized the conflict. Reconstruction money absolutely must not go to or through Hamas.This may be the best way to weaken Hamas: To take rebuilding — and siphoning off fundnig — out of their hands.We have plenty to do without worrying about Israel’s military command.Also on the Congressional calendar needs to be a long hard look and rethink regarding Qatar. OY!~ The $11.4 billion weapons deal is not a good idea. And that’s only for starters. We are now also at war with ISIS/ISIL/IS and Qatar is funding them…and Hamas and Hizbollah and, and, and….

In the meantime, further to the east, are the Kurds. Daniel Pipes is pointing out that this is an important opportunity for statehood for what would become an important ally. Unfortunately, U.S. policy seems to oppose this.


August 18, 2014
Tzipi Livni Stabs Cinderella!
Sleepless in L.A.

Typical.  She viciously attacks Jews.  Hate speech laws?  What hate speech laws?  We’re talking about JEWS here.
Anything goes….

 But Allah forbid anyone did such a thing against Islam or Muslims…those speech cops would be all over them.

 So what’s “good” for the Jews is not “good” for anyone else.  Just Jews.  Just gotta love Europe.

 And this Madame Goulet is a an actual French senator running for reelection.  Charmant!

Jews, get out of Europe already for crying out loud.  Enough is enough.  Make Aliyah.  That’s what Israel’s there for.

 And if we have to bomb Gaza, we’ll bomb Gaza.  If that’s what it takes, so be it.  They are not going to decimate us again.

 Those Gazan tunnels are the mental entrails of cannibalistic ghouls.  And Europe blames the Jews.

 In the “lovely” climate for Jews in France, we have French Senator Nathalie Goulet praising a campaign featuring fake pictures of Israeli leaders murdering Disney cartoon characters–Bibi Netanyahu bludgeoning a dying Pinocchio, Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni stabbing Cinderella (or is it Snow White?), and former Israeli President Shimon Peres choking Peter Pan.

 The pics were lovingly displayed and their message glorified in an article entitled “Innocence vs.Tyranny” in an e-publication of umma–an acronym for the united muslim movement for (yes they have the gall to say) antisectarianism.

 Thankfully, at least one (obviously conservative) French publication, Le Nouvel Observateur, condemned the presentation of Jews as killers of children, warning that it echoed “many such caricatures in the period before World War II.”


August 19, 2014
Sherman’s 300,000 and the Caliphate’s Three Million :: Goldman in Asia Times
Sleepless in L.A.

Needless to say, I mostly quite agree with Goldman (below).  Most of this, indeed, I’ve been saying myself for a good long time.

 First, go after Iran.  That is truly a no-brainer, and Obama’s view of Iran as a rational actor is radically irrational.

 Second, Obama, as usual, is wrong about Iran not being another North Korea.  Indeed, the two are close allies and collaborate on all things nuclear and ballistic.

 Third, I do disagree with Goldman about overthrowing Saddam Hussein.  I think it was the right thing to do but executed poorly, particularly the post-invasion period.

My position on Iraq was clear from even before the invasion:  Break up Iraq into three parts:  Kurdish, Sunni, Shia.  I was right then and I still am.  Kurdistan would be an important ally of the U.S. and if not an ally of Israel openly, certainly an ally covertly.  Saddam was too dangerous to leave alone.  Rogue actors make for rogue states, and these aggressions, when possible, should not be left to stand.

 Fourth, I have also long held that culling this herd of mad cows would take some 1,000,000-5,000,000 fatalities, many of them in Iran if we supported a counterrevolution.  In the grand scheme of civil wars, this may be unfortunate but not unforeseeable nor, in circumstances such as the current ones, impermissible.  Iran is simply too dangerous to leave be, as is ISIS and its related misbegotten progeny.

 Fifith, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen’s fear that Iran could too easily take vengeance against Americans in the region if we bombed their nuclear and missile facilities is likely the manipulation of fear by an overwrought general with clay feet.   Our troops in Iraq were constantly being hit by IEDs and other weapons — and by personnel — via Iran anyway.  Our troops nevertheless could take care of themselves and a more overt challenge should have been welcome:  It would have led to an overdue final reckoning with a deadly earnest and malignant foe.

 Sixth, overthrowing Saddam did not unleash a regional jihad.  This was building up already and it was due to the machinations of theocratic Iran and its Hamas and Hizbollah proxies as well as by al-Qaeda, its offspring, and the global funding of various Saudis, Kuwaitis, Qataris and others.  Started in 1928 with the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, regional and then Global Jihad was on its way.  Call it Arab Spring or Unsprung or Winter, madness was on its way.

 Now, the mad fools are us for not having a Plan B — other than free morning after pills sponsored by healthcare “reform.”


August 16, 2014
Atrocity Video Porn and Dachau
Sleepless in L.A. Responds to Douglas Murray

I have a measure of sympathy for your anti-Islamist horror video stance, but in the end I am compelled to disagree.

 How different is viewing these atrocities from what the allies did to many Germans after WW2 by busing them out to Dachau and other camps and forcing them to witness the horrors they pretended to have been unaware of.  In some instances, they were even forced to bury the dead with the awful stench of the rotting corpse, one at a time, coming off the body draped over the “innocent” German’s shoulder.

 Michael Ledeen has written a number of times on the travesty of good people failing and refusing to recognize evil as playing a major, if not often decisive, role in determining the course of opposition to evil — or more often, lack of opposition.  Yes, I have copied some of these horrific videos to people.  I have done so as an educational matter.  Others, to chastise them for their wish to be “uninvolved,” not to be “bothered,” to “mind our own business.”  Every nonsensical excuse for pacifism, non-disturbance, isolationism or any other rotten excuse for cowardice, apathy, cupidity, or obdurate denial — I place the consequences of their obdurate denials in front of them.  These scenes are not merely “placed” before one:  They scream, they grab, they shake, they strangle.  They punch in the gut.  They focus the ever-wandering attention of an over-pampered, delusional population who believed that they were the ones they were waiting for when they voted for Barrack Hussein Obama and the coming of the Age of the Presidential Messiah.

I will never forget the young Christian man’s beheading after his “conversion” to Islam.  In a manner, I witnessed his martyrdom and I will carry it with me the rest of my life.  Is it so different than visiting Auschwitz or Yad Vashem?  The video is easily an exhibit, or an artifact in keeping for the use of scholars and other students.  I do feel that he is somehow owed this:  That humanity should never forget him, what humanity there is, what humanity there is that cares.  The savagery unleashed against Christians is an alarm to civilization.  If the recordation of his murder has the unintended affect of calling people to action, it will have served some useful purpose.

For those who use it improperly, I will hold no breach but I will not be held to account for their lack of couth. 

 I cannot help a wistful notion:  If only we had a film of a train arriving and then the gassing in Auschwitz-Birkenau or Treblinka in 1942 available to the movie theater news reels, perhaps FDR could not have kept the doors of this country sealed as tight as those of the gas chambers.


August 16, 2014
Obama’s Double Betrayals of Israel – Coupled with an Iraq Blunder
Sleepless in L.A.

For those of you who have read Shoshana’s article, this is merely a comment on it.  For those of you who have not read her piece, please do so from below and then my comment.

According to the administration and the State Department, they are miffed that Israel has not been “cautious” enough in Gaza.  After all, it used artillery when it could — read, “should” — have used “precision” munitions.  First, artillery is not so imprecise.  Ask any naval commander.  But you wouldn’t expect such expertise from a CIC who doesn’t even bother to take a break from his evening boogying in Martha’s Vineyard long enough to attend the funeral of a two-star general, the highest ranking American killed (murdered) in Afghanistan.  There is a good reason to use artillery shells when fighting a terror group fielding anti-civilian rocket barrages:  Artillery is more likely to be real-time than “precision” munitions from drones, copters or jets.  Too often, a Hamas launcher is spotted at the last minute and the counterattack must be made immediately; otherwise, the attack is launched and the terrorists escape.  Senator Diane Feinstein of California made the same mistake about Israel’s use of cluster shells during its 2006 war against Hizbollah.  But these intellectuals have never even visited a battlefield after the fact much less been in one during live fire.

 Far worse than the virtual accusation of war crimes against Israel by our own government — yes, think about it — is Obama’s command that Israel’s requests for Hellfire missiles must now go through both the White House and the State Department.  This is truly amazing:  The pro-Arab, anti-Israel diplomats will have a veto over the military requirements of a putative ally?  Even the Pentagon will now be second guessed by a two-stepped procedure through two totally incompetent institutions that are hostile to the client in question. 

 Yet, 5,000 Hellfire missiles have already been delivered to that other stalwart Mideast friend and ally, that most reliable pillar of Persian Gulf defense doctrine, Iraq.  And 5,000 to boot.  After all, if you want to ensure that an untraceable number go missing to Islamist terrorists, that some number of them get to Iranian diagnostic labs and probably to North Korea for copying, even to China, then dump 5,000 of these wall bangers to that pavilion of courage, strength and stability — Iraq. 

 And I’ll bet that Iraq didn’t have to go graveling to Massuhs Obama and Kerry for their approval either.  That’s how reliable they are!  But those dhimmi Jews will.

 If Obama has Israel’s back, it’s because the view helps him stick in the knives:  First, the Blood Accusation of incaution with civilian lives, particularly of children (how much more Blood Libel can that be?); and, second, to feather the throttle on military equipment.

 Time for Israel to diversify.  They can’t afford to be caught short.


August 16, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.

 I have always held that Obama’s guiding obsession is a deal with Iran at any price.

Apparently, Brookings’ Michael Doran is of the same (brilliant and insightful) mind. 

There is simply no way to keep drinking the Kool Aid without it being nothing less than an act of blind, childish, pure churlishness.

 Iran is evil and bent on destruction.

 Anyone still addicted to Obama deserves what’s coming.

 The problem is that the rest of us don’t.



August 16, 2014
Hamas protests; Norway et al rebuild
Sleepless in L.A.

 Incredible:  Already a conference to rebuilt Gaza in Norway.
That aid should be blocked until the rockets are surrendered and the tunnels all destroyed.

It would be an amazing confrontation if Israel did this….

Would Norway and all those terror loving/Jew haters demand that the rockets and tunnels stay?


August 15, 2014
Wlliam Schabas – The Grand Inquisitor Attack Dog Unleashed Against Israel by the UN
Sleepless in L.A.


Below is a link to the Israel Channel 2 interview of William Schabas,  the head of the UN HCR’s kangaroo court on the actions of Israel defending against rockets and terror tunnels from Gaza.  This cold-blooded monster doesn’t give a straight answer to anything.  He is a dedicated, single-minded anti-Semite and Israel hater.  He’s over calm and methodical — like a real SS officer, a would-be Grand Inquisitor straight out of the Inquisition.  With a straight and gravely serious face, he claims he now has a duty of objectivity and can’t comment on the blatant contradictions in selective criticism — begging the question of whether he should have been so solicitously objective all along.  It is vicious subterfuge.  The outcome is as foreordained as any post-torture “trial” by the Spanish Inquisition. 

He rationalizes an endless assortment of contradictory outrages with an overly calm, glib patter. 

 He has the air of the over intellectualized sociopath about him.

 He says that Netanyahu and Shimon Perez should be brought before the Inter’l Criminal Court — but won’t name anyone else who should be — not in the whole world.  But of course, he is neutral and not biased.  He refuses to describe Hamas as a terrorist organization with the excuse at this point he has to be objective.  That he can even say this with a straight face indicates that the depth of his derangement and malice — and his ability to deceive. 

 His rationale for why Israel is to be singled out from amongst all the others is more or less, “It’s just tough for Israel because they don’t have the political protection racket that the other rights violators do so we’ll just take the one we can.”  Which just “happens” to be Israel.  In fact, there is no effort by him to just name anyone else.  There is no voting bloc in the UN to prevent him from enunciating his personal condemnation.  He doesn’t because he is a Jew hater.  He does have a double standard that is not a function of organizational politics.  He is a Jew hater through and through.

 His phone # in Britain and email address are: 

 CONTACTS:  Email – 

Phone  +44 (74) 2878 4703  —  From the U.S., put “011” before the “44” country code for out-of-country calling or use “+”.

 Post this for people to call and email him without surcease.  Repeatedly.  He should be dunned with examples of psychotic, murderous incitement and actual acts of mayhem and murder throughout the Mideast including and especially by the Palestinians.  This should be a grassroots campaign with no time out or foreseeable endpoint.  This man is evil and he is scheming to commit one of the greatest anti-Semitic propaganda attacks since Goebbels.  It is he who is the criminal:  He is facilitating terrorism and genocidal hate speech.  The allies hanged Joseph Goebbels for exactly the same crime.

 Schabas should be inundated by overwhelming international condemnation from people of conscience and good will.  This mild-mannered monster should be exposed for the evil he is and denounced at every opportunity.

 From Honest Reporting:

The man leading the UN Human Rights Council’s probe of Operation Protective Edge, William Schabas, acknowledged that the UN applies double standards to Israel. Schabas badly waffled on whether he thinks Hamas is a terror organization and couldn’t articulate why Israel should feel confident  it will get a fair hearing

  • People looking into previous statements by Schabas and Schabas and fellow investigator Doudou Diene turned up some comments that raised my eyebrows. Schabas has said that Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons in Syria is technically not a war crime.

And Human Rights Voices points out that Diene — a UN expert on racism and xenophobia — has written that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Why single out the Jewish people for the denial of national aspirations? Sounds like racism to me.



August 15, 2014
Barbier, Beetzebuth, and Anti-Semitism: The French Socialists’ Conundrum
Sleepless in L.A.

Enough is enough already.  How many times can we be stabbed in the back?Time for the Jews to leave France for Israel.  Way past time.  This is a disgusting article.

 Over a thousand years of betrayals.  There were Jews in France — Gaul — before there were Christians.

 So what.  They’ve always hated us.  Time to get out of Dodge.

 This is why there is Israel.  It’s a place for Jews to go.

We were treated horribly for over a thousand years by the Muslims and now it’s happening in France.  No point in staying and going through the same thing all over again.

The Jews don’t have to be dhimmis.  There is an Israel.


August 14, 2014
WSJ:  White House and State Dangerously Interfering with Israeli Arms Requests to Pentagon
Sleepless in L.A.

Contrary to the WSJ headline below, Israel’s flanking maneuver was temporary.  The White House and State Dept are now going to interfere and interrupt Israeli munitions and arms requests as a matter of routine.  This is deadly dangerous in the long run — not so long run, in fact.

The Obama administration’s Mideast Wrecking Ball is now being aimed directly at Israel.  This is a very dangerous turn of events.  It is of a piece with the U.S. not wanting Israel to take action against Iran’s nuclear ambitions and is undoubtedly intended to serve as a warning that Obama would leave Israel high and dry if they dare to bomb Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile facilities.

In the meantime, Hamas has claimed that it is now manufacturing replacement rockets.  There is a question of where they are getting the materials from and presumably their inventory is limited, but the claim at least bodes ill for any relaxation of border restrictions — which the U.S. administration seems to be pressuring Israel and Egypt to concede on.

And it will only continue to worsen.


August 14, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.

Dear Senator Feinstein:

I thank you for your support of Israel and support for helping to fund Israel’s essential missile defense systems.

I am concerned, however, at certain sentiments expressed in your message (below) that you “strongly urge both sides to exercise restraint and believe all parties should refrain from steps that would further destabilize this dangerous situation.” As well, the message calls for an immediate ceasefire.

I respectfully disagree with both statements as being contrary to sound military doctrine and self-defeating politically and diplomatically. The language to “strongly urge both sides…exercise restraint” declares that there is an equivalence in actions between Israel and Hamas, which I know you do not agree with; however, the language used militates otherwise. Further, the same sentence expresses a concerns over “steps [that] would further destabilize this dangerous situation,” which in context includes Israel’s military activities. Nothing could be further from reality than concern that Israel implementing strong military measures that reduces the large numbers of rockets and deadly attack tunnels that lead straight into Israeli communities are what would lead to further destabilization. Nothing would be more destabilizing than leaving Hamas with a greater capacity to launch rockets, and even worse, to launch mass casualty and kidnapping attacks from those tunnels. Leaving the tunnels intact would leave intact an existential threat to many thousands of Israelis.

Likewise, a permanent cease fire would give Hamas permission to launch any number of rockets at any time in the future as the only party who would adhere to such terms would be Israel — until compelled to desperate self-defense. A premature cease fire works only to the benefit of Hamas which will use it only to prepare the next attack. This is called a hudna, a temporary truce of convenience until the Islamist party has prepared itself to reattack. This must not be permitted to be the situation and pressuring Israel into premature cease fires (note the plural) is worse than counterproductive.

Again, I thank you for your votes in steadfast support of Israel’s capacity to defend itself, but please bear in mind, Senator, that this is a capacity that must be deployed and effectively wielded if it is to bring security if not peace to Israel, at least in the form of an enemy that is too chastened to attack again — at least for a long while.

Last, Senator, please hold hearings into the relationships between Hamas, Hizbollah, Iran and ISIS — and the relationships between these actors and North Korea and Venezuela — the content and nature of the Hamas Charter, and the threat these actors pose to the United States, Israel, and yes, Europe, even if they are in denial.


Sleepless in L.A.


August 14, 2014
Student-Worker UAW 2865 of Univ Calif votes to join anti-Israel BDS
Sleepless in L.A.

 When are our politicians going to do something about this already?  The left, particularly in academia, is, ultimately, spreading an anti-Semitic virus.

This is despicable and knowing Napolitano, she’ll “tsk-tsk” and that’ll be it.

 Time to start revoking tax exempt status for starters.  This is pernicious hate.

August 11, 2014
Hamas protests; Norway et al rebuild
Sleepless in L.A.

Incredible: Already a conference to rebuild Gaza in Norway.

That aid should be blocked until the rockets are surrendered and the tunnels all destroyed.
It would be an amazing confrontation if Israel did this….
Would Norway and all those terror loving/Jew haters demand that the rockets and tunnels stay?

August 7, 2014
Muslims force Christian to accept Islam, then behead him
Sleepless in L.A.

The video is horrifying beyond belief. The link is below but you should think carefully
 before watching it.

There is a point: Israel is fighting exactly the same type of people when it fights Hamas.
This young man is horribly murdered because he is Christian. The murderers are evil beyond comprehension.

“Palestinians” last year in the “West Bank,” did this to a two month old baby girl because she was Jewish. They slaughtered five our of the seven family members.

Pamela Geller, author below, has written that in the war between the civilized man and the barbian, we should side with the civilized man.
She was condemned for this as racist.


August 9, 2014
“The UNRWA Is Hamas”
Sleepless in L.A. 

In case you didn’t catch this one.  Something has to be done to defund it already.  At least the American portion — no matter what the Israelis say.  Enough already. 


August 7, 2014
Follow the UNRWA money….
Sleepless in L.A.

There need to be Congressional hearings on UNRWA funding.  Follow the money.
UNRWA knew.  They knew everything.  Everything means everything.  Tunnels, missile storage, firing positions, human shields, hate/incitement education.
And UNRWA facilitated it all.

Their funding needs to be cut off.
UNRWA should probably be designated a terrorism supporting organization.


August 7, 2014
Rockets fired on Israel Again
Sleepless in L.A.

It is actually better for Israel to “earnestly” pursue a ceasefire — Ohaiv Shalom, Love of Peace — knowing it is likely for naught.

Then, when predictably it is violated by Hamas, respond — Rodaif Shalom, pursue peace with the appropriate passion, fierceness. 

It is better that Melech Bibi rise again in righteous action against Malach lest he be seen as Goliath against vanquishing the pitiful. 

Better to be Yoshua.  Rising again in righteous wrath doth he slay the iniquity of the enemies of B’nai Yisrael.  Gathering again the men of Yisrael, calling the kibbutz farmer, the clerk, the teacher, the driver, the clerks, their young, their common, their brilliant, their strong, their brave, their frightened and weak, all to their arms, all to their tasks.  Called all together to be warriors in their own lands again.  And let those who come against them become afraid, all about those who did not fear Israel become broken and turned to ashes. Let them sit upon the ground with the daughters of Babylon and weep and be forlorn, they and their children and their children’s children.  For they have offended the righteousness and peace of Israel and shall be rent asunder. 


 P.S. Keep our fingers crossed…. 


August 5, 2014
What Hamas Believes, and Why It must Be Delegitimized and Fought
Sleepless in L.A.

There are NO excuses for Hamas.  NONE AT ALL!

It is an organization of criminal, mad dog, mass murderers.  They are insane and evil.
Period.  No excuse.  They need to be wiped out.  There is no reform.  No compromise.

They are mad dog killers.  You don’t “train” a rabid job.  You put it down.

Hamas are rabid jackals.


August 5, 2024
Israel says has evidence 47 percent of Gaza dead were combatants
Sleepless in L.A.

Typical of the Arabs to grossly inflate and misrepresent the facts.  They’ve done this about Israel and the Jews there for 100 years — before there was an Israel even.

But the UN will scream “War crimes!”  So will the Gazans and the “West Bankers.”   But those Arabs want there to be war crimes whether there were any or not.  And if there weren’t any, they’d “volunteer” people to get killed to make sure there were “war crimes.” 


 From Reuters:

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel has evidence that almost half of Palestinians killed in the 25-day-old Gaza war were combatants, its deputy foreign minister said on Saturday, pushing back against international allegations of a lopsidedly heavy civilian death toll.


Gazan human rights groups say at least 80 percent of the 1,669 Palestinians killed have been non-combatants, including hundreds of children. The U.N. Human Rights Council last week accused the Israelis of “disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks” and launched an inquiry into possible war crimes.

Israel, which has lost 63 soldiers and 3 civilians to the fighting, says it has done everything possible to avoid harming innocents and that Gaza’s dominant Hamas Islamists invite such casualties by operating in densely populated areas.

“There is research being done in the military, very professionally and reliably, (whose) conclusion is that at least 47% of the fatalities are terrorists, with photographs and names,” Tzachi Hanegbi told Israel’s Channel Two television, adding that the data would be presented to investigators.

He did not elaborate. Israel rejected the U.N. Human Rights Council’s probe announcement, describing the forum as biased, but usually conducts its own combat inquiries.

Israel says Hamas and other Palestinian guerrillas in Gaza are terrorists and in past conflicts has used broad definitions of combatants – including, for example, Palestinian policemen working for the Hamas administration.

(Writing by Dan Williams; Editing by Giles Elgood)


August 5, 2014
Was a UN School in Gaza Really Bombed?
Sleepless in L.A.

 This one, obviously no.  More typical Arab criminal fraud.

It’s called Paliwood, the phony “Hollywood” of these Pali creeps.

They are always staging extravaganza frauds.

They can NEVER be trusted.  NEVER.


August 4, 2014
The eight (8) who voted against the $225 MM for funding more Iron Dome missiles
Sleepless in L.A.

There is a pattern here of who voted against the $225MM funding for more Iron Dome missiles.

 The Democrats who did so are left wing with one left wing Muslim, Keith Ellison of Minnesota.

The other three, O’Rourke (NM), Lofgren (CA) and Moran (VA) are all left wing and Moran is probably an anti-Semite.  (I wouldn’t bet on Zoe Lofgren either.)

 The Republicans, with one Palestinian exception, did so because they are isolationists. 

 Even though it broke down 4-to-4, Dem-Rep, there is reason for concern because the Democrats did so as part of a philosophical alignment typical of many Democrats, not so the Republicans.  Isolationism exists in BOTH parties.  The Republicans do not own that one.  Isolationism, furthermore, is more prevalent with the Democrats than the Republicans.

 The Dems have ownership of left wing opposition to Israel’s right of self-defense.

 What is also interesting is that a good number of members did not vote — 32, in fact.  I suspect these were mostly Dems who did not want to go on record against Israel but would have if they could have.  In other words, there is reason to be concerned about the Dem Party.

The measure passed the House with a 395-8 vote after the Senate approved the legislation earlier in the day.  Here are the eight congressmembers who voted no:

  1. U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-El Paso,

was one of eight members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted against additional funding for Israel’s missile defense system Friday.

“I could not in good conscience vote for borrowing $225 million more to send to Israel, without debate and without discussion, in the midst of a war that has cost more than a thousand civilian lives already, too many of them children,” O’Rourke said in a statement.

 Other members of the House who voted against the bill were

  1. U.S. Reps. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; — Muslim
  2. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.; – San Jose area.  Very left wing
  3. Jim Moran, D-Va.; Left wing; possible anti-Semite
  4. Justin Amash, R-Mich.; He’s a Palestinian; no surprise
  5. Walter Jones, R-N.C.; Tea Party. BUT.  He’s aligns himself with J-Street and voted NO on Iran sanctions.  Tea Party backs Iran sanctions and Israel.  Odd man out.  Likely an isolationist.  Was heavily opposed by Republican establishment including Sarah Palin.  He may have as nutty a district as Ron Paul did in Texas.
  6. Thomas Massie, R-Ky.; A staunch if not fanatical isolationist.
    8.  Mark Sanford, R-S.C.  —  Former, disgraced governor of South Carolina.  He seems to be an isolationist. 
August 5, 2014
How Europeans lie about Israel
Sleepless in L.A.
Journalists: Reporting the News or Fabricating the News?

The old hate is coming back with a vengeance.
I did say something about the Jews getting out, didn’t I?
At least this time:
1) We will get out in time; and 2) We have a country to goto with a powerful army to protect us.

This is to be expected. The Grand Mufti has always understood that his Jew hatred — the basis for his opposition to the immigration of Jews and resurrection of Israel — was what it was ultimately about. Husseini always wanted to make killing the Jews a pan-Arab, Islamic issue and to join with European anti-Semites in a global war against the Jews.


August 4, 2014
Kids? Monsters.
Sleepless in L.A.

lots of kids





They are going to commit mass murder and mayhem. It’s guaranteed.

And it’s not about any “siege” or “state.” It’s about their Nazi view of the world.
It’s about their “caliphate.”
It’s about their hatred of Jews, Christians, Hindus, moderate Muslims.
It’s about their hate and their passion to commit murder and be martyrs.
This is what Arafat wanted. This is what his uncle the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem wanted.
This is what al-Q and ISIS want. This is what the Muslim Brotherhood wants.
This is what needs to be wiped out one way or the other.

Educate when you can. Kill it when you can’t educate it. 


Hamas shows dead kids. They don’t show their kids as the killers they are trained to be.
Hamas has even put “suicide” vests on retarded kids and sent them to Israeli checkpoints hoping to commit mass murder.


August 4, 2014
The Rocket Clock
Sleepless in L.A.

Since 2001, the terrorist Arabs have fired 15,373 rockets into Israel.

 How much should the Israelis have to tolerate? 

Killing 1,800 to get it to stop is not at all disproportional, especially since:

  1. A lot of the dead are Hamas fighters; and
  2. Hamas wants as many dead civilians as possible for their PR value.

     Fancy that:  Hamas wants its people dead for the sake of a picture and Israel gets the blame.

 The damned Arabs should be held responsible for their own murderous nonsense.

 The above link keeps track of how long since the last rocket into Israel.  If one is fired, it is reset.  Let’s see how long it takes before it resets.

If it’s a long time, then Israel’s bombs worked.  GREAT!

  Proportionality is not a compared body count.  That’s utter nonsense.  Many, many more Germans died in WW2 than Americans and many more Russians died than Germans.

If there were the same “proportionality” applied to German vis-a-vis Russia as is being applied to Israel and the Arabs, then every single German would have been killed.  Not one would have been left.

Virtually the same with Jews vs. Germans:  Killed 2/3 of Europe’s Jews, they did.  O.K.  Kill 60 million Germans.  Sounds fair to me, now.

 But that is NOT what proportionality means.  It means how many civilians die in order to achieve a military objective.

1,800 Gazan (monsters) to stop terror attacks by rocket and tunnel into Israel?  1,800 is more than fair.  It’s a drop in the bucket.

The Gazans are lucky it wasn’t 20,000-50,000.  If it had been Egypt attacking to stop the attacks, that would have the death toll, 20,000-50,000.

Just like Jordan in 1971.

Stop complaining about a few lousy Gazan Jew haters.  They deserve no sympathy.  The kids?  The babies?  Their parents should have thought of that before putting Hamas in power and supporting them.

 When the bodies of the 3 Israeli teens were found, the Arab animals in Judea and Samaria (there is no “West Bank”), danced, sang and passed out candy.

Really?  The Arabs in Judea and Samaria are freer and more prosperous than most of the Arab world.

The Palestinians are sick monsters.  Enough of them already.

 I wish they could be pushed into Syria and Jordan.  Let Bashir Assad deal with them.



Because Assad isn’t a Jew.  Otherwise, NO ONE CARES.  And don’t tell they do because THEY DON’T.  THEY ONLY CARE IF IT’S JEWS.


August 4, 2014
The Obama administration and State Dept have made a huge muck of things with Egypt.
Sleepless in L.A.

The Obama administration and State Dept have made a huge muck of things with Egypt.  To compound the ongoing bungling, Sec. St.  Kerry went to Qatar and met with Turkey and Qatar leadership and came back with Hamas’s demands as his talking points.  What a huge insult to Israel as well as Egypt.  If President Sisi was not disgusted, it would have been only because he has such low if not negative expectations of the U.S. under the Obama-Kerry axis of bungling and cupidity.  Egypt has major terror concerns of its own from Hamas.  How dare Kerry do what he did?  To make it worse, he has Turkey there: Turkey, which is led by a man who’s Jew hatred is reminiscent of Hitler and Goebbels, it is that intense.  So they have further estranged both Israel and Egypt.


August 4, 2014
Sign petition denouncing falsehoods in the LANCET MEDICAL JOURNAL regarding Israel’s Op Protective Edge
Sleepless in L.A.

There goes those “intellectuals” again, defaming Israel and misrepresenting falsehoods as truth.

In this case, the authors of the Lancet article are actually Hamas supporters — but they claimed “No Conflict of Interest” and did not disclose their Hamas connections.

 The petition follows the “Declaration of Interest” below.  Please sign it.  Lancet needs to be embarrassed into the truth.

In all likelihood, it will achieve little but perhaps the journal may not permit these authors to publish another such editorial again.  Perhaps.

Pass this on to your friends, of course.


August 3, 2014
How to drive a huge wedge between Dem. Congress candidates and Obama, Pelosi and Kerry
Sleepless in L.A.

Pelosi gave an outrageous description of Hamas based on Qatari leadership: “who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization”.

Does your Dem opponent CONDEMN Pelosi for that statement.  Not just “disagree” with it, but soundly CONDEMN HER for saying it?

Do they CONDEMN Obama for bypassing our (former ally since he’s destroyed the relationship) Egypt’s ceasefire plan and going to Hamas’s Muslim Brotherhood allies at Turkey and Qatar?  A ceasefire plan UNANIMOUSLY rejected and condemned by Israel’s cabinet as being HAMAS’S PLAN FOR GETTING FREE OF ANY SUPERVISION AND THEREBY PERMITTING FREE ENTRY OF MORE WEAPONS?

Do they CONDEMN Kerry for doing this?

Read Isi Liebler’s post.  There is a rich vein of opportunities here to drive a wedge b/n your opponent and his/her leaders — or force them to come across as weak.


July 31, 2014
Re: Surprising Ties between Israel and the Kurds :: Bengio in Middle East Quarterly

I’ve been a fan of the Kurds for years.
The U.S., as usual is blowing a huge opportunity not promoting an independent Kurdish state.
I would like to see an Iron Triangle:  U.S.-Israel-Kurdistan.  Geopolitically, it would be the dominant force.



July 31, 2014
Analysis:  The hidden picture in Gaza — Yaakkov Lappin
Sleepless in L.A.

This article goes a long way to address the question of whether Bibi, the military and intelligence were asleep at the switch.

Apparently, not so much.

I am not surprised that the very left, cynical and constantly grousing Haaretz did the number they did claiming that Bibi was too preoccupied with Iran and missed the Gaza situation with its tunnels, etc.  Apparently, Israel’s intelligence had a good warning of what was coming.  It’s also apparent from how well Israel has militarily responded to the situation.  The IDF’s performance has been spectacular.  So they had a good amount of time to plan and prepare.

 That the left would snipe the way they have is almost tragically typical and totally predictable.  I remember their truly deprecating articles on Iron Dome that they ran for a number of years.  Well, they were dead wrong, weren’t they?  Now, they think they can repeat the same tactics to destroy a government that is doing an amazing job.

As Reagan said to Carter during the debate, “W-e-l-l-l, there you go again.”  The audience cracked up and Reagan won in a landslide and a miserable failure slinked out of the White House.

Wish it could happen again….  Though I have to admit, even Jimmy Carter was tougher than Obama which is pretty amazing.



July 31, 2014
FDD’s Vice President for Research, Jonathan Schanzer, discusses the latest ceasefire in Gaza
Sleepless in L.A.

Peter Beinart is a putz – if that’s not redundant.  I’ve met him and he’s just this side of repulsive.

I  really can’t stand him.  His manner is arrogant, condescending, condemning, insulting and know-it-all, which is pretty audacious when you consider that he is ultimately nothing more than a solipsistic, superficial ideologue.  He conveniently leaves out major underpinning facts and circumstances.  He is a drearily predictable wielder of the straw man argument.  He is predictably leftist in his tactics by his constant resort to the ad hominem.  His whole riff on the Fatah-Hamas alliance was stupifyingly dishonest, but actually, I think It just reflects the fact that he is simply meretriciously mendacious.

Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah.  Jonathan is a bucher.  He has a real Yiddisheh kup that one.  He’s a mechaiye.  Oy!  His parents must be so proud!


July 30, 2014
 Response to a professor’s accessment  about Obama’s motives
Sleepless in L.A.

I have to disagree with you on Obama desperately seeking love from Iranians and others who don’t love us. If you think that perpetual state of teen age emotional distress afflicts him as well.

He’s a cold and aloof man, a dissociative complex left over from not having had a proper father.
He does, however, want Americans to think he does want global love and that they do as well. After all, it’s like one big rock concert. His campaign appearances were a combination revival meeting and rock concert, right? Far out! It’s global, man!

The truth is much starker: He simply wants to hand the Persian Gulf over to Iran as being “rightfully theirs.” They are the region’s “natural hegemon,” etc.
I guess this is his version of his conversion to Christianity, the meek inheriting the earth bit — meaning the disenfranchisement of the United States.

He’s insidiously dangerous. Dinesh D’Souza is right that he’s a post-colonialist ideologue.

Otherwise, he’s an atheist whose Jungian collective unconscious is Muslim.


July 30, 2014
ISIS has become a functioning state with economic resources and heavy weaponry
Sleepless in L.A.

This is “fundamental change.”

Happy now, Obama voters?  Happy?   Happy?  Happy?

This is what “fundamental change” means, you know.

FC is not a birthday cake in every refrigerator.

FC is not a nifty new bike lane.

 FC is the world turned upside down and the guts of a lot of innocent people ripped out of them by a grinning, grimacing fanatic.

FC is not a “green” job. 

FC is jobs that never see a real raise; very few new jobs; and more people leaving the workforce than finding jobs.

FC is Putin’s artillery attacking Ukraine.

FC is Putin’s antiaircraft missile shooting down a civilian Boeing 777 airliner and murdering 298 people — and then his thugs covering up the evidence and desecrating the bodies.

FC is Nancy Pelosi calling Hamas a “humanitarian organization.”

FC is John Kerry proposing a “cease fire” that gives Hamas everything it wants and ignores Egypt’s and Israel’s security demands on tunnels and rockets.

FC is when your president’s BFF amongst world’s leaders is that Muslim Brotherhood member in highest standing, Reccyp Erdogan of Turkey.

FC is when your country has completely lost control of its southern border and the nation is flooded with semi- and illiterate and unskilled people who are little but a welfare load for years and that we can’t afford.  But you FC voters figure the “rich will pay their fair share” so why worry about a million more illegals bankrupting the country.  Besides, when it’s their turn to vote, you bet they are going to support more FC.  The illegals win.  The FCers win.  Only the country loses.  Who cares?  Countries are so passé anyway.

 As you read the following article, bear in mind that Iraq asked us to bomb ISIS when they were in open desert, caravanning with their weapons out in the open — no collateral damage.

President FC did nothing.  ISIS did plenty.  Here’s what Fundamental Change gets you.

 By the way, you guys disdain, despise, loathe “fundamentalism,” right?  Last I checked, you did.

Well, you guys have given “fundamentalism” a new meaning.  Be proud of yourselves.  You have redefined America — I meant, fundamentalism….


July 30, 2014
Hamas executed 20 anti-war protestors in Gaza
Sleepless in L.A.
How long will it take to see this reported in the media — if at all?
This will never come out of the mouth of Jon Leibowitz aka Jon Stewart.
It will never register with the English Methodist Church.
Those people undoubtedly died in vain because their truth will likely never be told to the public.
If the CNN could, they’d blame it on Israel.  The BBC will anyway.

July 28, 2014
Building Hamas tunnels kills 160 kids
Sleepless in L.A.

The amount of concrete used in the tunnels is a huge issue.  And they killed a lot of their kids — at least 160 — doing it…See links….

Apparently, there was a report on this in 2012 by their own people.  They promised to do better but didn’t. 

The problem is getting this information out.  How interested in this is the MSM?  Does “our side” have its act together enough to publicize these reports?

 So what is worse?  Deaths from Israel’s collateral damage or deaths because Hamas used youngsters to do some of the tunneling? 

A moral person would condemn what Hamas did as not only unnecessary to begin with but doing so forced Israel to undertake a heavy bombardment.  But since the world does not accept the necessity of the latter, it gives no thought to the former.  That is how the world works now — which is also why it hasn’t been working so well lately.

Ironically, “the world” will focus on “What Israel Did!”  It won’t be Hamas using their people as human shields while the leadership hid in the tunnels.  It won’t be how many of their kids they killed building the tunnels.  It will be about how Israel committed war crimes — even if they have to invent new categories of them.  The UN HRC has already voted to investigate “whether” Israel has committed them.  The “whether” is in parentheses because the finding is a foregone conclusion.   Hamas undoubtedly wishes there were even more dead civilians.  It is not irrelevant that there is not a terribly convincing case that there are any civilians in Gaza.  When you look at the pictures of these “kids” dressed up like terrorists and going to summer “camp” to learn to hate and murder Jews, there is a greatly diminished innocence, isn’t there?  Basically, the society seems to be mostly in accord:  Make war on the Jews.  There will be no settlement.  Only war.  Truces are hudnas, temporary, until they can make war again.

 It seems they intended to pop out of these tunnels on Rosh Hashanah to carry out a planned mass murder-kidnap assault throughout the border region.  It makes little sense when you think about it.  Such an attack could only result in a horrendous reprisal.  It makes you wonder about the sanity of these people.  Seriously, think about it.  There is something frighteningly, deeply depraved in their view of the world.  How is this a group with which Israel — or any society they are at war with — could come to terms?  If an organization is so fanatic that it thinks it can and should undertake such an expensive, long term project in preparation of such a barbaric, savage attack, this is a group that is beyond any reason, outside of any definition of normal human beings.  They seem more like mythical creatures of dread, death and destruction and naught else. 

 These are those science fiction aliens who devour life and light as their macabre ritual.  They boast:  “We love death more than the Jews love life.  That is why we will win.”  Perhaps we should take them seriously, meaning literally, and stop trying to impose our standards of “cease fire,” “nationhood” and all the accoutrements which we naively believe to be some sort of norm even when we go through the awful enterprise of war.  Apparently, they’re not constrained in any manner by those considerations.  Not in their world of suicide/murder bombings, tunnels to kibbutzim, the kidnapping and murdering of teens.  We should start describing Hamas as the Proto ISIS.  Giving it the right name is the start of tunneling the truth into the public’s minds.


July 25, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.

Palestinian protest stops Maccabi Haifa Football Club match. Punches and profanities
were exchanged between the handful of youngsters and the Haifa players

 The problem is that if these are Arabs doing this, they aren’t “tourists.”  They live in Europe.        

One way or another Europe’s storm troopers are back, even if they were imported.

But then again, were they “Palestinian” or “merely” pro-Palestinian white Eurotrash. 

(The irony is that there is no such thing as a Palestinian anyway.  They are southern Syrians, they are Jordanians, they Lebanese who got lost when “free” UN food and shelter was offered,  they are rump ends of Egypt that the Egyptians don’t want (Gaza) — but there is no such thing really as a “Palestinian.”

Just a mob that wants to murder Jews.  And then there are their supporters.

 From the picture in the article below, the Nazi with the vicious sidekick likely seem to be another white European Jew hater.
Either way, they’re b-a-a-a–a-a-c-k…..

 The only question is how many of them will there be?

 He looks like a proto-Nazi but these days there are lots of left wing anti-Semitic thugs.  Basically, they’re synonymous.  Though this one may be just a Nazi.

 Oh….Ironically, one of Israel’s best soccer players is an Arab Israeli.  Wonder if he was on this team?


July 23, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.

Stewart’s “skit” was basically anti-Semitic, anti-Israel diatribe and sickening. I sent the following the Comedy Central on their comment line….  

“Stewart’s “ISRAEL!!!!” “skit” was a sickening display of moral relativism — at best.  It denigrated the seriousness of thousands of rockets hitting Israel year after year and covered up entirely the Nazi-like Jew hatred and Israel hatred of Hamas.  Article 7 of the Hamas Charter states: In the end of days, even the rocks and trees will say, ‘Oh, Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me.  Come and kill him.”  It is quoting one of the Hadiths.  

The “skit” denigrated Jews and other friends of Israel, mocked us, belittled us and dismissed us as hysterics.  Is John Stuart Liebowitz a self-hating Jew?  Let him go to a shrink to work out that bit of his psychpathology, but John Liebowitz’s malicious mocking of Israel and its supporters is sowing the seeds of a new anti-Semitism in his low information viewers.

What is funny about dozens of tunnels dug from Gaza into Israel, Liebowitz?  What is funny about teaching 7 year olds to shoot at targets made to look like Jews and Israelis, Liebowitz?  What is funny about Hamas handing out copies of Meinkampf, Liebowitz?  What is funny about Hamas burning Gaza’s only Christian bookstore and then knifing its owner to death, Liebowitz?  What is funny about Hamas helping radicalize Sinai Bedouins murder Egyptian border soldiers, Liebowitz?  What is funny about a Hamasniks being found in a tunnel to Israel with handcuffs and tranquilizers, Liebowitz?  What is funny about Hamas killers lining up Fatah soldiers after Hamas took over Gaza and shooting one after another in the back of the head, Liebowitz?  What is funny about Hamasniks throwing Fatah personnel off buildings, Liebowitz?  What is funny about Hamas instituting Sharia law, Liebowitz?  Frankly, sir, you are not half as smart as you think you are.  What you are is a smart ass — and the closest thing to a smart ass when you come down to it is a dumb shit.

Liebowitz is an irresponsible putz.  Viacom, however, has no excuse.  It should issue an apology for this classless, vulgar display of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel.  And to argue that it also made fun of Arabs would be disingenuous.  I’m an educated viewer.  The parties that got the bad review were Jews and Israel.  At best, all the tidbit thrown at Arabs did was to make the case that Jews and Israel are as bad as Hamas. 

Final thought:  The skit would be something that CAIR, Students for Justice in Palestine and other anti-Semitic and anti-Israel groups would be happy to show.”


July 16, 2014
Palestinian Casualties
Sleepless in L.A.

Too many, especially Europe and much of the press, focus on Palestinian casualties, failing to point out that most of them are due to Hamas using civilians as shields. They soft pedal Israel’s seeming lack of casualties but that is due to two things: Yes, Iron Dome, but also they have people in shelters. Hamas does not have people in shelters. They have their fighters in shelters and their civilians deliberately exposed. And what if Israel did not have Iron Dome? Would a sudden increase in Israeli casualties make Israel’s self-defense somewhat less to be condemned? Actually, they’d still condemn Israel for “settlements” and “occupation” when Hamas considers Tel Aviv to be a settlement.
Hamas’ Charter calls not just for the annihilation of Israel but of all Jews. That needs to be constantly pointed out. Hamas is a genocidal, terrorist organization and the focus on “peace” and civilian casualties misses the point. There is no “peace” with Islamonazis. It is a contradiction in terms.


July 13, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
Obama’s secret directive supporting global terrorism

The author is a resident scholar with Daniel Pipe’s Middle East Forum think tank in Philadelphia.  He’s one of the country’s leading expert’s on the oppression of Christian’s throughout the Mideast.
This is a completely credible report  — and only the tip of the iceberg.  The B-HO administration commission a Rand Corporation study on reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood including embedding MB youth in our government agencies!  — Not non-MB youth to better train them on democracy but MB youth, which would only corrupt our agencies.  This is also the administration whose CIA Director, John Brennan, stated that the path to democracy in the Muslim world goes through the Muslim brotherhood, speaks some Arabic (former CIA station chief to Saudi Arabia) and spoke to a Muslim luncheon in WDC calling Jerusalem “al-Quds” — the Arabic name that repudiates the Hebrew “Jerusalem” — to applause from the audience.
The damage done to our rel/p with Egypt should speak for itself.
For those of you copied on this who back the B-HO, I know this will make no difference to you.  Why?  Because you are religious fanatics yourselves:  Obamunism, the religious rite of which is Obasms.  After all, gay marriage and a non-existent threat to abortion trumps…the entire planet of problems.  But the next time you are losing your mind having an OBASM, remember the poor bastards who lost their heads when ISIS sawed it off when it conquered another district.

July 13, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
By 2015 Iran could test ICBM capable of hitting U.S.

Israel was right all along and the U.S. was wrong. Period.
Israel has been consistently warning us about Iran’s ballistic missile threat.
The U.S. not only ignored it but has refused to have the missile threat as any part of the so-called negotiations with Iran in Geneva.

2015 is only next year. The B-HO will still be president.
As Joseph Conrad wrote: “Oh, the horror.”

But it goes further. Too many, especially Europe and much of the press, focus on Palestinian casualties, failing to point out that most of them are due to Hamas using civilians as shields. They soft pedal Israel’s seeming lack of casualties but that is due to two things: Yes, Iron Dome, but also they have people in shelters. Hamas does not have people in shelters. They have their fighters in shelters and their civilians deliberately exposed. And what if Israel did not have Iron Dome? Would a sudden increase in Israeli casualties make Israel’s self-defense somewhat less to be condemned? Actually, they’d still condemn Israel for “settlements” and “occupation” when Hamas considers Tel Aviv to be a settlement.

Hamas’ Charter calls not just for the annihilation of Israel but of all Jews. That needs to be constantly pointed out. Hamas is a genocidal, terrorist organization and the focus on “peace” and civilian casualties misses the point. There is no “peace” with Islamonazis. It is a contradiction in terms.

June 18, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
Turkey’s President Erdogan
Little known factoid about Turkey’s President Erdogan: He was a fundraiser for the Muslims during the Bosnia-Herzegovina war.
He was — and is — after all, an acolyte of the MB.
And he’s doing it again for the ISIS gang in Syria.
(And he was Obama’s go-to guy from amongst all the world’s leaders for B-HO to have a chat with. At least until things got too hot….)
Because then there was Benghazi. The weapons starting to go from Benghazi to Turkey for Syria’s Islamist fighters. And then the attack. Whoops.
Gee, why do you think they blamed it on a film?As the Greeks said, a man is known by the company he keeps.I knew about the weapons connection. I knew that Erdogan was an Islamist. I knew he was B-HO’s bud.
I didn’t know he was MB. I didn’t know he was a gunrunner.It does start to piece together more and more. Along with Daniel Greenfield’s piece on Obama attempted wooing of the Taliban.Impeachment anyone?
June 18, 2014
Sleepless in L.A. Comments on: Bret Stephens: The Pace of Disasters

I’ve observed that there is so much going wrong it is overwhelming to just try to keep track of the catastrophes. 

Then it becomes: How can you hold the B-HO responsible? It’s THE WORLD. The problem is THE WORLD — not America’s most brilliant president since Thomas Jefferson.

Well, I guess if you don’t believe we should be the world’s policeman and then everything goes wrong, you can blame the world. Right?
Takes a liberal to believe that bathetic crapola.

Oh yes. He now believes in American exceptionalism. He must. He even said so — this time.
It was at graduation class speech he gave at West Point a few weeks ago. Of course, that flies in the face of what he said around the time he was first elected:
Then, he supposed he believed in American exceptionalism the same way a Greek would in Greece’s or an Englishman would in the U.K.’s. How (almost) too-clever-by-a-half of the bastard to pick two fallen empires. If everyone’s exceptional…no one really is…. And all empires fall anyway.

So another one bites the dust? (I wish he would….)

Yes, the Obamaites can now explain how our new found BFF Iran is going to be our soul mate in fighting ISIS in Iraq — while they are fighting for Bashir Assad in Syria; while they are building nukes; while they hang a poet; while they have doubled the pace of judicial murders since the time of Ahmadinejad. After all, this is the MODERATE, new, President Rouhani.

You gotta just love Catherine Ashston’s (High Representative of the European Union Commission for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy/Vice- President of the European Commission) toothy grins for Rouhani. Reminds me of the gleaming white dumb assed grin of Joe Biden. Remember when he said that Iraq was the Obhama’s administration greatest triumph? That was before the bloom of Bush’s surge wore off, before the B-HO’s and Biden’s failure and refusal to get a SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) with Iraq so we could have a 15,000 or so troops there to continue training and provide leadership when needed — like now?

What could be next? Well, probably not Iran’s nuke test. A whole bunch of other things will get a lot worse before that happens — which it will.

Bret Stephen’s article: The Pace of Obama’s Disasters
June 16, 2014
Rick Perry’s Stupidity
Sleepless in L.A.

You probably heard some feedback already, but between the governor’s speech in San Francisco and the resolution for the state party platform in support of “reparative therapy,” Texas Republicans are destroying the future of the party among young voters. This demographic is completely turned off by homophobic rants and that is exactly what both the governor’s statement in San Francisco and the party platform are. The governor and the Texas platform people could not be more tone deaf. Downright dumb, actually.

In San Francisco, there were groans of dismay from people in the conservative group. For those around the country who heard about the Texas party platform resolution regarding “reparative therapy” to be used against gays, they were disgusted when not infuriated.

The governor’s comment likening being gay to being an alcoholic is so inexcusable as to be contemptible. It is so foolish and ignorant, it is incomprehensible how that man could be so ignorant, not to mention so without impulse control, that he could not keep that awful remark to himself. This is the 21st Century, Jeff. What is wrong with him? Is he that out of touch with reality? Does he have no idea how vilely, personally insulting such a degrading and disgusting remark is? I could politely demur and say, “Gee, I disagree with the gentlemen,” but I would be lying. I am disgusted, revolted, infuriated and sick and tired of that sort of repulsive bigotry and its accompanying obtuse attitude that such bullying is either acceptable or will be tolerated without a withering response.

As for the even more reprehensible plank supporting “reparative therapy,” this is little better than believing in witchcraft. In California, it is illegal to inflict such psychological abuse on minors under 18 because it is deemed by experts to be child abuse and likely to cause long term psychological damage. If any adult wishes to undergo such self-inflicted torture, they should, I suppose, be able to do so but they should be required to read a disclaimer and warning from the American Psychological Association first. “Reparative therapy” is a cross between voodoo and believing in witchcraft. Even as long ago as Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis did not believe this claptrap.

Governor Perry and the Texas Republican Party damage the ability of the party to attract young voters — heterosexual, young voters. Young people are strongly revolted by this balderdash already.

The governor needs to stay out of the presidential race after this further misstep by him. He can only damage the Republican brand if he announces. The Democrats will have a field day if he runs. They will paint the GOP as the hate party, a bit over the top perhaps, but the cupidity of Governor Perry and the stupidity of the party platform have been a perfect set up for the Democrats. Governor Perry and the state party platform people have committed a serious disservice to the national party.

May I suggest that the governor, somehow, meet with a group of psychologists and get a clue? In the end, he might decide to apologize but I doubt it. Frankly, he just needs to keep quiet on this topic from now on. One would have thought he would have known better.  Apparently not so.

June 16, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
Nike ad features evil ‘Jewish’ clones
Knesset member accuses activewear giant of ‘anti-Semitic propaganda’ over Star of David-like logo in World Cup clip

Not so cleverly, the logo created by Nike for the “clones” in this long (5″) ad for their gear in a soccer setting, combines the Star of David with a Swastika look.

At times, it is very much like a Jewish star and at other times, not so much. After all, they don’t want to be too blatant, do they? The creator of this ad is obviously an anti-Semite. It is a good question how many levels of producers and executives it went through, who did it and in what country?


April 24, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
One can only conclude from the story below that liberalism is treason and too many of its adherents are traitors to the country and civilization.
AP reported out a story that did no one any good except for a mass murderer.  They were told that their releasing the info would force the U.S. to end a secret operation to kill one of the world’s most dangerous bomb makers; that the story could result in mass death including bringing down an airliner.  The AP didn’t care.  They printed the story.  In other words, they would have told Hitler about D-Day.
Fortunately, our guys and Yemini special forces lucked out and got the bastard anyway.  Special justice:  He was killed by the Yemini forces.  Good for them.  The only pity is that the evildoers probably didn’t know who got them when it happened.
It could easily have been too late.  Innocent people were lucky that our intelligence, special forces and Yemini allies were lucky.  But what a horror.

April 22, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
Extreme Jew Hatred by U.S. (and U.K.) Nazis 

Fortunately, they are few. They are dangerous otherwise. Intense hatred. Frightening people. Bona fide heirs of Hitler.

And then there is the “soft” version of these monsters: BDS groups like the English Methodist Church and the U.S. Presbyterian Church.

The horror of it is that the English Methodist Church and the U.S. Presbies have more in common with these Nazis than they would with many synagogues.
The churches would disagree with the rants about racial purity — except for their collaborative wish for a Judenrein Mideast. But they share the priority of singling out Jews as the world’s biggest problem to be addressed.

These Nazis certainly have their arguments in order. They may be outright lies, sly arguments, and almost clever misreadings of history or philosophies, but they certainly know how to make their case. “The Jews caused WW2 [Hitler’s song book] and then ended it by developing the nuclear bomb.” Now THAT is cynical.

Glib bastards, especially Andrew Anglin.

Andrew Anglin’s distortion of Freud is almost clever. A modest knowledge of Freud, however, is enough to challenge his claim that Freud rationalized libertine behavior without constraint. Anglin’s Freud is all degenerate id, and the clever (ergo Jewish) ego figures out how to endlessly re-sate the id — but omits Freud’s trump card: the constraining super ego. “Intellectually,” Anglin’s argumentation is patterned after his own pseudo Freudian model: All id (get the Jews), ego (how to get the Jews) and no super ego, no restraint of decency or sense of duty to look further for perhaps the truth. There’s no question that Anglin would have been a rabid SS officer, not just a killer but a torturer. He’s the guy you find out is a secret S&M fetishist. His reflexive homophobia easily provokes some speculation as well. In the end, I wonder what a brain scan would reveal.

Hannah Arendt was wrong about the “banality of evil.” (Lacking originality; trite; without creativity.) Someone like Anglin is a relentless, remorseless pursuer of evil intents. Given the right circumstances, he’s dangerous. The irony of an outfit like the English Methodist Church, is that it really is banal. In which case, they are perhaps more dangerous in these times than outright Nazis: The result of their anti-Israel/Jewish BDS fixation will be to lay the groundwork for monsters like Anglin. They are what Lenin called “Useful Idiots” in reference to pro-Soviet western liberals. EMC and the USPC are too stupid to be anything but banal, dumb to the results of their own stupidity.

Anglin’s facial expressions and body language remind of a particularly notorious and obnoxious self-hating Jew, Max Blumenthal.

It’s odd that the (not so merry ol’) England keeps out U.S. scholars like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, but this vile Nazi rat Andrew Anglin is able to get into England and give a “talk.”
From the clapping, his audience is (thankfully) small, but it makes him no less loathsome. How is it that the nasty little jackal got in?

So who needs a big Nazi party when they have finks like the English Methodist Church or the U.S. Presbyterian Church to do their handiwork?

April 16, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
Reply from Congressman Adam Schiff

Re:  Failure of you and other Democrats to support Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act

Dear Congressman Schiff:Enclosed for your convenience (and my file) is copy of email I respond to herewith.

I am the gentlemen who severely tongue-lashed you at the April 3, 2014, AIPAC dinner in Century City for your feckless Kerryism: Being FOR the NWFIA before you were AGAINST it. Your position remains inexcusably partisan, miserably cowardly, hypocritical and a disgrace to your office and oath to defend the Constitution — meaning the country — from its enemies.

I did NOT contact “regarding your [my] support for a diplomatic solution with Iran over its nuclear weapons program.” And I remind you that you were deservedly red-faced with embarrassment as you were visibly incapable of responding — because there is no excuse — and you certainly did not “appreciate hearing from [me]“. I do NOT support any “diplomatic solution” with Iran because no such thing is any more feasible than was one with Hitler. You are either delusional or a fantastic liar. In either event, you are unqualified for office. These are dangerous times and you and your crowd are no better than were the Copperheads during the Civil War: Treacherous if not treasonous and utterly useless.

Your bathetic, bloviating gas bag of a Secretary of State, John Kerry, actually admitted this week at a Congressional hearing that Iran is presently two months from a nuclear breakout and after the much vaunted “DEAL” you and the rest of you dolts have touted so loudly would set back Iran to a mere FOUR TO TEN MONTHS FROM NUCLEAR BREAKOUT. This is after you SOBs — starting with the White House and then the Pentagon and State and Congressional Sycophants like yourself so publicly chastised and trashed Israel’s intelligence and strenuous public warnings. Have you no shame? Damn you! HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!

I support sanctions solely as a means to help bring down that evil, monstrous, incredibly dangerous and deranged theocratic, millenarian tyranny. And you fools pulled the rug right out from under the sanctions and rewarded those murdering monsters for sucker punching us with billions of dollars. And you people also lied about the size of the economic relief. Oh, CONGRATULATIONS! By the way, about six weeks ago they hanged the poet Hashem Shabaani. They didn’t like his poetry. Let me explain that for your thick wits: This is like the Nazis burning books. People who burn books — or hang poets — burn and people. And before they go down, as with Hitler, it will be Valhalla. Do you get it yet? (Nah-h-h!)

I support the further sanctions because they were, unfortunately, the only “game” in town but the cowards and dolts in Congress, the White House and the State Department have even taken just the threat of military action off the table. It is a LIE that the threat of military action is on the table and the Ayatollahs know it. The non-stop braggadocio of Khameini, Rouhani and Zarif prove it — and not that you care because you lied in your email about Rouhani’s statements. You blatantly misrepresented that bastard. If this were you testifying before Congress, it’d be perjury. You obviously care about your pathetically obsequious partisanship at the expense of the U.S., Israel and Western civilization, as I made clear to you that night at the Century City Plaza Hotel dinner.

What I actually support is whatever amount of bombing it takes to wipe out Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions. Israel has done so to tremendously good effect in Iraq and Syria. The U.S. has become a cowardly, spastic giant led by Lilliputians. Any attempt by Iran to “respond” would easily be countered including any attempt to close the Straight of Hormuz. In fact, a bombing campaign as we did in Serbia to bring down Milosevic is easily within our capability — but the so-called Commander-in-Chief of this country and his equally spineless minions in the Congress are, in fact, disinterested in preventing the most dangerous regime since Hitler from acquiring nukes and ICBMs. As a Jew, you’ve apparently learned nothing from the Shoa and you’ve disgraced yourself. The only concern of your crowd is to kick the Iranian nuclear can down the road to the next administration. Your true views were published in Foreign Affairs journal in an article by Ken Waltz, “Why Iran Should Get the Bomb.” The thesis — feces is more like it — is that it would make Iran more “responsible” and finally “stabilize” the regime. Somehow, I suspect you are unaware of that essay but your actions certainly don’t reveal any opposition to the ultimate realization of its proposal.

You should also learn to listen and read. THERE WAS NO AGREEMENT AT ALL IN NOVEMBER. NONE! Whatever in the world are you referring to in that ridiculous email of yours? Do you LISTEN? Do you READ? Are you remotely capable? Iran has made it perfectly clear that all that was done was to “identify” key issues. That’s it. NOTHING has been agreed to. Further, as stated above, your Secretary of State has (finally) admitted that the potential agreement would actually accomplish very little — in distinct contrast to the propagandistic balderdash contained in your email. In fact, worse than nothing because a four to ten month breakout period is functionally not subject to accurate monitoring but you are too ignorant of the technical details or deceitfully publicly denying them to recognize that such a short period of time is not practical to keep track of much less provide metrics for deciding when they should be stopped. They will, in fact, continue to decentralize further their nuclear project. The metrics that would signal the time has arrived to stop them have long since materialized.

You’re hopeless, sir, but just don’t lie to me or send me witless, clueless rubbish. I don’t have time or forbearance for such rot.

You might try to surprise some of your constituents if not yourself and get a spine. But I doubt it very much. Nice world you people are leaving the kids. Proud of yourself? You shouldn’t be.


Sleepless in L.A.

Thank you for contacting me regarding your support for a diplomatic solution with Iran over its nuclear weapons program. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome your input.
For much of the past decade, Iran’s nuclear weapons development program has been one of the top national security concerns for the United States. An Iran armed with nuclear weapons, capable of threatening Israel and other regional states, would touch off a nuclear arms race in the world’s most volatile region. 
For this reason, I have pressed for ever-tightening sanctions to isolate Iran from the global economy and have supported a policy that leaves all options on the table, including military force. The stakes are simply too high to risk any miscalculation of our resolve by Iran’s leaders. In pushing for ever more punitive sanctions, we held out the hope that by increasing the economic pressure enough, we might be able to force Iran to give up its nuclear weapons ambition and rejoin the community of nations. Now, we are at a moment in the standoff with Tehran that will test that assumption.
In repeated statements since his election as Iran’s new president in June, President Hassan Rouhani expressed interest in exploring a negotiated end to the sanctions in exchange for walking back its nuclear program and verifiable inspections to ensure compliance. If Iran’s President can make good on his stated intention, we may be at a turning point in our relations with Iran of historic significance.
The agreement reached last November 25 between the world powers and Iran is a positive step forward in the diplomatic effort to roll back Iran’s nuclear program. This interim deal, which provides limited and reversible relief from sanctions for a six month period, requires Iran to eliminate its stockpile of uranium enriched to 20 percent, and freezes its 3.5 percent stockpile, while submitting to intrusive inspections. The hope is that during the next six months a final agreement can be reached to verifiably end Iran’s nuclear weapons program.
There have been calls for the Senate to continue work on a new round of sanctions that was passed by the House with my support last year. Advocates of this approach say that sanctions brought us to this point and passage of a new round of sanctions during the negotiations will improve the likelihood of success at the bargaining table. I disagree. President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry have asked for more time to test Iran’s willingness to enter into a tough and verifiable process of ending its nuclear weapons program, and I think we should give it to them.
The sanctions have succeeded in forcing Iran to the table, and a further round right now — when it has the potential to derail the negotiations — is unnecessary and may very well be counter-productive. We will know soon enough whether the Iranian regime is serious about a new direction in its nuclear program and its relationship with the West. If it is not, there will be ample opportunity to tighten the stranglehold on Iran’s economy, and further sanctions will have my full support.
I have little trust in the Iranian regime, and we will need to scrutinize Iranian behavior to ensure they do not cheat. If they do, or if at the end of six months they fail to agree on a final resolution, we must freeze all Iranian assets and ramp up even more punitive sanctions.  Iran must not mistake our resolve that it never be permitted to obtain the bomb, threaten the U.S. and Israel, and touch off a regional nuclear arms race.
No negotiation is without risk, and the Iranians’ track record is cause for great skepticism. The Administration must not accept a bad deal — and any interim agreement that provides sanctions relief must be easily and quickly reversible. But neither should the Administration be prevented from testing whether it can obtain a good deal that advances our security interests and those of our allies.
As a member of the State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee and a member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I have made nuclear nonproliferation and especially keeping Iran from gaining nuclear capabilities a top priority. We have had over a decade of war, and our troops have paid a dear price. We must do everything possible to avoid another conflict and diplomacy and sanctions on Iran offer the best hope of doing so. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind on this vital issue.
An on-going job of a Representative in Congress is to help constituents solve problems with federal agencies, access services, and get their questions answered promptly. On my website, I offer a detailed guide to the services my office can provide to you as a constituent. I also encourage you to subscribe to the Washington Update, my email newsletter, which contains information on local events, my work in Washington, and lets you weigh in on important issues through online polls. Visit me online at to subscribe and click on the “constituent services” tab to see how I can best serve you. Please know that you can always reach me at (818) 450-2900 or (323) 315-5555 or you can share your comments with me via Facebook at

Thank you again for your thoughts. I hope you will continue to share your views and ideas with me.


Adam B. Schiff
Member of Congress
February 27, 2014
If Sleepless in L.A.could introduce the Secretary of State:


“As you know, the President has stated he will veto the Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act because its passage would lead to the collapse of the negotiations and the stark choice between a nuclear Iran or a war. Without getting into whether a bombing strike to take out facilities is a war and whether Iran has been at war with us since 1979, the question for the moment is that the pro-Israel lobby and this organization has been called out for being responsible for any such consequences. Iran, of course, is listening. In light of this public position taken by the President and the Secretary of State, why would not Iran proceed toward becoming a nuclear state fully expecting this organization and its allies and Congress to be blamed for the consequences? We look forward to hearing that the Secretary has either seen the light or can enlighten us. Keeping in mind that if you have nothing nice to say, then say… nothing… as we welcome the Secretary of State of the United States.”

Sound: One hand clapping….


February 27, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
response to AIPACS request to 
embrace the bipartisan spirit
that has formed the basis of that relationship.

Please be courteous, respect all views and perspectives….

Actually, I think Kerry and Lew should be met with frigid global cooling. Dead silence.
Stand out of respect for the office when they enter — in utter, total deafening calm.
Maintained throughout. And studiedly when they leave.

The sanctions bill is at stake here.
AIPAC’s credibility is also at stake here.
Applauding those two is applauding their policies which are not just caving to Iran but openly inimical to AIPAC — and y’all know it.
The administration’s opposition to the sanctions bill is not just a death blow to stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons but is a body blow to AIPAC from which it may never recover.

This is about the history of the struggle to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Anything less than absolute resoluteness, including demonstrable displeasure expressed through overt coolness to the administration’s wrong and destructive policies will redound to AIPAC’s detriment.

They need to be made to own their own words, that passage of the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act will lead to a war that will be the fault of AIPAC and the (Jewish) pro-Israel lobby.
This is the stuff of anti-Semitism. It is utterly vile, unforgivable and cann0ot be ignored or met with feigned welcome.

We cannot stand for such treachery without betraying ourselves, our values, who we are and what we are about.


If AIPAC is going to have a future and keep its credibility, its membership needs to greet those two with dead, total, absolute silence.

That message will be the MUTE BUTTON HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. Anything less (more decibels) will be organizational suicide.

Listen to your membership on this one. We are listening to each other and to the comments of our friends.

Do not send a mixed message, a confused message, the wrong message. The message a warm message will send is that we are weak, ineffectual and no longer need to be taken seriously.

They have to know that they are neither appreciated nor feared; rather, that we will ignore their position and pursue the sanctions act until we have a veto-proof majority.
We are determined.

Their script may play in the salons of Europe but it does not sell with AIPAC’s membership.
It does not sell with Congress, and at this point, even our credibility with Congress is at stake. Congress will never forget if we back off.
And it is not selling with the American people who are dismayed at Obama-Kerry-Ashton’s romancing of Rohani and Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif.

Dead silence will be met with thunderous applause in the hearts of a frightened, dismayed, civilized public who is looking for real leadership.

So you can say, “If you cannot greet with warmth, then greet in silence.” They’ll get it.
It’s the best thing AIPAC’s leadership can do at this point if only for our own credibility and survival.


February 24, 2014
FDD’s Mark Dubowitz and Ali Alfoneh on what’s wrong with the administration’s negotiating strategy.
Dear Folks,

This article is a critical must-read. FDD, as you know, is an important leadership partner in this most critical of world issues. Lee Smith’s article is a devastating indictment of either the administration’s utter lack of any strategic vision or comprehension of the Iranian situation and Rohani’s “role” — or, worse, in my view its tacit complicity in an historic disaster. The irony is that Obama has actually strengthened Ayatollah Khameini’s hand, and, supposedly, weakened Rohani’s but that’s only if you believe that Rohani ever intended to lead Iran away from joining the nuclear club. I think few on the AIPAC board, if any, believe that bubbeh meise.

The fact is, we are at complete loggerheads strategy-wise with the administration — at a minimum. The question is whether we are ready to acknowledge and embrace this fact or are we going to finesse it out of any cognizable form?  We are, far more likely, at odds with the administration on the ultimate goal, which makes matters far worse. In that regard, in an earlier post, Michael Kassen opined that we may have to cast about for a post-nuclear Iran policy. Perhaps the least of our worries, a nuclear Iran would be a devastating blow to the credibility, effectiveness and membership participation in AIPAC. As an organization, we have to be seen as having fought in hand-to-hand combat if, G-d forbid, we end up confronted with a nuclear Iran — and it will be a never-ending confrontation, won’t it? (I add that I see nothing that is going to stop them other than an Israeli attack, and I have no more an idea of what Israel will decide than most of you do. Frankly, I would not put it past this administration to actually warn the Iranians that Israeli planes are in the air. [In so many words, they threatened to do so, demanding that Israel seek “permission” to strike Iran’s facilities. So the administration has gone from “Israel’s right of self-defense” to Israel’s “right to request permission.”] In effect, an Israeli attack would not just save America’s super power status, it would revive AIPAC’s raison d’etre at a critical juncture because we are quickly running out of rhetoric, options, and tactics — which, as discussed below, is part of Obama’s strategy anyway. Right now, the administration is on a roll: The strategy to contain Iran and maintain American hegemony in the Persian Gulf is falling apart and as a side benefit, the pro-Israel lobby is being crippled.)

The administration has to be told, politely as possible (I suppose…) but firmly and without any question, that the pending sanctions bill must not only be passed and signed if we do not have a veto-proof majority, but if it is not signed, that the outcome will not be the war that was predicted if it is passed, but a nuclear Iran without question if it does not pass. That message has to be hammered home to Harry Reid until he releases the bill for a vote. As we helped lead the “Free Soviet Jewry” movement, so must we now lead the “Free the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act from Committee” movement! (You gotta smile at that one.) Harry Reid cannot be allowed to get away with this.

So I ask you to imagine the effrontery of having to sit there and be lectured by that gas bag Secretary of State on how far we’ve come with Iran and how the pending bill would not only undo all that good work but even threaten war, and that the war would be our fault! That’s the rankest chutzpah from an administration in my lifetime. It is an aggression on the truth and on AIPAC that must not stand. I would actually support uninviting the administration to present. There is no way to send a stronger message than to let them know we are not going to be lied to, bullied, or intimidated — or, much worse, scapegoated, which is what they have the obscene effrontery to be doing. It should be made clear that it is not a partisan matter as many Democrats support our position. It is a question that we are not going to allow the administration to get away with slandering AIPAC as a war-monger nor are we going to let the real war mongers, Iran, get away with developing nukes as the admnistration clearly uninformed policy is doing.

The sides are drawn. We all know this. It is a matter of daring to engage. If we do not, it is more than our own organizational future that will be at stake. Obama has targeted AIPAC for virtual destruction. So far, he is on schedule. Will we be passive observers to our own demolition? He has slandered us by accusing us being held responsible for any military action, which he describes as “war”. His rhetoric in this regard is calculatedly overblown. He is appealing to hysteria. This is the rhetoric of a demogogue. He has, in one sentence, surrendered any claim to “All options are on the table”. (That was always his own taqqiyah, so to speak, which is Arabic for the Islamic practice of deception.) He has raised the ante. It is more than a matter of our simply supporting immediate passage of the bill. It is a matter of strategy: Supporting passage of the bill and openly criticizing what has been worse than a strategic miscalculation. It is a cynical strategy of retreat masked over by a cunard against the opponents of retreat coupled by an non-credible denial that it is a retreat at all. Our CIC has surrendered to the Ayatollahs and declared war on AIPAC — and the “Jewish lobby.” His comments even echo historically freighted anti-Semitic slurs. Let’s not fool ourselves. That man has overstepped all bounds of reason and decency in what is now a crisis. Our conversations on Capitol Hill must be the toughest and frankest we have ever had. Hold outs must be given a stark choice: They must confront their role at a historic moment. But first, so must we.

Re-read that previous paragraph.  I ask you to pass this out to the board members.
America, Israel, AIPAC — civilization –we are all at stake here and it is time to rise to the occasion.  There can be no “Sunshine Patriots”* here.

February 24, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.

I have to disagree with the column on a key point:  Rouhani is not the problem.  Khameini is not the problem.  Their position, their point is very clear:  They want nukes and they loathe us and they seek our destruction.  Their intent is very clear.  I have no problem with that.  It is naive to describe them as problematic at this point.  The only ones being fooled is us and by our own government.  I have a much bigger problem with a government that is not supposed to lie but does so anyway than one that is expected to lie and we all know it.

In supporting passage of the pending Iranian sanctions bill, it is not merely a matter of urging that Iran be stopped from becoming a nuclear state. It is more a matter of stopping the administration from stopping the Stop Iran Movement!  The target is not so much Iran as it is our own U.S. administration.We know how to deal with Iran.  Economy busting sanctions until there is a counter revolution or just get it over with and bomb their nuclear and missile facilities already..

We all know what the options are.  The problem is our own government that is loathe to implement either one because it is eager not to worry about Iran.  It believes, it has always believed, that a nulcear Iran can be “contained.”  “Containment is not an option” really means that it is definitely the outcome we have always been heading toward.  Not an option to pick from but the inevitable end game — at least of this phase.  It is simply a matter of parsing what the term “option” means in the context of a nuclear Iran:  It isn’t optionable, it is expected, and worse, embraced.

Why does Obama claim that a sanctions bill would leave war as the only option?  Because a serious sanctions bills would call the bluff both he and his administration have been playing out — right along with the Iranian regime.  They have been in on this one together since before Obama was elected.  We are finally getting to the end game is all.  Obama has had his own agenda with Iran just as much as he has had his own agenda with Israel and the Palestinians, with Iraq, with Afghanistan.

There is a very serious problem with a so-called Commander in Chief who lies to the nation, not just AIPAC.  The problem is a so-called CIC who believes that we are the problem.  That makes him the problem, not America and not even Iran.  Obama never had the slightest intention of taking serious measures to stop Iran, not early and tough sanctions, not bringing the internal situation to the point of a counter revolution.

Obama very obviously believes that this is the “Post-America World,” and the natural hegemon of the Persian Gulf is Iran, not the U.S. Navy.  The fact is that the day Iran is nuclear, the U.S., quite simply, is rendered a super power in name only.  The quinteseential defining point of American super power status is hegemony over the global energy transportation chokepoint, the Straights of Hormuz.  That becomes a debatable proposition the day Iran goes from its present nuclear threshold state to actual nuclear power status.Obama is out to castrate U.S. power including reducing U.S. forces down to the level they were prior to WW2.  (Yes, that’s a fact, not speculation and technology cannot adequately close the resulting gap.)

AIPAC has a unique problem:  It does not simply have to deal with a president who has an inimical attitude towards Israel.  It has to deal with a president whose “doctrine” — the actual Obama Doctrine — is to facilitate America’s not-so-soft fall from its super power status.  He is leading a global withdrawal hoping that all the careening and crashing will not be too overtly noticeable — at least not reported on by his dutifully slavishly ever-adoring press.  (Yes, there are a few protests lately, but not enough to call it a sea change.)

AIPAC’s leadership needs to contemplate the depth of the country’s plunge into a historical abyss, its calculated forfeiture of leadership, its withdrawal from any role in shaping world events.

The Ukraine’s civil insurrection is historic.  What will not be said or written of these days is that the U.S. stood strongly with the country’s people.  The U.S. will be remembered for a mamby pamby, whiny expression of concern over violence.  There was not a single utterance of stirring rhetoric that a people abused unspeakably by Stalin, subjugated by the Tzars and the Commissars must finally  be free.  Just a handwringing “Children, play nice.”

But this administration does not play nice with Israel.  It ignores the depraved hatred of the Palestinians.  For that matter, it ignores the depravity of the Iranian regime.  Despite the fact that state murders have doubled since Rouhani came to his post — I won’t call it a coming to power — the administration has said nothing.  The horror, the tragedy, the evil of the judicial murder of the poet Hashem Shaabani was met with nary a word from this cringing, paraplegic administration.  Obama coos like Golum in Lord of the Rings, hissing obsessive praise on his “Pretty,” his Rouhani, the Lord of Iranian Politics saving the Obama’s day.  The Secretary of State plays cheerleader.  Yes, “tough diplomacy” he drones — insipidly.

No one believes this crap anymore.  Not if they are not B-HO droogs, dragging themselves over every word as if it were a test like walking over hot coals or glass. 

So AIPAC has a problem.

AIPAC needs to challenge this garbage administration to redeem its credibility because it has none.  The polls even say so at this point.  Obama has not hesitated to take to task maliciously and viciously AIPAC and members of Congress concerned about Iran’s nuclear progress and the collapse of the regime’s regimen. 

It is not just the credibility of AIPAC that is at stake or some of its more ideologically, if not personally, committed and confused board members.  The credibility of the United States itself is just about bankrupt.  If I were a rating agency, politically I’d give the U.S. a CCC-.  We are junk bond status.  And a nuclear Iran will light its hookahs with those junk bonds.

February 13, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
A European Boycott of Israel?

Yes, as thorough as the Nuremberg laws.  Some things never change.
Not that I want to distract one iota from the Iran crisis — I do see it as a crisis —
but I believe there are U.S. anti-boycott laws pertaining to Israel from the
heyday of the Arab Boycott years.
It would be a worthy goal to have AIPAC seeking Congressional legislation to
employ the anti-boycott laws to this latest economic warfare. I do not believe
that the Europeans would hold up for a day to U.S. countermeasures.
So much for their bully pulpit. The problem, of course, is that Kerry (Obama)
would lose his (their) prime cudgel against Israel, but they would not dare to
reveal this hand.
Or would they? Would they object that this undermines our
“anti-nuclear Iran” solidarity
— whatever’s left of it?
A European Boycott of Israel?
Middle East Quarterly by Steven J. Rosen, Spring 2014

February 11, 2014
Daniel Greenfield: The Little Israel Lobby That Couldn’t: AIPAC chokes again
Sleepless in L.A. to AIPAC
 Daniel Greenfield’s letter below:

And this is just the start of what is going to be an avalanche. When Horowitz and Greenfield are taking pot shots, we know we’re in trouble.

Granted that there is a lot of room for rebuttal of Greenberg citing other successes, PERCEPTION is the issue here and the sanctions issue has created
a perception issue. This is just too big a collapse of a lobbying effort not to be damaging.

The Syria ploy by Obama was bad enough. That was one huge defeat. When Obama saw that AIPAC couldn’t change anything, he went in for the kill.
He’s succeeding. If we don’t fight back, we’re crippled.

For what it’s worth, I play some chess and even some go. I try to think strategically as well as tactically.
I over the years, I maneuvered a one-man show into a 250-employee company.
I know something about marketing and fighting for market share and such.
Obama was just kicked out of the Walmart of political action and now even the boutiques are taking shots.

No, don’t take on Obama. Don’t take on THE DEMOCRATS per se.

Call it a “Targeted Strike.” First, my fellow Jews, TARGET THE JEWS, those six turncoat senators.
At the same time, target Harry Reid.
Now that’s a strategy. It will end up Obama who will need to keep his head down. Remember, he’s down in the polls, his foreign policy rating
has tanked and his handling of Iran is at the bottom of the Persian Gulf. With each ad targeting a senator, Obama takes another hit as well — but indirectly.

Ads: Each state with a Jewish senator. By name. Senator Shumer. Senator Boxer. In this case, Senator Feinstein. And keep going.
Nationally with Harry Reid. “Stop your opposition. Bring it up for a vote.” And pressure him to vote yes.
They’ll be risking a clean sweep against the Democrats in November in NV. It could hurt them een in Las Vegas.

After some VO narration and a quick clip of Rouhani about how Iran’s gotten all and given nothing…
Image: Poll #s (with VO) of % of Americans who don’t like this deal and want to stop Iran. And support sanctions.
“It’s not just about Israel. It’s about security. It’s about the region. It’s about civilization….IT’S ABOUT AMERICA!”
Images: The mobs with their “Death to America” signs, parading missiles, the centrifuges, The IRGC marching like Nazis.

“The sanctions were working. Bill XXXX will bring down the toughest sanctions ever if Iran does not cooperate.
Telling Iran it must cooperate or suffer sanctions does not cause a war. It is a strong message that Iran will not be allowed to threaten NUCLEAR WAR. |
No Iranian nukes threatening us. No Ayatollah nukes threatening our friends. No kidnappers of a hundred American diplomats are going to get nukes.
Iran supplied the improvised explosive devices to terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan that wounded and killed thousands of American and allied soldiers.
Iran must not get a fleet of ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear bombs.”
IMAGE: Friends throughout region.

“The alternative is the nightmare of nuclear proliferation throughout the entire Middle East.”
Image: Map of mushroom clouds over any potential nuclear state.

“Call Senator ____. Our futures depend on it.”
(?Use the LBJ thing and a picture of some kids????)

Make it PERSONAL. It’s not about Democrats. It’s about THEIR senator. It’s about Harry Reid.
How many people are not Harry fans anyway? Not everyone is wild about Harry, you know.

AIPAC, Israel and America need to win this one. Putting this off will break us.
It will break every egg I can think of and it won’t make an omelet.
It’ll make an Iranian nuclear stockpile with missiles.

I make the following predictions: If Iran gets nukes:
1. America will be a superpower in name only.
2. AIPAC will shrink and will be reduced to what? More money for missile defense? What will be able to say or do?
Give $5,000 or more or less to accomplish…what’s left? We lost.

And another ad: “The so called Joint Action Plan did not even consider the ballistic missile — the coming INTERNATIONAL BALLISTIC MISSILE
— threat either. What kind of security negotiation is that? Tell your Senator ___ that they are not doing their job. They must vote for Bill XXXX.

When I called Boxer and Feinstein’s offices, the voices of the staff were nervous. They were feeling the heat. Then AIPAC backed off. NOT GOOD!

Which leads to one last thing: The decision to “put off” pushing for passage of the bill was not done in concert with consulting membership.

Back to the drawing board. This is a major screw up to fix.

“Reassuring” me is not going to fix a thing. AIPAC now has a big problem. Both perception and real. Very, very real.

Daniel Greenfield’s article


February 10, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
French Jews Migrate To Israel Citing Rising Anti-Semitism
I predicted its inevitability years ago.
Jewish children are now being attacked by Muslim “kids” in France.
Teachers are attacked by Muslim “kids” if they “dare” teach about the Shoa.
Jews have been beaten up in the street, being ganged up on, of course.
This is why there’s an Israel. We don’t have to put up with this abuse anymore.
The Europeans will never protect the Jews. The Europeans will never “upset” their Muslims by enforcing laws against violence when the victim is a Jew.
The Europeans will never enforce their hate speech laws when the violator is a Muslim fanatic calling for mass Jewish death — as happened recently in France, but it was a mob in the thousands, not just some lone nut. The Long March out of the European Cemetery for Jews is finally beginning — after 2,000 years.
Europe will, eventually, be Judenrein.
It will be piece by piece. Jew by Jew. Country by country. But it is inevitable.
Even if it takes 50 years, it will happen. The next generation of Europe will hate the Jews exponentially more than the present generation. And the one after that will be even worse. Europe is changing for the worse. Well, except in its hatred of Jews. That just had a hiatus. It never really changed. Europe’s oldest hate is back and growing. The “shock” over the Shoa is dissipating. The truth is that Europe will never forgive the Jews for the Holocaust. So it’s o.k. to hate Jews again. They’ll call it anti-Zionism, but when they beat up a Yid on the street, we know what it really is. European Churches like the spiritually polluted and intellectually corrupted English Methodist Church don’t call us “Christ Killers” anymore. They’ve gotten sophisticated. They call it “pro-Palestiniian” or even “anti-Zionist.” The stupid, bloody bastards should stop pretending they’re fooling anyone because they haven’t really changed one whit. England has always, in its heart of hearts, felt the Jews were to be disdained because they just didn’t belong. Not really. Kicked us out. Allowed us back. But the 1939 White Paper on Palestine and the closure of the only escape from death says all we really need to know about not-so Great Britain. Picture a Blue Blood peering disdainfully at a Yorkshire gamekeeper or a washer woman with a ‘Puddlian accent — or whatever those snots do when the snit someone. That’s how they feel about Jews. Some character in the parliament in Hungary proposed that the country should register its Jews. I don’t need to catalogue it. The bottom line is that some will call for BDS against Israel, some will march in the streets calling for Jewish blood as they “hide” amongst the deranged fundamentalist Muslims with signs reading “Bring back the ovens”. Some will be more “civilized” and support academic boycotts. Or that piece of leftist, Jew-hating filth, the “Guardian” will “painfully” decide that Israel’s right to exist has (somehow) been forfeited. (It’s really hard sometimes to just be disgusted and angry and not really hate Europe.) In the end, it’s all just another version of the Nuremberg Laws, isn’t it? Cut the Jews from the herd, demonize them, and it goes from there. Ask the French fellow who was kidnapped and tortured to death by — guess who. Dayenu. Enough is enough.Am Yisrael Chai! And to hell with Europe at last — even if slowly.After WW1, the pogroms murdered 500,000 Jews. For some reason, it’s barely known. It was equivalent to what that Cossack Chmelnicki did to the Polish Jews in 1648.
It was the warm up to Hitler — and his willing executioners…all over Europe. Time to say “Good bye.” And: “Shalom!” After all, it means peace. Even if they have to fight for it, it’s peace to the sense of dignity and place. It’s existential. They’re going home. The final chapter in the European Diaspora will be written over the next two generations.
February 9, 2014
Sleepless in L.A. after reading Caroline Glick
Iran either has a bomb already or is about to get one.
And, having been abandoned by the White House, we face this threat alone.
Yes, Israel has been betrayed.  But so has the United States.  Our rotten leaders are not our country.  They’ve just sought to ruin it is all.
I am beginning to understand why a good number of people — Jews in particular — committed suicide after Hitler came to power or invaded their country.  After all, Hitler was just the Nazi version of “Hope and Change,” “Fundamental Change”.  After seeing its effects for the last five years, I’m beginning to understand how utterly demoralizing a political situation can be.  We are witnessing a global catastrophe and the onset of a sort of domestic dementia.  Civilization is important for another reason:  It’s what keeps civilized people from going insane.
I saw “The Monuments Men” tonight, a movie about a team of Americans who sought to save Europe’s art from Hitler.  It was really about saving civilization from the barbarians.  So is Caroline Glick’s article below.  She thinks we’re too late.  I tend to agree.
Frankly, I despair of any hope for the future of civilization, real civilization, a civilization of advancement, improvement, further ennoblement.  We are in a process of monumental self-destruction.  Iran was simply allowed the freedom to build the nuclear arsenal its thoroughly evil ayatollahs will soon enough — all to soon — possess.  It did not have to be that way.  England and France — and even America — did not have to let Hitler build his war and death machine, but they all did.  And we’re doing it again and for the same reasons:  Cowardice and apathy.  In the end in the 1940s, civilization could defend itself and fight back.  However, I do not believe that what are supposed to be today’s citadels of Western Civilization any longer have that spare capacity.  When the Monuments Men saved the treasures of civilization, millions knew what it meant.  Today, millions do not know a damned thing.  They don’t want to know.  The twerps would rather watch a twerk.
So we went from the jitterbug — to the twerk.   Nice work.  If you can get it.  But that’s another lost story of “Hope and Change,” isn’t it? 
When the Empire of Japan attacked America, they hit a country that jitterbugged.  “Whatever where they thinking?” I ask.  “How could they ever think they could defeat a people whose energy was expressed in such a spectacular manner, dancing the jitterbug?”  Our au current twerkers have been obligingly presenting their neo-collectivist/statist, “fundamentally changed” asses for one kick after another from Iran, Hizbollah, North Korea, Russia-Putin, an increasingly menacing China, al-Qaeda and their minions, free lance terrorists, anti-Israel BDSers, anti-capitalists, anti-1%ers, narcoterrorists, Venezuela, the Muslim Brotherhood, out-of-control trial lawyers, out-of-control regulators, a useless Congress, a voracious White House, a duplicitous and cowardly State Department, a cynically destructive UN, an increasingly bizarre  (and manipulative and deceitful) European Union — and to just any other external or internal threat to sanity and decency that wants to take another easy, cheap shot at the once leader of the Western World.  Gulliver has been duly trussed, gagged, bound and delivered.  Unbelievably, this time, Gulliver’s gullibility is mostly a self-inflicted wound. 
One egregious wound was when President Obama recently announced that passage of a sanctions bill that would come into effect only if Iran cheated on the (so far elusive) final agreement (where nothing is agreed until everything is agreed….) would lead to a war — and that supporters of its passage — such as AIPAC and the “Jewish lobby” — would be to blame for this war.  (I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.)  Which evidences why I don’t think Obama ever intended to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power.  I think Obama wanted to yank the ground out from under Israel and domestically rip the guts out of the pro-Israel lobby.  Excuse me, disembowel the Jewish lobby.  I mean, eviscerate….  No nice way to put it.  He has succeeded spectacularly well, hasn’t he?  The recent attempt to maintain a sanctions threat over the head of Iran has been successfully defeated.  It won’t even come up for a vote.  The majority of the Democrats demurred to their “Leader-from-Behind-in Chief” and AIPAC was forced to “pause” in its advocacy for a bill that did not more than threaten sanctions if Iran dealt in bad faith.  Meanwhile, the Iranians are boasting that the sanctions are gone and they get to keep enriching uranium into fissile form U235.  It makes me wonder who is really in bad faith here.
Certainly, the Iranians have kept faith with themselves.  I wish I could say the same for the so-called West.  Think of a nuclear Iran as the coup de grace to the role of the world’s former policeman — to the one power that gave a damn about decency and order and rights and all that stuff of civilization.  It’s hard to tell, actually, if this is a not-depleted uranium shell in the back of the head or we’re just falling on our own sword.  If the difference matters.
In a not-unrelated incident, UCLA is helping to finish the job of finishing off Western Civilization.  UCLA’s English Department “junior faculty — very junior “faculty” — had a successful infant terrible tantrum and the department no longer requires a quarter each of Chaucer and Milton and two of Shakespeare, who, after all, was white, male, and “part of Empire.”  Instead, the hapless undergrads must study three quarters worth of the angry polemics of race-gender-class Identity Politics “critical theory” hacks.  From the department’s new, hyperbolically politicized list, only one class, creative writing, has anything to do with English literature.  I fear, however, it will be only the most PC screeds that will earn a top grade.  They may as well start their New School classes with a chorus of “The Future Belongs to Us” — but there’s hardly a one of the ignorant little bastards who would know what the song title refers to.  Worse, they would believe it.  Worse yet, they may be right.
There’s no need for me to commit suicide when there is so much of it going on around me.  I just wish I could change the channel.  Instead, dear reader, read on.
Sleepless in L.A.

February 9, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.’s response to AIPAC
PM Netanyahu Will Speak Live at AIPAC Policy Conference

Given the success Iran has had — and all the help it’s received from the P5+1 — I guess Bibi is about the best we can do these days.
The P5+1 formula should be modified: P5+1 = None? Or, P5+1 = Iranium 235?Since the PM will be in WDC, he’ll be obliged to see BHO. The Bibi and BHO Show! It’s actually a No Show. Or should be one….
Actually, Bibi may as well fly in, speak to the AIPAC crowd and fly right out.
That would send a message. Sort of like having to walk past the White House trash cans.I see no value in the PM’s visit.
Obama wanted to break the “Jewish lobby” and he’s succeeded. Bibi’s visiting him would only be an exercise in dhimmitude.
It’s going to be a further humiliation. Obama will say “No” to everything and anything of substance.I would rather the PM had a last minute “schedule problem”, addressed us by satellite, and skipped the White House Tour.
It’s going to be bullshit and that’s not good. Call it the Prime Minister version of the Diplomatic Flu. They’ll get it on Pennsylvania Avenue. And they won’t care — either way.I presume that we’ll get Kerry sent to us. We’ll get a blast of gibberish about backing Israel “But the settlements….” and “tough diplomacy” with Iran….and s-n-o-r-e. (Wake me up when the nukes go off.)
Or they could even send Hagel to finagle some B.S.: We have Israel’s back! Something about weapons, of course…. Everything but actually ending the Iranian nuclear threat.
Or they could be really brazen and the B-HO himself could come and lecture us about not “blowing it” with Iran with a bill that promised sanctions for non-compliance. Uh-huh. Got it!Are you having any sessions on post-Apocalypse nuclear Iran? Not useful in the circumstances but informative in a depressing sort of way. It’d be sort of like Concentration Camp art. Instructive, in a horrifying way.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is Confirmed to Speak at the 2014 AIPAC Policy Conference!
January 25, 2014
Sleepless in L.A. writes a poem in honor of Kipling
It’s an age of lies and plunder. Kipling’s poem, “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”?


Up the Empire!
Of Kipling and its lingo,
A ruddy Hip Hooray!
And all that that burden he would have us brutefully bear
to e’er bear witness to truths our post-modern erudites dilute.

They reek their ire, their national friar declaiming
“All is dire. Be restored by revolutionary aspire!
Let The People be the triers when you (dare) call me ‘Liar’
(and we sell by guile)
We can spread the wealth you’ve piled.”

They ply by welfare
plea class warfare
teach classification by group identification.
Promise New Wealth
“Without their wicked avarice,
those Unfair Squires who dare to acquire.”
(Build a drab, and seamless sameness enforced by regulation, tithe and decree.)

It has become a gyre,
a civilizational funeral pyre.
The flames of resentment ascending;
the nobility of striving and deeds descending.
Envious “Fairness” demeans what’s so fair;
Thus devious “Fair” comes to fear and thus fair unspared,
And I unfardled yet fouler bear.

My empire! My empire! My empire!
For a well-spoken tongue, some distinguished mannered groom.
Wed me again to a play of manners not staged in Sartre’s gloomiest room,
belief in monuments,
distracted evening interludes,
politesse and solicitude.
I fear the annihilation of the lowest common denominator,
The anschluss of zero sum societal wrought
by those of superficial notoriety
and their throngs too, too enthralled
to accumulated cultural sobriety.

January 21, 2014
Sleepless in L.A. responds to UNESCO cancelling a Cultural Exhibit
on Jewish Ties to the 
Holy Land.
The English Methodist Church BDS project revives this disgraceful history
of Jew hatred, slander and libel.
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153) wrote “Hell is full of good intentions or desires,” which later morphed into the proverbial paved with goodness road to perdition.  So it seems that your Most Divinely Enlightened Sacred Institution is afflicted with the same historical plague as UNESCO — and UNRWA, for that matter.
Coming from a tradition that condemns Jews as Christ killers who first sold him out for silver, you would now use your disdain of Jewish avarice as a tool to punish the Jews once and for all — to boycott, divest from and sanction the reestablished Jewish state.  After all, it’s about time they paid for that 40 shekels of silver, isn’t it?  You and your institution have the comfort of knowing that BDS is manifesting in another form at that other institution of sanctimonious hypocrisy, the UN:  The world’s putative cultural institution is now boycotting and divesting itself of Jewish history in its own homeland.
Is there no end to your ingenuity?  Well, apparently not.  Because a BDS program of UNRWA, if anything, would stop incentivizing the “Palestinians” to maintain their absolute rejectionism.  If defunding UNRWA’s never-ending facilitation of Arab churlishness, then perhaps those consider themselves the enlightened Western elite might themselves be compelled to confront the reality that Israel has for the past 100 years.  Then, you could at least claim intellectual clarity and consistency:  Either own up openly to your double standard and intense disdain for Jews and the Jewish state or recognize that the only beacon of virtue and civilized values in that G-d forsaken region is Israel.
Your assignment, therefore, is to sit right down and write a letter to Ban Ki Moon:  Do you congratulate him and UNESCO on this suppression of Jewish culture and history by knuckling under to Arab cultural chauvinism and bigotry or do you have the courage to denounce this latest act of bigotry, cowardice and hypocrisy by the UN.
I will bet that you and your Most Enlightened English Methodist Church will no more write the UN General Secretary than you will respond to this email.  After all, a foolish consistency is a key ingredient to passive aggressive pathology.  But keep trying to make people miserable — starting with Jesus!  — oh ye who hath no shame.

January 17, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.’s  response to Alan Mendoza of Henry Jackson Society

Counterpoint – The HJS Editorial: “The Importance of Mavericks in the Middle East”, From the Director’s Desk & 2014 Global Dangers

I supported the Gaza withdrawal and still do.  In fact, I wrote well before the withdrawal occurred that it should be done.
I have long believed in Israel unilaterally imposing various “lines of demarcation.” 
The withdrawal resulted in a number of critical events:  The Hamas-Fatah war; the on-and-off rocket assaults; the tunneling to bring in rocket materiel; the tunneling into Israel for kidnap and terror; the Hamas dictatorship; the inability of Gaza and the “West Bank” to reconcile — and hence complicating any settlement with the dangerously brooding and sullen Fatah.
Despite the contrived argument that Israel maintains an illegal occupation and blockade on Gaza, Israel ultimately has the high ground in the factual, strategic, moral and historic argument from having withdrawn from Gaza.  It was inevitable that Egypt would need to take responsibility for the Philadelphia Corridor of Gaza’s sole SE border with Egypt including with the tunneling, particularly because of the impact on the security of and the infiltration of radical politics into the Sinai, which Sisi most assertively has.
It was actually Mubarak’s irresponsible failure to secure the P. Corridor that allowed Israel to be so readily, even if falsely, condemned as an “ongoing occupier” of Gaza.  But Mubarak’s malicious failure to closely supervise his country’s border with Gaza has caused Egypt serious long term problems.  Now, with Sisi and the army in control, Egypt has clamped down on Hamas’s mischief that it has become virtually impossible to criticize Israel over Gaza any longer.  Most dramatically, Sisi’s new half-kilometer security swath cutting the full length of the P. Corridor, which necessitated the bulldozing of numerous homes and business structures, could never have been done by Israel.  Having been done by Egypt, “the world” — which is mostly just an endlessly blathering Europe — is silent. 
The bloody swamp of Syrian civil war has also muted the critics for the most part, but the new Egyptian stance has been a game changer.    I do not think Sharon would at all have been surprised at the recent turn of events.  Indeed, I think he knew that his withdrawal from the Gaza would ultimately force the Egyptian hand to be played in the manner it has.  As far as the Philadelphia Corridor is concerned, it is status quo ante pre-1967 when Egypt completely controlled Gaza.  Sharon would have known that the cycle would replay.  The terror against Israel can never be contained.  It needed the tunnel line to Egypt which would spread it to Egypt and Egypt had to react.  Sharon was a true strategic thinker.  Barring an embrace of peaceful possession of the premises after Israel withdrew from Gaza, his legacy is still being played out today as he would have wanted it to be.
January 7, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.
“The Sunni-Shiite Divide Widens”
article by J. Millard Burr published in the ACD blog (American Center for Democracy)
This is horrific to contemplate. Obama’s deliberately reckless abandonment of Iraq has set the stage for a loss of Iraq to Iran with enormous potential implications. At this rate, three more years of this will have lasting and terrible historic consequences. Indeed, the damage so far is bad enough. I am resolute in my view that the situation is not “smart power” nor “managed decline.” These are deliberate policies to render America not just impotent, but the world and Western civilization at the mercy of the agents of destruction. This country is run by a “progressive” — an inapt use of the term — gang, seeped in radical left “critical theory,” who believe we are a corrupt society that must be “reintegrated” into a “new sociology” where “the system serves the People.” The People, of course, are anything that is not White, not male, not American, not capitalist, and heterosexual only to the extent that it is ever-apologetic to feminism and minority gender orientations — and any other victim class yet to be discovered. This is an end of history process: Redistribution of wealth and power. It is Marx rewritten in all-but incomprehensible critical theory analysis prose. Let us call it “post-comprehendible” — and pseudointellectual drivel. The more painfully obscure the text, the more “brilliant” the “analysis.” It makes sense only in the sense that this is the dawning of the end of the world as we knew it. Not with technological pyrotechnics and the continuous emergence of populations out of poverty and ignorance and illiteracy. Rather, it is the biosocial opiate Collectivism, that we shall be seduced into a warm, undulating mass of Entitleds. And no, Neil Young, this is nothing to boast and sing of, this end of a familiar world. Isaiah 3:26: “The gates of Zion will lament and mourn; destitute, she will sit on the ground.” I hate to seem so bleak, but I was just debriefed by Secretary of State Kerry. He revealed his latest greatest successes in dealing with Iran’s nuclear project — and peace for our time, of course, between Israel and their immediate neighbors. After that, I attended a tax enhancement planning session headed by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew. Remember him? It conflicted with a meeting planned for Secretary of Defense Hagel but since the last wave of military resignations, I assumed it couldn’t have covered anything important. Besides, I believe Secretary of State Kerry has all that covered right now. Right?

November 29, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
I never thought I’d find myself commiserating with the Saudis, but they too have been lied to to their faces.

John Hannah on the Saudi perspective on the Iran deal — very worth reading.
One result of a robust Iran strategy could be a quid pro quo with Saudi Arabia to crack down on funding jihadis.  Instead, we have only given them cause to deeply mistrust us.
Read literally, his first paragraph is a bit over the top.  I’d really hate to see a nuclear Saudi Arabia, but I still worry more about the Iraniums.  He’s alluding, of course, to morphing the Sunni-Shia schism into a nuclear abyss, but he could have conveyed his dread over a nuclear Saudi Arabia with a bit more precision.
His next scenario, nuclearization of the Sunni-Shia conflict conjures our Ultra Blade Runner future — the set moved from L.A. to Teheran, Riyad and other theocratic bleakwaters — with jihadist nuclear technicians as the replicants. 
Obamites are a political animal with a particularly small mind and optically challenged view of the world as opposed to an Obamaite, which would be a troglodyte fan of an Obamite, both grown in the academic caverns of the left wing using the spines of Saul Alinsky tractates as growth media and soil bed.  They are often interchangeable and have a symbiotic relationship.
The Obamaites see the world as one they must “fundamentally change.”  The Obamites, having already been transformed into Borg-like droogs — if not wholly engulfed capsids — see the raison d’etre of their political self to be part of this greater Self(lessness).  They are subsumed into the molasses of Identity Politics. 
Consequently, they are all incapable of seeing the threat to civilization’s future from their program because they believe that the present civilizational arrangements are fundamentally flawed.  Why be concerned of the consequences of “fundamental change” if fundamental change is your raison d’etre?  It begs the question:  Is post-Fundamental Change a meaningful concept other than a rote attribution to the “necessity” for The Change?  If it seems chaotic, dangerous and even disastrous, that’s only a consequence of the pre-Change unfairness.  To somehow argue that a nuclearized Sunni-Shia conflict is a disaster demonstrates that you do not understand that that form of the confrontation came about because of the irreconcilable conflicts of the Pre-Change World.  What seems like an unacceptable existential threat to you is really the logical consequence of previous colonial, imperialist and corporate-government-military contrivances.  When you understand Change, you’ll understand the fundamental changes you have to make in your own life as well.
Sorry for the metaphorical fractals, but fear of uncontained nuclear fission tends to uncenter me.
November 29, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
“Hey, Jews!  Go charge Capitol Hill.”
When Kerry decried the Syrian gas attacks and B-HO was all het up about it, B-HO called in American Jewish leaders and asked them to lobby — charge, so to speak — Capitol Hill to rally congressional support for a resolution supporting retaliatory military action against Syria for using CWs.  The Jewish community was split on this for multiple reasons which we don’t need to go into here.  But AIPAC and others did as requested:  CHARGED up Capitol Hill — and pissed off some of the membership of the different groups.  But Congress was split and the U.S. population and there was the whole Kerry thing with clearing out the CWs and then Putin, and you know the rest.
The point is:  B-HO says, “Hey, Jews!  Go charge Capitol Hill.”
O.K. got the point. 
And then?  Oh boy….
Along comes this totally f**ked up Iran deal.  Jewish organizations are mostly super upset because Iran really gave up little to nothing and got a lot and the nuclear threat is still very much in place.  So they start going to Capitol Hill and find members who are totally freaked out.  Both parties.  They mostly denounce the so-called deal.  In the meantime, they remain one month from assembling their first bomb if they want.  A second in another month.  That’s with present U235 stocks.  Under the deal, it would take another 6 months to make enough U235 for another bomb, but they still get to spin away.  Without the deal, they can make a bomb every 2 months.  Under the deal, they supposedly dilute some of the material.  It would take 2 weeks to reconcentrate it anyway.  Great bargain, huh? 
B-HO calls the Jews in again.  It starts….
He tells them that the Jewish community, Jewish groups, should not be “pressuring Congress” to oppose the deal, or pressure Iran, and that if the deal falls apart because of Jewish pressure on Congress, they would be blame.  Words to that effect.
Classic anti-Semitism.
And it gets worse!
B-HO calls in Representatives and Senators, who, remember, are totally tweaked all on their own anyway.  B-HO tells them that they should not allow themselves to be pressured by the Jewish groups because it could cause the deal to fall apart.
So when he tells us to “Snap sh*t” and go to Capitol Hill, we have to go.
When he says stay away from Capitol Hill, we’re interfering, we have to do what he says.
And Congress should learn not to be told what to do by Jews.
 Classic anti-Semitism aside, does that SOB think he’s a European potentate who owns “his Jews”?
Who the f**k does he think he is?
Unbelievable!  Along with the unforgivable “Iranium” deal.
The situation is terrible and keeps worsening.
The analyses — professional analyses by real experts — I’ve read are all bad.
The “best” scenario is that a “final resolution” “could be” found in six months.
Yeah.  Right. 
In the meantime, Iran is already putting out its own “version” of what the “deal” is….  First, that the U.S. has recognized “Iran’s right to enrich uranium.”  They are basically saying what we are calling an “interim” agreement is actually the final resolution and there’s nothing more to talk about. Why?  Because the sanctions are coming off — thanks, B-HO — and Iran knows they’ll never come back the same way again.
Obama, in the meantime, seems to have threatened Israel not to attack without U.S. permission. 
This is after years of saying “Israel has a right of self-defense.”    He said this repeatedly during his visit to Israel.
Did he really mean it though? 
Not with the last statement about Israel “needing permission” which was made worse when he said that Israel would have to fly over “sensitive U.S. radar installations to get to Iran,” clearly implying that the U.S. would notify Iran of a coming Israeli attack if not even intercept the Israeli jets or worse.
If Israel’s needs U.S. permission to move against Iran’s nuclear/missile facilities, then that is not a “right”, is it?
The liar does lie.


November 21, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
More on the The U.S. and Russia Are Triangulating Israel Not to Bomb Iran

The obvious determination of the U.S. to sign a deal with Iran — virtually any deal — bespeaks of a world colossus that has become a shadow of its former self, mostly due to lack of will, a lack of will — on the part of the leadership — that is transforming in the population into a loss of will. Iran’s determination to obtain a nuclear arsenal on missile launchers is far greater than the Western leaders’ collective will to stop them. When that day dawns, that day will sunset on an America that is no longer a superpower. The defining placement of superpower status is the Persian Gulf. It is the world’s geopolitical throne room. When the U.S. is evicted from this chamber, the rightful king will have been banished from the world stage. The global populace will be subject to the whims of a usurper whose ambitions for its theocratic absolutism is well-wedded to its capacity for reeking evil.

Ironically, a bombing attack by Israel will set back Iran sufficiently such that if harsh economic sanctions are also maintained, the Iranian regime could well fall.  It is a serious question whether even that brutal regime could survive both a catastrophic  loss of its trophy nuclear bomb enterprise coupled with devastating sanctions.  In that scenario, Israel will have played the roles of both grand vizier and praetorian guard to the king, saving the unsteady royal’s shaky throne.  In this approaching season of Purim, Israel would be Mordecai and the Shushan guard, saving a foolish and feckless King Ahasuerus from his own folly.  A bit convoluted, as it is Obama who is Ahasuerus and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini who is wicked, wicked Haman in a surreal regional replay where there are players but no real country.  But in the real world, it would be (not so) little Israel that would be saving the giant but timorous America from itself — in the end, the alternative consummation devoutly to be wished.

First, an update on Syria “surrendering” its CWs as evidence of the viability of the idea of Iran compromising on its nuclear program.
While the new CW (as in Common Wisdom before it meant Chemical Weapons) on Syria’s CWs is that the destruction of (so far a handful) delivery devices and not-so-deadly non-nerve agents signals the good will and possibility — if not probability! — of a New Deal with Iran, the redistribution of the nuclear “wealth”, common sense would seem to dictate otherwise.  Syria is “sacrificing” an uncertain amount of its CW weapons and related production and delivery facilities to make it appear that further negotiations with Iran will somehow yield a desirable outcome.  In fact, the ongoing “Syria Process” is simply in place, as far as Iran is concerned, to buy Iran more time, and Assad’s cooperation with the U.S. and Russia is no more than his doing Iran’s bidding.

November 18, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Syria More Dangerous Every Day; “Destroying” Chem Weapons

Money?  I propose taking the $1 billion or so needed to destroy the weapons — presuming an acceptable site can be found for carrying out the “decommissioning” — out of our annual proceeds to the UN.  It would be a far better use of the funds than anything that black hole of vanity, corruption and hypocrisy would ever apply it to.
Where?  That’s a good one.  By rights, it should be in Syria itself, somewhere in the more remote eastern region.  Unfortunately, things are a bit too messy there even for that messy soup.  So it remains an open question.  I fear that by default it could end up in the U.S.  Perhaps the ship holding it will be like the Flying Dutchman, or the infamous New York City garbage barge, searching the world for a port.  If Italy were leading the charge, it would end up in a Napoli garbage dump, but even Italy won’t fall for this one.
And then there’s still the al-Nusra threat.  Will al-Nusra get their hands on some of that stuff, as I’ve fretted?  Read on and stay tuned.
Oh yes.  And Russia.  Yes, yes, yes.  Dear, dear, Russia-Putin and our new found BFF who Obama so “brilliantly” and “successfully” involved in “solving” the problem.  Their contribution?  A lousy $2 million, all in exchange for more like $2 billion worth of PR spin.  Yes, stay tuned.


November 15, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Range of Critical Mass for U235 Depends on Trigger Type:
Why Iran Is “There”

Trigger devices can be “Steel Reflected” or “Unreflected” types.  The respective critical masses for U235 range as follows:
Unreflected –       46.7 kg
Steel Reflected – 16.8 kg
The numbers for U239 (Plutonium) are substantially less:
Unreflected –       10.0 kg
Steel Reflected –   4.5 kg
Hence, the discussion of what should constitute a “Red Line” for Iran’s U235 inventory depends upon the trigger type.  Accordingly, if one assumes that Iran has developed a “Steel Reflected” trigger at its Parchin complex, Iran already has enough 20% material to yield enough 90% material for at least two nuclear devices.
Assuming that Iran has 200 kg. of 20% U235, it would yield approximately 44 kg of 90% material.  At 16.8 kg per nuclear device, that would easily yield two devices if a Steel Reflected trigger is used.
The critical mass figures come from the link from the European Nuclear Society website below.  There are different numbers and estimates of critical mass found on the Internet. I believe the ENS figures to be definitive.
ISIS, Institute for Science and International Security (a WDC think tank founded by David Albright whose extensive background includes significant consulting work with the IAEA) recently stated that Iran could have one nuclear bomb within 30 days.  The figures from the ENS easily confirm this estimate.


October 18, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
First, an update on Syria “surrendering” its CWs as evidence of the viability of the idea of Iran compromising on its nuclear program.
revised and updated
While the new CW (as in Common Wisdom before it meant Chemical Weapons) on Syria’s CWs is that the destruction of (so far a handful) delivery devices and not-so-deadly non-nerve agents signals the good will and possibility — if not probability! — of a New Deal with Iran, the redistribution of the nuclear “wealth”, common sense would seem to dictate otherwise.  Syria is “sacrificing” an uncertain amount of its CW weapons and related production and delivery facilities to make it appear that further negotiations with Iran will somehow yield a desirable outcome.  In fact, the ongoing “Syria Process” is simply in place, as far as Iran is concerned, to buy Iran more time, and Assad’s cooperation with the U.S. and Russia is no more than his doing Iran’s bidding.
The background to this imbroglio is set out in the following piece. 
October 18, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
The U.S. and Russia Are Triangulating Israel Not to Bomb Iran:
For One, Because – Obama to Senators – Nuclear Iran Would “Not Be an Existential Threat to Israel”
The Obama-Putin-Assad triad is a scam.  The US and the old SSR are triangulating Israel not to bomb Iran. 
Elliott Abrams wrote, “But Israelis will also be more concerned now about a Russian-led diplomatic offensive, some kind of clever offer that does little to disarm Iran but whose wide international acclaim makes an Israeli strike nearly impossible.”  [Emphasis added]  (, Sept. 23, 2013, 19(03).   During GW Bush’s first term, Abrams, was Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director on the National Security Council for Near East and North African Affairs.  At the start of the second term, Abrams was Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy, charged with implementing the Bush doctrine of promoting advancing democracy abroad.  Abrams is currently a senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council for Foreign Relations and other posts.) 
There are substantial reasons to believe that the current diplo dance is not being “Russian-led,” however.  Rather; it is being choreographed between Presidents Obama and Putin and that the events are a deception playing out to assure that Iran’s nuclear facilities are not bombed by the U.S. – or Israel – and that Obama finally obtains the “Reset” with Russia while obtaining his “Reset” with Iran – and vice versa.  Obama has never concealed his “preference” for a “negotiated agreement” with Iran.  In fact, he has had no Plan B.  It isn’t that “A nuclear Iran is not an option,” as the President has repeatedly claimed.  It was that Obama was going to “negotiate” with Iran no matter how greatly the public face of the results will be a distortion of the reality.  The actual process is that there is no difference between wishful thinking and outright deceit.  Other Progressive milestones will be achieved while Israel’s deterrence factor will be dealt a devastating blow and worse.  The damage to U.S. interests will be irreversible as this is the post-America world where the “war weary” super power is put on a precipitous decline.
There was no Kerry gaffe that gave Putin the sudden inspiration to offer to help out with Syria.  That’s the “Kerry Sighs; Putin’s Sly” hoax.  Oddly enough, a day or two after Kerry’s strange outburst about Syria-surrendering-the-chemical-weapons-but-they-won’t-do-that and Putin jumping up “I’ll Help!”, someone in the press questioned the White House about the credibility of the events.  Too jerky yet smooth at the same time. So oddly did Kerry speak and so quickly did Putin offer — and Obama accept!  And just as oddly, Obama briefly mentions that he had discussed such matters with Putin at the G20 in St. Petersburg.  Are we being had by the Obama administration about events around the Mediterranean?  Again?  Find another explanation for The Tuesday Night Speech  — as it should be forever after infamously known.  Why else would he weave such a tangled yarn of yarns except that he has a predetermined destination as Obama and Putin are “coming out” as new-found BFFs.  So I can’t wait for the Society Page announcement accompanied by another paid op-ed from Putin how they are just political bed fellows.  After all, Russia has a law against promoting anything gayish.  (Poor Chris Christie.  Obama has left him for another bromance.) 
Yes, the script was badly written and much of it has been nervously adlibbed, but they know where they want to end up.  The new bromance explains another feature of the Obama Counter Doctrine:  This administration has never had much of relationship with any of our traditional allies.  It has never been able to “reach out” enough, though, to our enemies, especially the Muslim Brotherhood.  (See, for instance: .  This administration-sponsored monograph from the Rand Corporation is a breathtaking example of his preference for the Brotherhood over any other, and more suitable, suitor, “The Muslim Brotherhood, Its Youth, and Implications for U.S. Engagement.)
To begin with, it is not believable that Assad used CWs, especially as large an attack as the last one, without prior knowledge and consent of both Russia and Iran’s Khameini.  Assad is the quintessential suppliant client state.  At some point, they knew that Obama would be compelled to speak out and that would be the cue for Putin to enter from stage (Fascist thug) right.  A Kuwaiti newspaper (See, Michael Ledeen, Sept 2, 2013, claims Obama needed to buy time.  What better way than to punt to the ultimate Political Black Hole:  Congress.  A twofer:  Gain time; pose as Mr. Democratic Process.  Maybe a threefer?  Appear to agonize over “war” – a strike variously downplayed until it is characterized as barely a slap on the wrist is hardly an effective military strike much less a war.
The Peace-in-Our-Time result of this kabuki theater will be to cut off U.S. weapons supply of any serious sort to the anti-Assad “rebels” — which may be just as well considering the cannibalism, beheadings, and group murders of Christians already taking place.  So sad Syria will continue to be saddled with Assad.  But the denouement will be much more far reaching. 
After “succeeding” with Syria — and Rouhani was just in Moscow to get a copy of his play script — the Yankee-Ruskie Super Diplomats will obtain (another) “agreement” — this one from the “moderate” Rouhani, who is not even in charge of Tehran.  In Islam, the current process is called “takkiyah” – deception, particularly of infidels.  The great takkiyah will be the “agreement” we reach with Iran via the good auspices of the refurbished Putin.  This agreement in Islam is called a “hudnah,” a temporary truce until the auspicious moment arrives when it may be broken, when Iran can pull back the curtain and reveal its array of deliverable nuclear weapons.  (Iran is now dual-tracking its nuclear ambitions with a nuclear reactor and a heavy water plant to produce plutonium, U239, in addition to the long-spinning centrifuges steadfastly enriching Uranium 235 to bomb grade.)
Why would Russia live with an Iran with a hair trigger close to assembly line nuclear bomb production?  Various reasons come to mind:  1) Iran borders Russia, yet Putin does not want U.S. bombs falling on his “near abroad.”  2) Putin seethes with resentment over the fall of the USSR.  A nuclear Iran would neuter much of U.S. presence in the Mideast while Russia’s prestige and influence will rise, having been the supplier of nuclear reactor technology to Iran, and the country that made it possible for Obama to make the disastrous “deal” he will.  3) A nuclear Iran will put upward pressure on the price of oil, and Russia’s main source of income remains its petroleum exports.  4) As counter intuitive as it seems to cultured Westerners, Russia has always had a contrarian dark side.
(There is an impenetrable puzzlement whether al-Qaeda/Jabhat al-Nusra truly intend the complete ouster of Assad:  1) Assad facilitated passage of large numbers of aQ fighters into Iraq to kill Americans.  Why would they suddenly turn on Assad?  2) While Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father, was a secular Baathist, Bashar turned to the fanatics: Iran’s ayatollahs; Lebanon’s Hizbollah; Gaza’s Hamas (headquartering Hamas and Hizbollah in Damascus); and killer Qaeda squads he segued into Iraq.  aQ and Iran have had a cooperation of convenience:  To seek the destruction of Assad would invite American – if not Turkish and even European – intervention.  3) Leading opponents of Assad have been assassinated by aQ.  4) A dispositive confrontation with the Alawites would instigate greater involvement of Hizbollah and Iranian Guard Corps, and despite the Great Powers’ current prom dance, employment of CWs.  5) Most likely, then, the Jihad for Sharia boys will carve out some 40% of Syria’s Sunni midriff for their dystopian theocracy.  [Bridget Johnson of, September 12, 2013.  See,
BHO and Kerry and Putin plan to stop Israel.  Delay Iran – if they must!  Rehabilitate Russia by restoring to the rump USSR its major role in the Mideast.  Fifty years of American Mideast statecraft down the drain.
 Putin and Kerry will collect their Nobel Peace Prizes….  Part of Kerry’s acceptance speech will be in French — bien sur!  American diplomacy has finally embraced sophistication!  I don’t know if Oslo gives repeats of their phony prize, but expect Damascus-Teheran to work out as well as that other Oslo – Israel and the Palis.
The current faux diplomacy over Syria is bad enough and will leave American power and influence diminished.  Israel in increased jeopardy.  Assad given a “SAFE!” with many if not most of his CWs intact and at some point some measure of them in the hands of jihadis and Hizbollah.  Russia regains a Mideast footprint the size of Sasquatch, their UN Security Council veto extended to much of the Mideast when they had been reduced to a skulking supplier to Syria and Iran and their naval base in Tartus, Syria.  Hizbollah saved from losing most of its sponsorship.  The stability of Jordan left in greater doubt. Turkey/Erdogan saved from virtual irrelevance. Al-Qaeda and al-Nusra get a chunk of Syria while there is a struggle by moderates not to be enslaved if not annihilated.  Will Turkey and/or the U.S. help the non-radicals?  Most likely, moderates will be abandoned as were the Chaldeans (Iraqi Catholics), but too numerous to resettle as many Chaldeans were.  The Kurds continue to be ignored.  And Iran remains a glowering, frightening menace.   The Iran sanctions come off.  Bien sur!
What should we do instead?  Train and arm the Syrian Kurds to keep out aQ and aN — and the Turks.  Undertake the creation of the long overdue Kurdish state.  U.S. would occupy the critical middle ground in this high stakes geostrategic game.  We would have a major moderate Muslim ally in addition to our long-standing Fortress Israel.  It would be a huge blow against extremism.  It would reduce Turkey’s never-ending position in the catbird seat calling the shots, fouling the air, and abusing its NATO membership to complicate U.S. relations with Israel, Egypt and Jordan.  If Turkey ends up losing its eastern territories, it would actually help focus domestic Turkish politics on its own struggle with fundamentalism and undermine the fundamentalists’ ability to use the Kurdish issue for their own ends. 
If we’re lucky, a post-Assad Alawite state will do to Russia what Egypt’s Sadat did to the USSR:  Turn from the Russians to the Americans.  Russia would lose its only Mediterranean anchor, the Syrian port in Tartus.  In the bargain, Hizbollah will have lost its most critical logistics support center.
Empowering the Kurds would also facilitate our most important unfinished (never attempted) business in the Mideast:  Ridding the region of the Ayatollahs reign of terror and export of extremism.  Birth of a Kurdish state could inspire another attempt at counter revolution in Iran, bearing in mind that Iran has its own restive Kurdish population that could be the match that relights the fuse.  This time, the U.S. must not abandon Iran’s democrats as the Obama administration did in July, 2009.
But it won’t happen.  Instead of truly revolutionizing the Mideast by establishing a Kurdish state, facilitating the overthrow of Iran’s ayatollahs and dealing both Shia and Sunni fundamentalism crippling blows, Obama and the Democrats remain obsessed with The Ultimate Reset Button:  Russia is back prevailing in what the British called the Great Game – containing Russia — and America loses; rather, is “rebalanced” as a “non-hegemon.”  And wasn’t that the problem to begin with?  We won the Cold War and the bad guys lost?  Finally, the anti-anti-Communists have their opportunity to redress this mistake of history.
In early, President Obama met with a number of senators, including South Dakota’s Senator Thune, in the White House.  The President said he didn’t think a nuclear Iran would be an existential threat to Israel, but rather, be “a profound threat.”  This is called a distinction without a difference in terms of literal meaning, defying even parsing by an indifferent law lecturer posing as a presidential law professor.  In terms of policy and geostrategy, it reveals a semantic quibble is being used to start a serious argument over how Israel should be expected to defend itself – or not – and whether the U.S. can, in the end, live with a nuclear Iran.  The question of “containment” supersedes the existential dilemma of “living with.”  Modest Proposal:  Presidential Finding Requested – and make it public.  Question:  Will Obama’s recasting of an “existential threat” to one mere “profound threat” ever become publicly known much less discussed?  The point is how the comment is intended to negate by rhetorical flourish the existential nature of the threat of the Iranian nuclear program to Israel if not even the fading American super power.
Lest the President seem feckless, much less perfidious, from the dais of the UN General Assembly last September 2012, he did intone that a nuclear Iran would be an existential threat to Israel, the same dais from where a year earlier he six times denounced the “Mohammed film” that in Benghazi provoked riots that got so out of hand our ambassador to Libya and three others were killed.  This was the ambassador – and others — who felt sufficiently existentially threatened – they sent emails to the State Department begging them not to reduce their security.
Obama’s Pledge to AIPAC in 2008:  If I become President, I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from getting nuclear bombs.  I sat there knowing that Barrack Hussein Obama was never going to bomb the nuclear facilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  After all, “The United States military doesn’t do pin pricks.”
So it seems that while containment of a nuclear-armed Iran “is not an option,” apparently, “containment” of an Iran with intact nuclear bomb and ballistic missile assembly lines is.  “Trust but verify” has become ‘Trust we can verify.”  After all, “In Negotiated Verification We Trust.”  It’s worthy of a Nobel Prize – for Literature.
Post Script:  Before I forget, what should Israel do, knowing that Rouhani is a wolverine in vicuna robes and that a nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel – and America and even Europe?  Forget the Obama-Putin triangle thing.  The U.S. Congress and the American people will actually be greatly relieved. 
After all, the Israeli Air Force doesn’t do pin pricks!  B’seder!
Bien sur“But of course!”  (Fr.)
B’seder – “It’s o.k! (Heb.)


October 4, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
The Western experiment thing seems to be fizzling out, doesn’t it?

It’s difficult to say whether Europe is just retreating into its usual state of Jew-loathing and scapegoating or just so fearful of anything that doesn’t have the scent of cringing dhimmitude and fear-struck “pacifism”, it is shunned as though it be witchcraft.  It is the New Middle Ages.
        In truth, Israel should just bomb Iran’s facilities, declaring that the U.S. “talks” are pointless and costing a dangerous amount of time. If the sanctions had been implemented three years earlier, perhaps talks would have taken place — and proven useless anyway — some years earlier and before Iran was so close to the finish line, but now there is simply no more time to be dithered away with wishful thinking at best, and a strategy of appearing to be doing something but ultimately intended not to succeed.

        Actually, I believe the one way to force Obama into having something resembling a foreign policy would be for Israel to bomb Iran. He could, at that point, ill-afford to continue Perhaps they should declare him some sort of Prophet? What do you think? How about…Prophet of Doom?


September 18, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Before we jump on the “Get Assad” bandwagon, bear in mind what the “rebels” are doing to Syrian X’ns.
It is a sickening read, and the reality is even worse.
Before bombing Assad, it would be interesting to see whether trying to arm “vetted” rebel forces would achieve anything desirable.  We actually have no idea what the make up of the rebels is.
Obama’s policy-of-the-moment approach has been worse than amateur hour.
As a not-totally irrelevant aside, Saudi Arabian representatives were in Moscow last week.  This is an historic first and very much for the worst.  It is Exhibit A as evidence of the collapse in U.S. hegemony in the region.  For the Saudis, of all countries, to do this, it is a devastating indictment of Obama’s grotesque — portending of ill — incompetence.
And Obama thinks he can deal with Iran and the Russians?
September 12, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Responding to Time Magazine article on Syria, Israel, and Obama
 Time magazine.  Faddishly left and the writer is hyping political PR for liberal views and support of Obama.  Most of the Israeli newspapers he cites are left as well.
The more middle and right wing papers are dismayed at the mess Obama and Kerry have made of this whole thing.  It’s a horrible farce.  As Commander in Chief, he’s an embarrassment. 
First, Obama and Kerry should never have opened their mouths before consulting with Israel which has to live with any consequences of bombing Syria. 
Israelis are rightly worried about a Hezbellah attack.  In fact, a major reason for Obama’s pullback is probably his realization that if there’s a major attack by Hezbellah against Israel in retaliation, the U.S. would have no choice but to pitch in to help Israel and we would be at war big time with Hezbellah.  No one, I believe, has thought of this but it’s actually pretty obvious.  I have no doubt that there were high level secret contacts from Israel on this.  Israel does not want a major war with Hezbellah.  Right now, Hzb is fighting in Syria and that will slowly erode Hezbellah’s strength, which is a good thing.  As Assad weakens, so will Hezbellah.
Israel wants the CWs under total control.  Of course, Israel would like to see them destroyed, but the Israeli government is not naïve — which Obama either is or he is disingenuously grabbing the Russian lifeline just to bail himself out of his own mess.  if possible but not terribly likely.  In truth, BHO has just blown it and the Israelis know it but at least they don’t have to worry about an attack from Hzb or CW rockets from Syria.
This is not a blessing for Israel and few sophisticated Israelis think the “deal” with Russia is even a deal.  They know BHO has screwed up our credibility with Iran even further.
Obama should have put a deadline on compliance and made it credible by continuing to seek a resolution from Congress in order to maintain our credibility.  Instead, we are supposed to rely on Putin.  He threw out lines like, “The United States military doesn’t do pin pricks.”  This is pathetic beyond belief.  It incites one to howling at the moon.
In the meantime, he actually called AIPAC and “requested” that AIPAC lobby Capitol Hill to support him on the Congressional resolution.  This is a double disaster:  First of all, he put AIPAC in a no-win position and, given how many Americans including AIPAC members do not want to bomb Syria, this threatens to badly divide and damage AIPAC.  (It almost seems deliberate, then, doesn’t it?)  Further, it creates “evidence” for the accusation that we are just going to war because of the Jews, those powerful Jews.  AIPAC stayed out of the Iraq debate, but Obama does not have the insight of the Bush people.  So that was lose-lose.  Then it gets worse:  After whipping AIPAC to go charging up the Hill, he gives The Big Speech that it’s really going to be a deal with Putin.  He could have kept AIPAC out of this mess.  So now, it’s lose-lose-lose for AIPAC.
In the meantime, after allegations that the Putin gambit was the result of (another) gaffe by Kerry when he said all that Assad has to do is surrender his weapons — but he’d never do it , in the next breath — Obama later says he actually worked this out in St. Petersburg with Putin during the G20.  Really?  So why was AIPAC pushed into this?  Why did he need to give The Big Speech?  Why?  Why?  Why?
The incompetence is boundless!  In the meantime, we have not at all kept our credibility with Iran.  How do I know?  Because yesterday, while Rouhani, the new, “moderate” (according to Obama) president of Iran, was visiting Russia and it was announced that Russia would be selling Iran SA-300 anti-aircraft systems, which would probably neutralize the ability of the Israeli Air Force to penetrate Iranian air space.
You can’t make this stuff up.
September 5, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
B52s and B2s are being sent in-theater.
I interpret this as an intent to go after chemical weapons.
Here’s how it would work:
Shrapnel bombs would tear open the weapons and storage units.
White phosphorous bombs would immediately follow to burn up the chemicals with high heat.
If it works, great.  If it doesn’t, what a disaster.
Sending B2s and B52s would also explain a few things.  First, last week, the military announced they launched a satellite but it’s purpose what classified.  I’ve observed that usually before a war, we launch such a satellite.  They are put into a geo-stationary orbit over a particular (Mideastern) area.  They are used to both collect intelligence as well , I believe, to facilitate updated encrypted communications.  Then the jaunt to Congress which bought time for the military to position assets.  Interesting sidebar:  When Sec. of Defense Hagel testified to the Senate Committee that the cost would be “tens of millions” he looked as credible as the canary who swallowed the cat.  This also bought time for Obama to get to the G20.  A little posturing for Putin thrown in for good measure.  Why not?  I can just see the President silently chuckling to himself.  Remember when Putin pulled the invasion of Georgia during the Chinese Olympics opening with President Bush right there?  Payback, baby.  But, see below….
My wish:  It’s all a feint.  We surround Syria but go 1,000 miles east…(Iran)….  Because….
I am very skeptical that the Free Syrian Army are the significant portion of the rebellion nor would I bet at this time that they can be built up so fast as the non-Islamist faction that would prevail.  After all, after the retreat of Assad to a western Allawite Land, the Free Syrian Army would presumably then have to fight off al Queda and al Nusra.  And would we help them?  And what would Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qattar do?  This is all a bit risky, isn’t it?

September 5, 2013
Sleepless in L.A. writes the House of Commons
George Galloway Statement to Parliament on Chemical Weapons Used in Syria
To: The Right Honorable Speaker of the House of Common John Bercow:On Russia’s Press TV Galloway accused Israel of supplying al-Qaeda with CW (it would have been sarin gas) that was used two weeks ago in the east suburbs of Damascus, Syria.Galloway then lied in front of the English nation and the Members of Parliament by denying he had ever said such a thing. The statement, on its face, is not just juvenile; it is insane and evil. Here is the video of George Galloway lying in Parliament:
George Galloway should not be permitted to so brazenly lie in the House of Commons about such a grave matter in such a despicable, vile, filthy disgusting, evil, shameless manner without grave consequences.  Such rank behavior is a disgrace to the English-speaking and democratic world.
George Galloway should be rebuked in a public vote in the Parliament.  He should, if possible, be removed from his position.  Lying is nothing new for human beings much less politicians — or Galloway.  However, having been directly challenged on an issue of fact in the House of Parliament and having lied so brazenly, in the circumstances, the honor of the country and the Parliament is at stake:  Rebuke, if not remove from his post, this vile, grotesque gnome.  Decency demands it.
Most respectfully…
August 19, 2013
Sleepless in L.A. responds to Isi Leibler
Obama Appeasement Will Result in Disaster (link at end of essay)
Dear Isi,
I have to take exception to a number of items this time.
I do not believe it is farfetched that Bibi had to yield on one of three issues:  Building housing; 1967 “lines”; or a prisoner release.  Only the last alternative could not be “pocketed” by the Palestinians in the same manner as construction or possible border adjustments could and would be.  Abbas had convinced the Obamaites that he needed a credible concession for “his people” if he was to talk to Jews — again.  Obama, predictably, bought it.  More likely, Obama continues to act as Abbas’ lawyer and used it as an excuse.  What’s new?  Obama is probably pissed as hell all he got was a damned prisoner release.  That is not strategic, get it?  And how’s this for hypocrisy:  One of the released killers killed an American.  Our State Department is all in a tizzy over this.  Go figure:  Releasing Israeli killers is o.k.  But releasing someone who killed a dual citizenship man is not o.k.
The real facts are as follows:
1.  Israel can’t win with Europe because the Europeans are a bunch of losers.  They stink.  That’s all.  Get over it.  Get used to it.  It ain’t gonna change.  Even if there wre a “peace agreement,” Europe would continue to screw over Israel.  After all, you have a million Arab citizens for the Europeans to kick the kikes over.  Have you noticed that since Egypt is now the “occupier” of Gaza and has it sealed shut, not a word out of the Euro Trash?  At this point, Israel needs to develop a sitcom with a European idiot as one of the characters.
2.  Americans do not expect the talks to succeed.  Given what is going on, many Americans think the whole “talk” thing is utterly surreal.  How is Israel supposed to take any risks with all hell breaking loose on every border? 
So, so what if the talks “fail”?  Americans actually expect them to anyway.  Americans are actually totally confused about what our policy in Egypt is.  We don’t know what our policy in Syria should be.  We wonder what’s going on with Iran.  And WHY are Obama and Kerry so worked up over talks between Israel and the Palis with the rest of the world going straight to hell.
Obama and Kerry cannot start kicking Israel publicly without getting slaughtered over the rest of the Mideast mess.  It’s so bad that Obama went on “vacation.”  He was hiding in an exclusive Martha Vineyard’s resort.  It’s actually pathetic.
Isi, stop worrying.  No….  Stop worrying about the wrong stuff.
Worry like hell my dear friend and mentor when the U.S. administration and Congress is going to figure out what to do with the rest of the mess, especially Iran.
As for Europe, they’re terrified.  If they actually dare say a word to Israel, just yell “BOO!”  They’ll run like hell.
So what’s your favorite Israeli wine?  Your hundreds of millions of friends over here love you tough Yids out there more than ever.  Your the only sane bunch for miles and miles and mlies.  So what’s your favorite wine?  Have some tonight and relax.
Warmest regards,
Sleepless in L.A.
Isi Leibler’s article 
August 19, 2013
Trita Parsi on Rouhani and Iran in The Forward 8/16/2013
Sleepless in L.A.’s  response to the Jewish Journal article
There is no reason whatsoever to accept as correct, much less truthful, Trita Parsi’s typically deceptive spin of Iran’s new/old President Hassan Rouhani’s taking objection merely to Israel’s “occupation” of certain post-1967 lands.  Rouhani is a dedicated Iranian Revolution thug.  When he says “occupation,” he means Israel itself constitutes an occupation.  There is no reason to believe otherwise.  Trita Parsi is not even a U.S. citizen.  He has acted as what I can only call a front man for the Iranian regime, endlessly arguing against sanctions or any other action against the regime even to oppose Iran’s nuclear project.  He exhorts the U.S. to “talk.”  Yes, endlessly talk….  Members of his organization, NIAC (National Iranian American Congress) have a habit of frequently turning up at events of politicians known to actively oppose the Iranian bomb project.  I’ve confronted them myself. 
There is no need for me to detail the vile history of Rouhani or the CV’s of his high level appointees.  That information is available to anyone who wants to read something other than leftist tripe that seeks “peace” at any price including a nuclear Iran.
Trita Parsi is also a practioner of the black art of lawfare, suing people for daring to question his motives and tactics.  The evil of these lawsuits speak for themselves.
What also speaks for itself is the utter rot of The Forward presenting Parsi’s apologia for Hassan Rouhani with no counterpoint much less any background on just how horrid Parsi’s views of Israel and U.S. policies are.  In presenting Trita Parsi’s propaganda as legitimate, unquestioned advice, The Forward has acted in the tradition of Lenin’s view of liberals as Useful Idiots.  I would go further:  Truly despicable.  Presenting Parsi’s propaganda in the manner The Forward did is worthy of a member of a Judenrat explaining why it is reasonable for the community to go along with the orders of the Nazis.  Before someone accuses me of “playing the Nazi card,” I proclaim with absolutely certainty that the only difference between Rouhani and Ahmadinejad is the differenc between the beguiling explanation of the SS captains in charge of loadin the trains and luring the new camp arrivals into the gas chambers and the writers in Der Sturmer:  The Forward has not only put for over substance, but The Forward has been too long whining — like a member of the Judenrat — that Iran can somehow be stopped by (mere) sanctions.
The Trita Parsi article reveals The Forward for the treacherous propaganda sheet it is.
August 18, 2013
Kirschner on Aslan on Jesus Is Nothing New – and Both Are Wrong
Sleepless in L.A.’s response to the Jewish Journal article
Textual exegesis of the Bible, including the New Testament, became a serious scholarly pursuit before the end of the 19th Century.  Barring the unlikely discovery of any previously unknown writings on Jesus from the period, Aslan had no more information at his disposal than did scholars of over 100 years ago who decided to treat the material as written documents to be analyzed rather than miraculous revelation.
Jonathan Kirschner, surprisingly, seems to buy into Aslan’s long debunked notion that Jesus was an anti-Roman militant, or “Zealot.”  Corollary to that was the betrayal by a supposedly politically frustrated Judas.  (My own theory about Judas was mere cowardice:  He feared that the Romans would kill all of the followers of Jesus including himself if Jesus was not surrendered.)  The only thing novel about Aslan’s “theory” is that he is a Muslim who is also a scholar of Western religion  Nevertheless, Aslan seems to see Jesus through the lens of “jihad.”  Yes, it’s Jesus as Jihadi.  The most “militant” act by Jesus, however, was busting up the routine of the money changers in the outer courtyard of the Temple.  While the Romans viewed this as a dangerous disruption of a social and economic order that they wanted to preserve to the point of utilizing crucifixion, it was not an anti-Roman attack.  In Roman-occupied Judea, an action did not have to be directly anti-Roman to antagonize the Romans.  Jesus’ assault on the money changers was an aggressive denunciation of the corruption of the priestly system that ran the Temple and was the principal institution of the society.  Jesus’ radicalism was one as a reformer of the Jewish social and spiritual order.  He sought to decentralize the society and make it, as he saw it, more spiritual and less ritualized, particularly when the rituals involved financial gain to the old guard that ran the Temple system along with the Roman Prelate.  The teachings of Jesus are replete with his criticisms of rote adherence to ritual and laws.  According to the New Testament, he even challenged the importance of keeping kosher compared to one’s behavior towards others.  He stated that what came out of one’s mouth was more important than what one put into it since what we ate eventually turned to nothing more than excrement no matter what it started as.  In contrast, our words could have lasting effects for the good as well as the bad.  Classic Christianity often interpreted this to constitute a rejection of the requirement to maintain kashrut.  A Talmudic interpretation would be one of ordination of the Law:  Some laws are more important than others.  In either case, this is not the discourse of a political firebrand seeking the ouster of the Roman occupation.
As for the Roman army, Jesus seemed to realize that there was no possibility to rebel against them.  Jesus was not a protype Bar Kochba.  He merely had no use for the Romans:  “Cast not your pearls before the swine.”  This is not the dictum of a Jewish Jihadi.  Jesus also took pains to describe how the psychologically absurd notion that one should “love your enemies.”  No Jewish Jihad there.  In the Gospel of Matthew, “turn the other cheek” was put in an unmistakable context:   “Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:  But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.  And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.  And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.  (5:38-41)  Being commanded by a Roman soldier to carry his shield, for instance, might well describe what today we would call forced conscription if not kidnapping.  Jesus commanded, Go with it and then some.  Not fight it.
More instructive on the point of the “rebellion” of Jesus is Rabbi Jacob Neusner’s “A Rabbi Talks with Jesus,” in which Neusner posits the Jewish view that Jesus was not acting in accordance with Jewish tradition when he set himself up as his own authority on theological and liturgical questions rather than “building a fence around the Torah”: “You have heard it said…[a Jewish law or tradition], but I say onto you…[what Jesus believes as superseding].”  Rabbi Neusner respectfully draws the line at that point.
What would be more interesting to know about Reza Aslan’s views is whether he buys into Islam’s clearly contrarian and self-servingl views that the Binding of Isaac was actually the Binding of Ishmael and that the Jews lied about it in order to steal what was really the Arab birthright; that Abraham, Moses and Jesus were actually Muslims but just didn’t know it and it took Mohammed to straight out the theological truth of the matter and be the last Prophet.  Accordingly, does Aslan accept the prophet status of the founders of Sikhism or the B’hai faith or not?
Aslan’s view of Jesus does not even rise to the level of Islamic Revisionism.  He stays clear of the theological questions.  Islam accepts the notion of the “miracle birth” of Jesus but rejects the notion of his divine paternity. (Judaism accepts neither.)  Aslan’s book conveniently sidesteps these questions because he is, after all, Muslim, and we know his position.  His “exploration” of Jesus as a “zealot” is neither an actual concern of Islam, nor is it supported by what opaque and minimal historical record is available.  What Aslan attempts, however, is to undermine Christianity’s notion of a wholly spiritual Jesus.  Unfortunately, Jonathan Kirschner eagerly climbed on board a creaky wagon overloaded with mediocre scholarship and hype.
August 14, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.’s response to Lunardelli; Her letter is pasted below this response and above his initial letter.
Dear Madame Lunardelli:
There is an American maxim warning one not to argue with a fool because soon those listening will not be able to tell the difference between the two participants. 
Your response was most painful to read.  First, I would like to share with you that your letter exhibits an indifference to morality and a greed for money that Americans find very typical of too many Europeans — with my apologies to my European friends who would never act or think in such a manner.
Your commercial excuse – profit as an end in itself – is a situation short of I.G. Farben company in Germany making and selling Zyklon B gas or thousands of other companies using slave labor.  Your argument is no better than the many companies in China that dangerously pollute the environment during production in order to maximize their profits.  Your company pollutes minds.  Your company pollutes culture.  Your company pollutes history.  Your company pollutes society.  A recent posting about your company on a food & nutrition blog sent to the U.S. and Europe (in English) cited a Norwegian tourist couple visiting a wine shop in Rimini and were horrified to see your wine labels.  This is now reported to many thousands of more people who read it with disgust.
You say you have nothing against Jews but you will soon be hearing from the World Jewish Congress as you have the Simon Wiesenthal Center, founded by the famous Nazi hunter.  But you offend far more than Jews.  You offend civilized, educated people.  Professor Littarru and Doctor Tiano who wrote you are Catholic.  They are dismayed by your company’s labels.  They disgrace Italy.  Your labels would outrage the Pope, but I suspect the Holy Father is likely already aware of your company’s lack of shame. 
Your labels are not just a Jewish matter.  Che Guevara?  He was a racist.  He hated black people.  He also hated gays.  Because of him, thousands of gays were put in prison and beaten to death and horribly abused during and after the Cuban revolution.  Che Guevara was in charge of the machine guns of the revolution.  Levin?  Marx?  Marx believed in wiping people out who disagreed with Communism and Communist leaders did that.  Lenin started the Soviet Terror.  Stalin murdered 30 million Russians.  Before he died — likely assassinated — he was planning to murder over 1 million Jews. 
Your labels and your argument to support them teach children there are no consequences for evil.  Why should there be shame for misbehavior or crime?  Why not celebrate Charles Manson?  The Boston Strangler.  That German fellow recently who was a cannibal?  That Islamist fanatic in France who murdered children and a rabbi?  Why not put Osama bin Laden on a label?  (Because you would be afraid to do so since Muslims do not drink alcohol?)
Your argument teaches children not to be good citizens, not to be citizens at all in fact, but to be predatory self-seekers.
But it is worse and dark and horrible.  It is a secret that is out.  The fact is that there is a Nazi/Fascist resurgence in Europe.  And you are, to be blunt, whoring yourself, your company and your wine to them.  Your Nazi-Commie label buyers do not think of these labels are mere kitsch, campy art.  They toast the label as well as each other’s health when they drink your company sour swill.  Your labels have a loyal, devoted following.
Go to Church.  Confess to a Father.  You are damning your own soul, if not in the next life, certainly in this one.
Your next vacation, go to Poland and visit Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Visit the Ghetto museum in Warsaw.  The horror is more than the mind can absorb.
Go to the Ukraine.  Speak to people about the millions who died their from starvation because Stalin sent troops to take their food so they would die of hunger and disease in horrible agony.
Being selfish, stubborn, greedy and cruelly uncaring about evil makes a horrible life.  Learn to be a better person and  you can do that only by doing the right thing.
Destroy the rest of the labels and sell no more wine that celebrates evil. 
When you have a chance, visit Israel.  See some of their wineries.  They have some 380 of them.  The wine from the Golan is excellent.
I took Professor Littarru — who wrote you earlier — and his wife there in 2000 for Holy Year.  Popa Jean Paul II came two weeks later.
A few years later, I took my dear friend Karlo Hiller from Belrin to Israel and we had a fantastic time.  I am the godfather of two of his children.  The Hiller family is Lutheran; I’m Jewish.
It is not about Jews and what just Nazis did to us.  It is about right and wrong, good and evil.
What pays the most is to be a good person.  And being a good person takes real work.  It’s not just the thought that counts.  That is mere self-flattery.  And your answer to me was all vanity and flattery.  No one who read what you wrote was impressed. 


Dear Mr. … ,

there are 20 years we produced this Linea dalla Storia and it’s not our principal business we produced another Linea Classica with our wines and also too much wine in bulk, we have started with this Historical Line for a joke under a request from one of our customer, and now we sell many bottles, but we never want to do politics or to elogize Hitler and his men or Mussolini or to offend someone, in fact we have removed from the images the nazi simbols like the svastica and the simble SS during making the labels, than we never used racist phrases but only nationalist phrases or names of the characters, than our historical line includes many characters from history : apart from the above Stalin, Lenin, Gramsci, Napoleon, Sissi, Franz Joseph, Dracula ;-), bikers, Italian Army, women, famous paintings ( ) and we are making new labels about great music composers like Mozart for all these reasons in all these years we have won 5 cases in court … our customers are differentely wine shops and also we sell by our website but not in the USA because we have no importer for FDA but last year when there was a similar news in the USA i had in one day more than 200 e.mail from all the States in USA to request Hitler wine but unfortunately we couldn’t fulfill the orders. Instead there are some company ( not wine producers ) they copy us and made labels with svastiche, SS and not correct phrases, but we are the first we are the most famous and so people come against us. But i am a no politic man and i don’t go to vote, i think those bad famous characters can not come again but actually we have a bigger problem and enemy : multinational corporations and their soldiers : the politics, they are destroying the world and killing a lot of people, but this persons that live in the past and they schocked to innocent wine bottles why don’t shocked for the new monsters ?!? … Past is past and can not come again in this current situation.
I don’t want absolutely to offend jewish people and i apologize to them, but they have so many new enemy in the world and i am not one of them because i respect all the people, all human races, all poor people, all people in difficulty. We only try to work to survive, the good thing with this marketing : we have gained new customers because we don’t want to sell the labels but labels that attract new customers to taste our good wine inside 🙂 …. Most cutomers who buy those kind of wine with Hitler label are German people ( but no one is a skin they are against italian products only DE or AT ), Austrian people, East Europe people but also we have requests from all the world . … In the end we don’t stop to sell this wine until people require !

With regards

Andrea LUNARDELLI ( direct manager and creator of the line )

ed in più :

Hi Mr. … ,

i understand what kind of monster and evil mean Hitler for those family and i am sorry for this problem but it’s not in my intention to offend them, i think only to my work and to survive, i hate Hitler but fortunately he is dead and doesn’t exist anither person like him ( i hope ) , i think tha kind of story couldn’t repeat . i have to twins child 11 years old and i am more worried for the future … past is past, to remember to not repeat, i hope this is my message .

With regards


August 13, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.

Dear Vina Luardelli wines,

Perhaps you people lost nobody in the war.

My family did.  Among my cousins, the older brother in the family was immediately killed in Hitler’s blitzkrieg against Poland.  He was in Poland’s army.
His parents and youngest sister were gassed in Auschwitz.
His two middle sisters survived after being in the Warsaw Ghetto rebellion and captured – nearly starved to death at that point.  They were briefly in Majdenak before being sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau.  The horrors they saw and survived are beyond belief.  The older of the two sisters, Tova, has two tapes of her, one in English and the other in Hebrew.  They are five hours each.  After A-B, they were on the death march to Bergen-Belsen.  There, dying from disease and starvation, they were liberated by the British and saved by the doctors and nurses in the liberating battalion.  They were put in a Displaced Persons’ camp after that.  They were captured when trying to get to Pre-State Israel and put on Cyprus Camp, and finally, in 1947, allowed to go to Israel.
Two other of my cousins were in the Russian part of Poland when Hitler invaded.  Stalin sent them to the Gulag.  The husband (my cousin) and his wife managed to survive.  They were allowed to leave because they came from Poland.  They ended up in Mexico.  In the Gulag, they saw thousands die of starvation, beatings and disease.
The woman who was like a second mother to me, Herta Frieberg, survived Auschwitz.  In 1962, the State of Israel wanted her to testify at the Eichmann trial but she still couldn’t talk about it.
You want to “celebrate” Hitler and Stalin?  No?  Just “sell” them?  I fail to see the difference nor does anyone else who is not an outright liar.  It’s thoroughly dishonest. 
What your company is doing is a display of very bad morals.  It teaches children there is no real right or wrong and no social approprobium (disapproval) for being mass murders and torturers.  It turns monsters into jokes.
Perhaps none of your family and none of your employees lost anybody to Hitler’s troops after Mussolini was overthrown.  Perhaps they all think this is now a joke.  Perhaps Vini Lunardelli wines should  have a company picnic in your little town of Udine in a cemetery where some Italians killed by the Fascists and Nazis are buried, spill your wine over their graves while telling jokes all through it.  But video it and post it on YouTube so you will have a memory posted of how utterly lacking in decency you are.  Let the world know how you are toasting and thanking the victims of your labels icons for your great business opportunity.
It is difficult to write a polite criticism to you.  You seem to have no ethical sense whatsoever.  You certainly would have nothing to say to children studying history.  In fact, you would be dangerous. 
I think many Italians are very ashamed of you.  I have Italian friends and visited your country many times.  You people are a total, utter disgrace and have no shame.  In Germany, you would face a jail sentence — appropriately.
Would it be “cool” to put photos of the gas chambers and crematoria on your labels too?  How about piles of their dead bodies?  Photos of some of the Ukranians starved to death by Stalin and Kruschev?  How about a photo of gay men being castrated without anestheia.  The Nazis did that too, you know.  Or, people being shot in the back of the head by Mao’s thugs?  BTW, you missed Pol Pot, you know.  Just think of all the marketing opportunities you are missing!

July 13, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
inspired by “Murder on the Democracy Express” by Cliff May

Obama was against the Egyptian coup before he was for it. 
 After all, he had so effusively praised Morsi…. 
“I came to praise Morsi but, alas, must now I bury…my praise of Morsi.  More morose doth I speak in Morse Code, dots and dashes between my evasions o’er Presidential Palace invasions.  My Carney, my Jay Bird, in full-throated garbled gargling ‘Bluntly’ – quoth I my barker bird – ‘The Egyptians…difficult…complex situation’ to be in or not to be in.  Oh, get thee to a mosquery!  When they massacre, does it not bleed!?  The ungentlest mercy sparring with my conscience (ne’er reigned in).  To take from the air breath for another soliloquy in praise of the teetering tyrant or await the verdict of the hunger-tattered masses, their revulsion reeling through the ramparts of a military revolt?  Over ripeness was my all for this reviled Brother I adopted and would yet hold fast but for anti-democratic alarums sounded to soldiers obedient to ancient Egypt’s ancient regime of ancient generals.  I am Ozymandias but for my Sphinx media, my Medea beheading and turning-to-stoning all around me who would decry me.  But in the Middle Lands I hold no sway.  I would away but I come to cry for me as Morsi curses me, as mobs defame me, as the People’s Pitards are hoisted for me.  Yea, do I mourn me.  Thus do I brush aside Morsi forlornly.”
July 7, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
“After the presidential elections in Iran: are sanctions working? “
I think the election of Rouhani is owed to his being the least fundamentalist candidate in a field otherwise divided amongst more extreme candidates, whether in style (such as Ahmadinejad was) or wishing to impose as austere a cultural regime as possible under the premise of religiosity. Rouhani won by a sort of default:  Merely the least extreme.  It doesn’t mean that he is not an extremist.  Imagine him in our society?  He is as “moderate” as Rafsanjani, with whom he has long had a close association.  Rafsanjani, too, has been touted as a supposed “moderate” despite his remark that it would take only one or two nuclear bombs to eliminate Israel and it should be done.  Perhaps it was his proposal of using only one or two nukes that made him seem moderate?
The sanctions are and are not working: They are wrecking the economy and causing social discontent.  They are not slowing down work on the nuclear project or delivery systems.  Any disorder that economic straights might cause could easily be responded to by accelerating completion of at least one to three atomic gadgets.  The work would be accompanied by the usual crackdown.  A nuclear bomb test, even one detonated during national disruption, would have a salient effect on the regime’s ability to reassert its grip on the population.  The question then arises:  If the regime does see itself in extremes, will it go out unleashing an extreme final revenge on its self-declared enemy Satans, America and Israel?
Like Pakistan’s famous declaration that “if India builds the bomb, we will eat grass or leaves, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own” (see also:  Eating Grass: The Making of the Pakistani Bomb, Feroz Khan), Iran will not be deterred under any circumstances other than regime change — whether imposed from without or achieved by internal revolt, and the latter is no guarantee of abandonment of nuclear aspirations.  What is frustrating is not Iran’s refusal to abandon its nuclear ambitions.  These should be taken for granted.  What is frustrating is the obdurate, even churlish, refusal of U.S. leadership and Europe to accept the failure of their attempt to dissuade to date, and even worse, their arguably insane insistence that “something” can or might yet be “worked out.”  There comes a point where self-delusion by persons in power becomes an imposition of unacceptable danger on an unwilling, captive and hopeless represented population.
In the present multi-crisis Mideast, the sanctions cannot be seen as some sort of isolated side show — nor vice versa:  The U.S. is no longer distracted merely by Syria:  The U.S. is now paralyzed with indecision and incomprehension over its multiple miscalculations on Egypt.  Even our new (and vaunted yet — at least by himself and our MSM) Secretary of State John Kerry hied out to his $7 million yacht to hide from his own global impotence.  Assad will likely increase his military assaults against the rebel entities.  (There can hardly be said to be a true opposition army despite the use of the name Free Syrian Army.  It is questionable whether this supposedly secular — but heavily jihadi-infiltrated group — can hold its own against the various Salafist-type units and its own internal sharia-bent elements.) 
It is significant that the U.S. does not appear to be particularly engaged with the EU on the Iranian bomb issue at present, and neither Europe nor the UN Security Council are “seized of the issue.”  The U.S. apparently lacks the leadership to organize a tightening of the sanctions much less pronounce a coherent policy on Syria or Egypt.  The only grown up in the room appears to be Israel, but the mini super power has to safeguard its borders. Its options to effect the surrounding chaos is tightly constrained.  Egypt’s army will round up enough of the Muslim Brotherhood to undermine its leadership and ability to organize strife in support of its deposed politicians and recently appointed — and now deposed — bureaucrats.  The army will need to maintain order, put together a technocratic government that can attempt to attract capital to feed a huge, hungry population, maintain the army officers’ control of the economy, maintain the cold peace with Israel, crack down on jihadis in the Sinai, and present the recruitment and training of jihadis for Syria who would return someday to make trouble in Egypt.  The Egyptian army has a large agenda.  (And the U.S. administration still can’t put together a sentence that makes sense to the Egyptian people much less enlightens Americans on why our policy has been such a wrong-headed hodge podge.)
Hopefully, someone at European Foundation for the Defense of Democracies’ conference will be able to explain why my analysis is off the mark.  I will, however, be as difficult to persuade as….Hassan Rouhani.
July 6,2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Israel’s reviled strategic wisdom by Caroline Glick

One thing is crystal clear from Glick’s column, U.S. strategy — that is, Obama’s chaotic strategums — has been an absolute disaster.  He understands none of it and worse.  The Egyptians hate us more than ever.  Good Morsi is gone, yes.  But you’d never know it from this White House, and still, it refused to side with the removal of a man who hates us and threatens what little peace there is in the region.

What Glick left out was the visit to the White House by Morsi ally Sheik Abdallah Bin Bayya.  And WHAT was that about?  That visit does evidence how poorly informed are the Mideast policies of this administration.
The fundamental tenant of Obama to change in the Arab world is that the Muslim Brotherhood is the natural heir apparent.  Obama is literally obsessed with the Brotherhood.  He even demanded that they be seated front and center when he spoke in June 2009 at Al Azar University in Cairo, his Apologia to the Muslim World.  The seating outraged Mubarrak.  It also signaled Obama’s ultimate intention to flick at Mubarrak like an annoying fly when he had the chance three years later.  When it was Morsi’s turn to be ousted, Obama retreated into all-but silent support — of the Muslim Brotherhood wannabe dictator.  But make no mistake Glick writes, the replacement will not be any sort of pro-Western or attempt at democratic values.  It will be more of a fascist nationalism that they hope can get food on the table.
While Egyptian government’s collapse, Syria burns and Iran sneaks around getting its nuclear genie out of the bottle, our new Secretary of State is playing musical chairs with the Israeli government and the Palestinian corrupt leadership, or make that the same CLP:  Corrupt Leadership of Palestine
Will the Obama backers ever see how dim the light is?  No more than Obama will ever see how bad Islam has been as a governing principle over Muslims.
Read Caroline Glick’s article at:
July 3, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
to editor of German paper that published ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon attacking Israel

I’ve been to Germany, especially Berlin, over 50 times. I can’t believe your paper actually had the gall to publish that horrendous misrepresentation of the artist’s original drawing and used it in an entirely unintended context to demonize Israel. This use is vilely anti-Semitic and any attempt to deny this is intellectually utterly corrupt and dishonest. The artist has disavowed your use of his art as having nothing to do with what the unpolitical fantasy piece he created and condemned what your paper did with it; yet, you continue to defend your bigoted and likely illegal misappropriation of the artist’s intellectual property.

Further, Israel is legally and morally justified in its defense of itself, and Germany certainly has an eternal moral obligation to generously support Israel in its defense and its right to utilize that capability. Germany, of all country’s, needs to be extremely cautious before criticizing another country — and Israel in particular — when acting in self-defense. It is a particular cowardice of Europe’s media to misrepresent and over report matters concerning Israel and the Palestinians, as if this is the most important problem in the region if not the world. It is not in either case. European media including your paper give scant coverage to the Congo, to Tibet, to North Korea, not really even to Syria considering, first of all, that Bashar Assad has been murdering his people from the outset of his dictatorship as did his father. I doubt that you covered the recent murder of the Syrian Catholic priest in a public beheading by al-Nusra jihadis in front of a cheering crowd. If such a thing occurred in Israel by Jews — which is unthinkable — it would be on your front page. I doubt that you covered the slaughter of this priest even on your backpage.

The Palestinians are spoiled rotten brats who need to get on with their lives already — as Jews did by building Israel after your Auschwitz, Chelmno, Treblinka, Sobibor, Auschwitz-Berkinau, Dachau, Majdanek, Kristallnacht, Terizenstadt and hundreds of others. Your Palestinian endless “victims” have received more aid already than did all of Europe through the Marshall Plan after WW2. They praise their murder-bombers as “martyrs,” teach their kids to hate Jews and want to kill and be “martyrs”. Your paper says virtually nothing about this. They’ve abused and driven off most of their Christian population. They commit honor killings against females for frivolous reasons and against gays. Israel gives unofficial asylum to gay Palestinians and I doubt you report on that. In the meantime, Abbas’ sons and hundreds of other Palestinian “officials” steal hundreds of millions of dollars of “aid” money. And aid money otherwise gets used to honor “martyrs” and teach hate.

Your paper, your country and your EU have all these rules about “hate” speech but say and do nothing about the genocidal hate against Jews and Israel spewing out from Europe’s mosques and mobs of Muslims and their leftist cohorts for whatever most recent reason prompts this rabble of ROPO – Religion (and political cult) of Perpetual Outrage.

You hold Israel to a higher standard than you do any other people on the planet. You infantilize Arabs and hold them to no standard. Your paper’s recent cartoon is properly printed in Der Sturmer. You know no shame. So be true to your multi-culturalism and pacifist delusions: Go live in Saudi Arabia or Somalia. Convert to Islam. Have a daughter. And stand there and watch her genitals get mutilated. No? Then stop mutilating the truth about Israel and the Palestinians. You’re a shanda – a shame that turns the soul itself crimson.

Next time, dare to make the maid an image of The Prophet serving the demon — and see how long you keep your heads. No? Not surprised. You people are cowards, hypocrits and bullies.

July 1, 2013
Sleepless in L.A. Comments on Why it Remains “Iran First” and How “Syria First” was Lost
(plus a few other things)
I have long espoused Kurdish sovereignty.  If only to spite the Turks.  But seriously because I think there needs to be a U.S.-Israeli-Kurdish Triad to counterbalance the Arabs.  Nothing else will help.  No doubt there would be problems amongst various Kurdish groups, but I think Kurdish sovereignty could be a strategic anchor for stability in their region.
I have never believed that Obama intends to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  Au contraire, I think he thinks that an Iranian nuke is in the “natural order” of how things “should be.”  That goes along with his infatuation for fundamentalist Islam.  I think that Obama is offended by the idea of U.S. power and hegemony.  He thinks the world is better off with a weakened U.S.  Or whether or not the world is better, it is just the way it should be:  After all, who the hell are we to…?  Obama and his acolytes are a Fifth Column in my (very dim) view.
I completely agree that Iran is the most serious threat to us and Israel, but Obama and his minyans are either in total denial or think that this threat is something that we need to live with:  A nuclear Iran will reign us in and we need to be leashed.
His foreign policy parallels his domestic economic policy.  The latter has expanded government dependency to the point of establishing a permanent underclass that is a guaranteed electoral constituency, coupled with deficits that have institutionally enslaved future generations.  Recovery has been crippled by a regulatory regime that completely bypasses legislative and judicial process and review.  Our economic predicament has the additional “progressive” benefit:  It cobbles our military.  Thus, we are now left with a foreign policy that is feckless by design.  The same artifice that was used to bury the Benghazi victiims without disclosure of the truth is employed to disguise the intended outcome of not preventing Iran from achieving nuclear competence.  If by any farfetched set of circumstances Obama actually bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities, it will be only because his administration has lost too much support from the American people.  Bombing Iran would be a matter of breaking some eggs to make an omelet.
Defeating Assad, if anything, would cause Iran to accelerate its nuclear work — if there is any greater haste to be made at this point.  While the demise of Assad is desirable, it still does not stop Iran.  I would rather we just bombed the hell out of Iran’s project(s) already and not be beguiled by the mass distraction of Damascus.  Why bomb instead of tighter sanctions?  First, I doubt we have much time left.  In fact, I believe less time than most experts claim as a kinetic solution becomes more problematic the closer Iran gets to its goal.  We don’t really have any time left in that sense.  Bombing advanced nuclear sites is going to be rather messy as it is.  They are going to cry “War Crimes!” and delay will only make it worse. 
Second, the real virtue sanctions is the hope that they will lead to internal revolt and the overthrow of the regime.  Not only does that not guarantee any new regime would terminate and destroy the nuclear and missile programs, but it is doubtful there is enough time to create such conditions for revolt before the regime has a nuclear device.  Then there is the added question of how much harder it will be to overthrow a nuclear regime and whether a nuclear regime would want to go out with a “bang” — beyond its borders.
Third, I think that the U.S. has suffered a virtual entropic collapse of our credibility and influence in the last few months.  The idea that we are going to convince Europe, much less China or Russia, to do anything more seems farfetched.  Indeed, we cannot even get more than lipservice for the proposed conference on Syria.  At this point, the vultures are circling as we stumble about a foreign policy desert of our own (un)doing.
Obama affirmatively would not aid the FSA early in the game.  Without a substantial commitment beyond mere weapons and logistics supply, any hope of preventing a radical takeover at this point is dim.  I lean towards Daniel Pipe’s view of the situation.  Early on, Cliff and I had a running e-logue about Syria and I ran on about how we needed to carefully target any aid.  It was moot, of course, because Obambi was not going to do a thing.  Due to the chemical weapons and the threat of them falling into the hands of Hizbollah and the various salafist groups, it is better that Assad stays.  He, at least, recognizes that Israel really could — and would — destroy him if he overstepped the redline that Israel, unlike Obama, would enforce.
I cannot tell you how frustrated and disgusted I am to be driven into this position by our catastrophically incompetent Commander in Chief.  We have entered a new era in U.S. foreign affairs:  A global No Exit strategy.
June 29, 2013
Sleepless in L.A. comments on  Europe
The Security Implications of  Europe’s Economic Downturn
Below are two articles; the second being the longer and far more interesting.  I wish I had time to report more of my thoughts on the second item, but several matters warrant further examination.  The article is one of the best short surveys of Europe’s situation I’ve come across.
One of the constant issues about Europe’s relations with the U.S. and Israel — the two serious military powers in the West — is Europe’s constant criticism of the U.S. and far worse regarding Israel and even Jews in general.  (Though there is serious doubt about America’s present leadership’s earnestness in this regard.)  Inseparable from Europe’s view of Israel and America is Europe’s large Muslim populations, the Continent’s proximity to the Arab countries, and its reliance on Mideast oil.  But more subtle and quite potent a factor is Europe’s Janus headed paradigm:  Its military weakness and its concomitant lack of will to assert or protect its interests by kinetic means.  Europe’s increasingly contentious relationship with Israel flows from its resentment that Israel is under constant security threat, but worse, dares to defend itself from those dangers.  The viciousness of the threats against Israel should militate strongly for Europe’s support of this Western citadel enclave in a hostile and oft savage region – nether worlds Europe refuses to condemn for their legions of wanton violations.
The second dynamic in this dysfunctional relationship is that Israel is small:  Its Jewish population only 7 million, a mere 1 million more than Europe only two generations ago turned into smoke, ashes and denizens of mass graves.  And for too long, the population of Israel was the too familiar 6 million.  Europe avoids confronting its dilemma:  Whether to admit its betrayal of its natural allies or to turn on them in resentment.  Israel, being a mere 7 million Jews and an economy of $120 billion can easily be scapegoated to the extent of threatening BDS, boycott, divestment, sanction:  Blaming, faulting, demonizing, even punishing Jews is familiar terrain for a Europe that long ago determined that this tribe or race and its religion are anachronysms.  Europe is long-practiced in this dark artifice.  What if Israel had a population of 25 million in 1967 and decided to retain the Sinai Peninsula as a spoil earned in a defensive war?  What if Israel’s population today were 40 million and its economy $1.5 trillion or “only” $1 trillion?  Europe would be as committed to ending any Jewish “occupation” of the region as it is to liberating Tibet from China or even guaranteeing the Kurds finally achieve their own long overdue soverignty.  That is to say, not at all.  Compared to Tibet or the Kurds, who are the Palestinians?  Merely a small group of contentious, tribal, clannish, nativistic, often religiously fanatic, quarrelsome antagonists who have managed to connive their way into an assemblage of spotlights held by an odd conclave of other Arabs, right and left wing frenetic fanatics and Western intellectual effetes.  Europe’s flirtation with this rabble is a society in meltdown.
Europe is a continent mesmerized by its own cognitive dysfunction:  It pays lip service to free speech and other rights such as practice of religion, and condemns mostly abstract bogeymen they call “Fascism” and “racism.”  Yet it mocks Western religion (but does not dare to do so to Islam), refuses to hold its Muslims accountable for hellacious hate speech, permits all manner of Holocaust denial by Muslims and other “anti-Zionist” Jew haters as long as they ally themselves with Muslim anti-Semitic hate speech.  Those who would dare to attempt to hold Muslims accountable for their anti-social speech and behavior, however, are soundly condemned as racists and risk prosecution.  Leading American political analysts Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have even been denied entry into Great Britain.  In a recent ruling that shall go down in infamy, the French high court overturned the appellate court ruling in favor of Philippe Karsenty in his fight against France 2 in the Mohammed al-Dura scam.  Unbelievably, the French high court ruled that the appellate exceeded its authority when it ordered France 2 to turn over the “take outs” it had edited from its film footage of the Netzarim Junction shootout and of the al-Dura father and son.  In a Kafkaesque ruling, a court has exceeded its authority by ordering a corrupt news organization and producer to turn over evidence of its false reporting?  Not disclosure of a source but merely film footage they had shelved because it contradicted the “report.”  Ah, Europe!  The contortions of the intellectual existentialist  who seeks to preserve its delusion that its intellectualism has not turned to mere deceit and (old) cultural conceit.
Europe’s policies are not only social overspending, military faint heartedness and business ambition to the point of greed and treachery as French military sales to Russia betray the security of the Baltics and Poland, as described below, it is also an attitude born of lack of conviction and moral turpitude.  A millennial civilization of heraldry and chivalry is now one of perfidy and chicanery.  In Jakub Grygiel’s discussion of Europe’s economic, military, geostrategic and cultural crises, bear in mind its slow-burning resentment over its present (and future) state of affairs and its reflexive response of blaming what they can on the much weaker and smaller Jews of Zion and their friends in America.
Read Rachel Ehrenfeld and Jakub Grygiel  below:
June 20, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
on Obama’s trip to Deutschland.  What a pile of platitudes and lame nonsense.
Boring, repetitive.  The same balderdash he drivels on and on about — or should I pun drones on and on about — in the States.
Listening to his voice and watching his body language, I smiled a bit painfully to myself:  He knew he was flopping.
It’s hard to know whether to be outraged or delighted actually.  The fact that he was such an obvious dilettante, such a pompous, shallow poseur with nothing to say and no accomplishments to display delights me.  The gloss is coming off this jive talking slickster.  Even his intonations were jarringly inconsistent.  He struggled to sound like the “law professor” he never was.  (He was a mere law lecturer whose classes were poorly attended and poorly rated.)  He would periodically default into his other phony cadence:  The Southern Baptist preacher — preaching a blather of failed policies.  There he was on a big and all-but empty stage confronting a humiliatingly small audience.  You could even see him cringing over that, particularly when he finished.  No huge applause.  No waving arms to the rafters.  Just finish and walk off the stage with a very businesslike Kancellor of Deutschland to escort you away.  What a come down.  In front of him, another overwhelming affront:  An over-sized bullet proof glass with side flanges angled out.  He looked like an odd little fish with its own giant aquarium trying to entertain a merely gullible audience.  Gone was that rockstar moment of 200,000 people in 2008!  And the cameras were there recording a history that would not lie: He had nothing to say. 
It was a revenge of a sort, and I relish writing what an imminently forgettable flop that fop was!  He was not Kennedy or Reagan.  There was no rhetoric.  Just another wretched to-do list for this relentless Big Government Bureaucrat in Chief.  It was a speech that could have been written by Maya Angelou, America’s once poet laureate better honored as our List Compiler Laureate.  This long sought moment was a mere attempt at gloss whose sheen got duller with every word and change in accents.  Even in the Stateside media with talking heads enamored with their Community Organizer in Chief, they could not put lipstick on that pig-in-a-poke of a speech.  “Well, there was no memorable phrase.  No stirring moment.  No quotable line for history.  Yes, I mean Kennedy and Reagan did put the bar high.  But I mean, it was the TOTALITY of what he said.  It was all the things put together.  It was what it all meant.  I mean it was what was said in the whole speech….” 
Ah, the moment has arrived after a smirking Putin shrugged him off like Stalin dismissing a suppliant Ukrainian peasant with the flick of his wrist, The One is behind his fish bowl safety glass gasping for the oxygen of adulation from his audience killers like “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Or he had been waiting for.  It was an “Invitation Only” audience.  The applause getter?  “Peace between Palestinians and Israelis.”  Yes, as we look around the world, this is the peace we have been waiting for.  The most spoiled rotten “refugees” on the planet, recipients of more aid than even post-WW2 Europe from the Marshall Plan:  They are the peace we have been waiting for.  Perhaps, he could have had a mock-up of Old Jerusalem’s Western Wall built behind him and said to the Berliners, “Ani echad Palestinian”  —  Hebrew for:   “I am a Palestianian!”  (Teach those Jews a lesson….)  O.K.  “Ich bin ein Palestinian!”  Is that better?
The view from the tv screen?  So this is what a political fish out of water looks like when it can no longer hide the reeking trimethyl amines!  He comes back not from a triumphal tour, not from a forward path in Syria, not from a united front and a decision on Iran.  He did say that Iran might be seeking a nuclear bomb.  Yes!  THAT’S IT!!!!  THAT’S THE TRIUMPHAL LINE OF THE SPEECH I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!  “IRAN MIGHT BE SEEKING A NUCLEAR BOMB.”  YES!  YES!  YES!  HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE! 
Ah, the rock group Green Day had it partly right when they sang “I don’t want to be an American idiot.”  But he was.  And I am grateful for that moment at the Brandenburg Gate in a perverse way.
But I am also furious.  He humiliated my country.  We have an incompetent, effete, feckless, hopeless, helpless Dolt in Chief.  In that historic place, in front of the whole world, he has made America the butt…of Iranian jokes.  And Putin slept too well that night.
June 19, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
comments on “Syria and Egypt Can’t be fixed” 
by Spengler of the Asia Times

Re Syria, I am in complete agreement with Spengler. I have repeatedly written that partition of Syria is the best option. There is no other way to reduce the coming sectarian bloodbath. I do not believe it can be averted in its entirety. Turkey will be most displeased due to growing Kurdish independence. Too bad. Kurdish sovereignty is long overdue and Turkish hegemony over this issue has long been stale. A lot of Turkey’s political gamesmanship is long gone rancid. We should look to a new iron triangle in the Mideast: U.S., Israel and Kurdistan. The Arabs will be as shifting as their sands, at least for a good while. The great economic question is reducing famine in Syria and Egypt. In Egypt, certainly, we need to leverage significant political concessions for every grain we give them. No more playing court jester to their Mubarrak. Enough is enough already. Syria? We need to end any possibility of a Syria that can be a sponsor of Hizbollah. That will mean a truncated and not-so-truculent Alawite rump state in the west incorporating a good portion of the Mediterranean shore. However, another state should be created in the northern sector to allow for another Med-accessible polity. Various arrangements for the Druze, Christians and secularists are essential, perhaps abutting the current Israeli portion of the Golan but that may not be geographically possible given current demographic locations. The Sunnis? Good question. In one sense, it would be ironic to combine them with Iraq to balance the sectarian census but that would be difficult. It would, however, resolve the Iraqi refugee issue in that area. As for Syria’s economy? The agriculture is shot: No rain, no technology.

Referring back to Egypt, food aid should be dependent on normalizing relations with Israel. Otherwise, let the bastards starve. Enough of this knife-edge animosity and threat already.But then, we don’t have any sort of policy-making capability with this administration, do we? But I do have one idea: Obama can propose to raise the taxes on the rich in Syria and Egypt, especially the rich refugees.
Read Spengler of the Asia Times
June 19, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.’s reply to Jay Sanderson and the Jewish Federation 
Elections have consequences.
You liberal Jews jammed down our throats very substantial income tax increases under the lie that “the rich pay a little more.”
Well, I am not so rich and I am paying a helluva lot more.
Elections have consequences.  Yours is to reap the rewards of your Obama and your Jerry Brown and your tax shafts.
After 22 years of my giving to the Jewish Federation, you can now get my donation from Obama and Brown.
Elections have consequences.
You want a European social (not-so) democratic society, with me and the Federation, it already started.  In Europe, the priggish bastards expect government to do it all — after all, they pay practically everything to the government and give them dictatorial powers — so charity is quite penurious there.  With Europe…comes Europe.
I wish liberal Jews would just shut up already. 
You’re wrong on gun control.  (Jews who didn’t learn from the Shoa!  Incredible.)
You’re wrong on settlements:  They increase security, actually.  And if a million Arabs can live in Israel, then Judea and Samaria must not be Judenrein.  So stop playing the Judenrat already.  It’s disgusting. 
You were wrong on busing.  It seriously damaged education and local schooling.
You are wrong on your pro-state employee unionism.  The state of California is mega bankrupt and the teachers’ unions have helped destroy education.
You are wrong on education.  We went from core curricula to teaching feel-good, self-esteem cultism and blame the rich white male bilge of Identity Politics/Moral Relativism:  Race, Gender, Class dialectics.  Your liberal approach has marginalized the male role in society.  Many fewer men go to college.  Men no longer want to marry.  Boys are being raised without fathers and are maladjusted because liberals don’t need no man!  (See “”Men on Strike” by Dr. Helen Smith).
So now, you mamzirim screwed me on taxes but good.  After 22 years of donating, you can buzz off.  Last year was $2,200.
Not to mention your obsessions with abortion and gay marriage.  (I’m gay myself so shut up.)  You clamor about how important it is to elect Obama because of abortion and gay marriage.  Meanwhile, Iran is going to be a nuclear state, and you Obamaphants (that’s a sycophant with leftist obsessions) are too ga-ga over Obambi to realize what a total screw up he is.  (Benghazi anyone?  But you people REALLY DO NOT GET IT!  Do you?)  Anyway, I’ve taken far too much of your time with reading this.  You need to go back to your off-year electioneering for more taxes, more over regulation and more trial lawyer lawsuits.  I’ve got two corporations to run — and lawyers (often, viciously leftist Jews BTW) with made up claims to run from.  This last year alone, we’ve beaten back five actual and threatened lawsuits.  Beaten back?  Really?  At what cost in time and money?  Who was the one who was really beaten down?
Just get me off your mailing list.  Get your money from Obambi and Brown.  Get your money from the trial lawyers.  (I forgot.  Those bastards are usually tight-fisted hypocrites as well.)
BTW, did you see the columns in Pravda (I mean, the L.A. Jewish Journal) and Izvestia (I mean, The Forward) by, respectively, Shmuel Rosner and Gal Beckerman expressing their reluctance to disbelieve the al-Dura/France 2 blood libel against the IDF, that Israel should get over its (supposed) obsession with the al-Dura matter?  That it might really have still happened, etc?  This is YOUR crowd, Jay.  They’re despicable and you can have them.
And I’ve got better uses for what’s left of my money after you leftist thugs use government thuggery to take over 50% of it.

June 16, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
JJ Goldberg’s Column on Why More Terrorism in The Forward

JJ Goldberg and I continue to disagree.  I think Rubin’s colum does a far better job of expaining why your analysis of increased terror — that U.S. anti-terror measures including warfare provokes or leads to it — is wrong than I could so I’ve pasted it below for you.  If your logic is correct, then it leads to the ineluctable conclusion that the U.S. should abandon its support of Israel; otherwise, they will always have that excuse to attack us.  It would be the victory the jihadis want — the first victory, that is.
Your interpretation fails to recognize the fact that every Taliban beating and killing of a female for “sharia” reasons is an act of terror that has nothing to do with the U.S. — and one that occurs with far greater frequency that U.S. “inspired” terror.
To paraphrase Rubin, they want want they want and they are going to get it — with or without acts of terror:  A world of Dar-es-Salem.  A world without haram.  To that extent, I suggest you look up the origins of the name Bokko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist group.  Without any provocation from the Pentagon, these terrorists took a name that means anything Western is haram – forbidden, or should be.  And that “should be” includes terrorist mass murder.  After all, they have to compensate for centuries of weakness and disgrace.
Blaming George Bush or any other such rearrangement of of BDS — the other BDS, Bush Derangement Syndrome – is poor scholarship at best.  Blame Bush.  Blame U.S. policy.  Blame America.  Blame the West.  Blame Israel.  Or assign responsibility where it belongs.
I will say, it is getting more and more difficult for me to stomach either the L.A. Jewish Journal and The Forward.  I try to stay abreast of what the left thinks, but it is becoming an increasingly sickening exercise.  In that regard, your column on Bibi sabotaging peace talks with the Palestinians would be quite convincing if it were not for the constant drumbeat of incitement, including from Mahmoud Abbas himself.  I prefer the idea of a unilateral withdrawal from areas A and B, retention of security in the Jordan Valley, and the major settlement blocs with ongoing settlement around them.  As for Jerusalem, I do not care about Abu Dis.  As for Old Jerusalem, not an inch.  They’d only desecrate it and worse.
BTW, I’m curious. Did you ever write a column about negotiating a “give back” of the Golan to Syria?  You could save me some research.  I’d appreciate knowing.
Read Barry Rubin’s article:

June 3, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
commenting on an article written about the AL Dura Affair
“Shame on Shmuel Rosner. Shame on the Jewish Journal.”


Please forward this to your “Senior Political Editor,” Shmuel Rosner. I do not believe he will have any real concern over this letter.
Like most of the Journal’s staff, he obviously has no respect for the opinions of others. His ego and thorough lack of disdain for truth is all too evidence from the subject column. My excoriation of his column, however, is a matter of record that he should have.
I read his May 31-June 6, 2013 column on the MaD affair with increasing dismay and final unadulterated anger and disgust. It is a thoroughly dishonest, unprofessional and sloppy hack job. His pathetic “analysis” was — by his own confession within the column — fatally biased by his having already been on record as accepting the Palestinian version and being part of “journalist” lynch mob that defamed and denigrated those who sought to prove the charges a hoax.
Perhaps the most vile part of the piece was his deliberate omission of the epic labors — legally, forensically, politically and publicly — of Philppe Karsenty to expose this vicious fraud perpetrated by Palestinians and French Channel 2. This omission was nothing less than ruthlessly malicious. Reference to Karsenty would have allowed anyone to look up his encyclopedic amount of work on refuting the charges and holding those French “journalists” and producers responsible for it accountable. Rosner’s dishonesty in this particular “oversight” is a sin by omission, calculated and malignant omission.
The net effect of the article is to leave profound doubt of the denials and rebuttals that the claimed assassination of the 12-year old had occurred. Rosner deliberately elided the mountain of evidence from the investigations and records of court hearings and rulings that irrefutably rebut the Blood Libel Rosner had — by his own admission — so rigorously defended — and for so long. Rosner even went so far as to downplay the global effect of the false murder accusation. In fact, there were even billboards in Africa, postage stamps “commemorating” the (non-)event, and innumerable deaths and acts of violence were instigated.
Another despicable aspect of Rosner’s horrid little scree was that it was published by the International Herald-Tribune (a publication of the New York Times). Fortunately, it was at the Latitude blog and not in the paper itself. Hopefully, that limited the damage done by him. It was not a surprise that the NYT would publish his piece, given its unremitting doubt and unlimited willingness to find Israel culpable. For the typical European-based reader of the IHT, Rosner’s piece gives Israel no surcease from the Euro-hatred it endures. The piece is too-easily cherry-picked by those looking to criticize Israel. It was a piece better never written.
Where to start? The bullet holes in the wall where the father and son were crouching, were fired at 90 degrees. In other words, they were fired after-the-fact by Arabs straight into the wall from close range. The Israeli troops were at a broad, oblique angle to the location of the al-Duras, and there were no such bullet holes. At least Rosner managed to “mention” that the little brat was moving around and looking up at the camera for approval after he was “dead,” and some reference to the father’s “wounds” being from 8-year old scars. Rosner left out that Israel would know about them because he was treated there for that original injury. The Israeli doctor’s rejection of the source of the wounds, at least, Rosner put in, but he omitted that al-Dura was treated for them in Israel, and, if I remember correctly, by the same doctor. Rosner otherwise buried those poison pills to the Palestinian narrative in his doubt and professed bias. He also left out that the “corpse” did not look like al-Dura and it actually arrived at the morgue while al-Dura was still at the road junction. The non-credible timing of the arrival of the ambulance, which was quick as a cuckoo clock announcing the hour, was also omitted. Rosner’s omissions were voluminous.
Even worse, Rosner left out all the chicanery of the French “news” people, from their top executives down to the cameraman at the scene and the history of their steadily losing court battles. Why worse? Because he covered up the conspiracy of the elite news media of France in conspiring to falsely accuse Israel of child murder. He might have mentioned, however, the outrage of the producer of this sham recently received an award from the president of France. But why upset your leftist, pro-European intellectual bias by exposing the hypocrisy of giving a high honor to a man whose propaganda had an effect that would have earned him a prize from Joseph Goebbels?
I have often wondered about some of the opinions, interpretations and conclusions of Rosner. On this matter, I have no doubt and likely a roadmap out of any future “confusion.”
Jonah, I hope that working for this outfit is not compromising what I want to believe is your ethical foundation. Rosner’s column is the worst sort of shandah. It is lashon ha-rah, slanderous gossip — and one against the Jewish state.
Shame on Shmuel Rosner. Shame on the Jewish Journal.
Sleepless in L.A.

May 10, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
“Two States, One Country, Israel-Palestine:  A Path Towards a Shared Future.”

I believe Dr. William Selig’s coalition, Universal Peace Federation, should have much higher and more pressing priorities in the Mideast than seeking Palestinian sovereignty over another dysfunctional state. They have already made a maxi-terror mini-state out of Gaza and have been part of the process of radicalizing the Sinai’s Bedouins and destroying security and tourism there. Abbas and his sons are corrupt to the core and even Prime Minister Fayyad finally had to quit, not because of Israel or any occupation, but because of the corruption of his own polity — such as it is. The Palestinians show no signs that having a “state” in Judea and Samaria will mean that they will stop teaching their children to hate and commit murder and to have the murder of the Jewish state as their highest if not sole goal. “Palestine” is in the situation it is not because it is not a “real” state but because it has been a dysfunctional, hate-filled society for 100 years. They were allies of Hitler and have not changed one whit. Please look up your history on that one. You will find it most enlightening. Hitler’s Meinkampf and the Tsarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are de rigeur reading in what you want to give the dignity and status of statehood.
As far as the rest of the Mideast is concerned, there is genital mutilation of women, the general oppression of women, the oppression and even murder of gays, the lack of religious freedom, the lack of political dissent, the lack of civil society and rules. Never mind “democracy,” they cannot even treat their own neighbors with decency. Please start there. Muslims need to address Muslims and stop trying to tell the Jewish state what it should or should not do. Frankly, Arabs in Judea and Samaria have more rights as far as the Israeli “occupation” is concerned than they do under the rule of their Palestinian Authority. For that matter, they have far more rights than do Arabs in most Arab countries. Why? Because they are influenced by the Jewish state and there is a limit to the barbarity that Israel will permit under its jurisdiction. Notice that Hamas slaughtered Fatah in Gaza, not in the “West Bank.” When Fatah soldiers had to flee Hamas, they fled straight into Israel and begged to be transferred to the “occupied territory.”
As well intentioned as you are sir, you need to get your priorities and understanding of the region in order. You will always find a few Israelis and other Jews who will rabble rouse for a Palestinian state or even swoon over a Palestinian state. Such naifs exist in every society on any particular issue. They are wilfully naive or even recklessly hostile to what would be the outcome given current and future realities.
Your first and foremost concern right now should be Syria, not only the slaughter going on there but the disposition of the chemical weapons and the longer range missiles than can deliver a 1,000-1,500-lb. payload including CWs. Leave Israel alone and worry about your own people and the situation in Syria. Leave Israel alone and worry about what a nuclear Iran will mean to its Arab neighbors. The Palestinians already have a state anyway. It’s called Jordan — and the only reason why Jordan is as civilized as it is, is because it is ruled by a Hashemite King, Abdullah. Palestinian rule over Jordan might seem more “democratic” but it would, in short order, degrade into a savage dictatorship rife with corruption. It would reek revenge against the Hashemites and declare war against its neighboring Jews. Please think things through.
As far as your organization’s nonsensical idea of a single “shared” state, that is utter nonsense. It is a not-so stealth path to destruction of the restored Jewish community. Never mind what the pattern already set by the Arab abuse of the Jews that had lived in those regions even before they became Islamic. Just consider how the Arabs have driven out the Christians from Iraq. The Pakistanis have savagely, ruthlessly, criminally assailed and murdered many of its few Christians who are generally in flight. Egypt’s treatment of its Coptics is utterly despicable, frequently loathsomely savage. There is a recent Youtube from Egypt of a crowd murderously assaulting a Coptic woman shouting “Kill the Christian.” It’s on I’m sure you know the group. As far as the vile abuse of Christians in the Muslim world is concerned, Raymond Ibrahim of Daniel Pipe’s Mideast Forum covers this topic extensively. His reports are horrifying. Review them. Think of what your organization might do on that issue. The Palestinians are not being subjected to mass oppression and murder by the Israelis. Christians in the Mideast, however, are being subjected to an historic level of mass criminal abuse.
Please leave the Jews alone and see after your fellow Muslims. They need your help more than we Jews. We can take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the Muslim Mideast.


May 10, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
The Unbearable Lightness of Syria Policy: Supporting Assad’s non-jihadist enemies may be our least bad option
  Again, I put destruction of the CWs, the missiles and their factories first on what should be our list of priorities. Otherwise, I think the small arms option a good one but I think it will be very hard to have a post-Assad Syria without the jihadis having a major say unless the country is broken up a bit. Then, whatever the jihadis get will be a stump. They will, however, car bomb whatever they wish in areas trying to live in quiet enjoyment.

Yes, we should support the formation of such a coalition, federalist entity, but it would never encompass the whole country. Too many other factions I think.

But we will not do so. It is the unbearable lightness of Obamaness that will never seek even this modest outcome. Obambi could not even send a rescue attempt to Benghazi (though it may have been to cover up a gun running to Syria operation), so I can’t see him engaged in a far more involved operation even to lightly arm civilians-cum-victims.
Evidently Bibi informed Obama that Russia is “selling” F300 anti-aircraft missiles to Syria. This is a sure sign that Putin has nothing but contempt for the lightness of Obamaness and that the U.S. is already a paper tiger in the region. (I really don’t understand why Israel did the Med gas field deal with that mamzir.) I feel sorry for your Syriac visitors. They are now without a country. How (formerly) Jewish.
May 8, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Getting rid of Bashar Assad won’t end Syria’s civil war
As a matter of housekeeping, I have to dissent from your proposition (in your article below) that there was any successful reconciliation between Turkey and Israel. Turkey, as I feared greatly aforehand, did indeed seize upon the opportunity to cry victory, wave a bloody victory banner and otherwise indulge in excessive celebration over a cheap score. The first time, the apology nonsense was floated, I wrote feverishly numerous emails protesting the idea at the time. Unfortunately, what I knew then has come to pass.
Otherwise, I quite agree with you that setting Assad aside will accomplish little to nothing. But it is not surprising that a U.S. administration headed by one so self-infatuated would see a major current event through the lens of the Great Man Theory of History — President Obama, I believe, believing himself to be one of them. Even if the administration really does not believe its own rhetoric about Assad needing to leave, the utterance by repetition has taken on the mantle of what passes for our Syria policy. (The second principle being the use of CWs are a red line — of sorts — depending on the “operative word…’perception.'”
We do need one policy in Syria: That is, we need to destroy the chemical weapons and longer range, heavier payload missiles of the regime. Any informed observer knows that the disposition of these weapons, and particularly the CWs, should have no higher priority. They apparently have none.
Obama’s sole concern seems to be, again, “perception”: The perception that he actually has a policy; that there are certain principles being upheld by the policy such as a concern for the innocent; that there is a red line. Otherwise, the administration will content itself with the perception of some modicum of humanitarian aid. The other, and certainly confusing perception, is the hectoring of the Russians in this matter. To what end, I have no idea since the alternative is a collection of al Qaeda, al Shebab and other fanatic malcontents who are even more unstable than the Saddam-like Assads. The one certain reality is that the administration seems determined to stay out of the war even if that means CWs start going astray — if they haven’t already. This foolish calculation has been made despite the fact that destroying the CWs and more sophisticated missiles does not mean that we would have to otherwise take sides. In fact, as far as U.S. public opinion is concerned, it would undoubtedly support destroying these dangerous tools and celebrate that we would have done so without taking sides, other than knowing and appreciating that the action helps protect our increasingly valuable ally Israel.
As for Iran helping Assad so far to the tune of $12.6 billion, it is a music that has a refrain reminiscent of Russia’s “investment” in Afghanistan, another deluge devant le tombe. By all means, let Iran bankrupt itself!
Rather than opine about what a future Syria might or should look like, I hold the position that we should focus on the one thing that will determine what that future will be more than anything else: The status of the CWs and larger missiles. There is no sense prognosticating, tea leaving, wonking, or applying any other future tense to Syria as long as those accursed instruments of the evil Assad and Iranian regimes, facilitated by the Russians and various European “allies”, are dealt with and with finality.

Read Gary C. Gambill:


April 30, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
The Other Bluffer Barack Obama isn’t the only world leader issuing threats that he won’t execute.

It seems a bit more complicated. We dont have to react to Syria’s first or even second use of CWs.
First, on the anti-Assad side of the ledger, we have no allies, not of any heft that will matter to the outcome. The penetration by al-Q and its ilk appears to have become overwhelming.
Second, if — and it is a real “if” — the U.S. is to move against Iran, it cannot afford to bog itself down with Syria. The first view is that by not moving against Syria, we have already failed the Syria test. I am not convinced of that. Better we save our powder for Iran as long as Syria’s CWs remain within Assad’s control.
Also, better if Israel is our proxy, if possible, to move against Syria’s CWs when the timing is right leaving the bigger badder Iran to us.
But who knows.
And that’s the real problem.
Read Bret Stephens:
April 3, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters at NYC 92nd St Y Urging BDS — and UJA-Federation Money

Dear Mssrs Ruskay (United Jewish Appeal), Levin (Jewish Federation) and Sadler (92nd St Y):

Roger Waters is so pathologically anti-Israel, he’s anti-Semitic. If you haven’t already done so, you can google his “presentation” to the UN Human Rights Commission – an oxymoron as you know – and listen to it. Rogers’ gruel is the usual unfair fare of half-truths, untruths, double standards and out-of-context misrepresentation. The manner of his presentation oozes contempt.

He has a right of free speech, but the 92nd St Y has no obligation to give him a forum to exercise it. Mr. Waters is at liberty to find a facility that receives no Jewish communal funding and rent the hall at his own expense. It is insidious that a facility known to have strong connections to the Jewish community is being used for such a nefariously anti-Jewish/anti-Israel event.
Having decided to permit the 92nd Street Y to be co-opted, the UJA-Federation likewise has no obligation to continue to subsidize the 92nd St Y no matter how much “good” they otherwise do. A standard has to be set and a lesson needs to be taught if the Jewish community hopes to draw the line on BDS activity. As you know, Mr. Waters led the effort to intimidate Stevie Wonder to cancel his performance in Israel, led a boycott of the Israeli Philharmonic performance at Carnegie Hall, and otherwise uses his public profile to gain attention and influence if not intimidate his peers in the performance world in his ceaseless cause against the Jewish state, a campaign that can only generate anti-Semitism and even alienation from Judaism and Israel by what has become an alarming number of Jewish youth. Mr. Waters has indicated that the anti-Israel BDS campaign is now his life priority. To their disgrace, apparently, Jewish community organizations are refusing to make any appropriate response. While Mr. Waters is obviously not the only source of alienation and disinterest in Israel by Jewish youth, but he is at least one source that is easy to oppose. The failure to do so is all the more of a disgrace to Jewish leadership.
Mr. Waters is toxic. He is a vile propagandist and supporter of rejectionism and extremism; yet, the communal dollars of greater New York City are going to help him air his views unopposed or virtually so.
Only Jews can be so open minded as to insist on subsidizing one of his forums. This is not being “open-minded.” This is where it crosses the line to having a hole in the head, a distinction made by Congressman Gary Ackerman in describing some of the machinations of J Street.
As a relevant aside, I find it noteworthy that even though California has a smaller Jewish population than New York and is eleven times further the distance from Washington, D.C., the state — and particularly Los Angeles — turns out a larger crowd for the annual AIPAC Policy Conference than does New York. Perhaps it is because NYC is another sort of ground zero: Jews who don’t care enough about Israel or Jews to defend the Jewish state or Jews from rabid haters like Roger Waters much less lobby in support of the U.S.-Israel relationship.
A final point: This is yet again another example where being “liberal” — in this case, a misplaced “obligation” to free speech — and a concomitant refusal to defend against an attack from the left no matter how pernicious, takes precedence over the far more urgent task of defending the right — yes, RIGHT! — of existence of the Jewish state and its concomitant need for common sense support from the diaspora. Somehow, the very real right of existence of the Jewish state should take precedence over the fabricated right of Mr. Waters to use the 92nd Street Y as a podium for his hatred.
I look forward to your response other than listing me on a potential donor email list. – I decline to support your out-of-state organizations, particularly when they appear to be so incapable of defending our own in your own backyard.
March 29
Sleepless in L.A.
The U.S. Role in Warming Israeli-Turkish Relations

Stratfor’s article regarding Israel’s totally failed “apology” to Turkey (that Obama forced Israel to give), is utter rubbish!
As usual, Stratfor gets Israel and its region dead wrong. This is one of their worst though.
I disagree with Dr. Pipes, which is usually unthinkable for me. I think the apology was a big mistake. Pipes takes an ironic view: It backfired so badly, it taught Israelis who thought Israel should swallow the guff and do it and Obamaites (who usually can’t think straight about anything) a lesson about Erdogan and Turkey. I take a more literal view: It was obvious that Erdogan was going to abuse the apology (he did), it undermined Erdogan’s domestic opponents who criticize him for screwing up relations with Israel, and it turns facts (and a UN investigation finding) on their head and is now an ongoing problem for Israel, in effect taking blame for what was an unprovoked, murderous assault by Turkish and other Islamists. I agree with Ephraim Inbar’s article that Israel’s apology to Turkey was a mistake.

Turkey cannot help the U.S. in the region. In fact, the Syrian debacle has proven how hopelessly helpless Turkey actually is. Further, Turkey will never help the U.S. against Iran, not seriously.
Again, Stratfor is pathetically wrong: Rather than needing Turkey more than ever in the world of Arab Climate Change, Turkey has become part of the problem. We have only one real ally: Israel. If we are going to save Jordan — if we can — only Israel can help us. Turkey cannot and would not. Further, Turkey’s motives are highly suspect at this point.

March 25, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Germany and Genocide – Again
While it was not just Germany, Germany provided the largest amount of technology to Saddam which he used in massacring the Kurds.
Interesting how many European countries provided the weapons of murder to Saddam including the most self-righteous leftists of Spain considering how Europe is otherwise so ready to condemn Israel, even for imagined wrongs. (The fact that Europe’s anti-Israel criticisms are almost always taken out of the greater situational context, disproportionate, and isolated in a world of wrongs is another never-ending sore point.)
I believe the Saddam’s Anfal campaign to destroy Kurdish resistance, nationalism and identity actually murdered 300,000 people, not 186,000. Most, I believe were women and children as well. (Ah, where was Europe’s Chattering Class for that one? To beating up on Israel on the one hand and making profits from Saddam on the other, I suppose.) Note that “Anfal” is a Koranic term for spoils of war.
Very interesting that the delivery of the last two Dolphin Class submarines were delivered free to Israel because of damage done by Saddam’s Scuds, not WW2 reparations. Apparently, German companies had upgraded the Scuds to where they were able to hit Israel. It was not a fair exchange in costs as the subs cost about $650 million and the damage to Israel in property and lost economic activity easily exceeded that sum. When will they ever learn? Never, actually.
Otherwise, the U.S. would have done something about Iran already.
by Kenneth R. Timmerman

March 25, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Take on Obama’s visit

 I think he made a hash of things speaking to the college kids about “peace in our time” instead of serious issues, Syrian CWs and Iranian nukes, to the Knesset. He never fails to disappoint on this end. I’m aware that Obama came to speak to the people over the heads of the leaders . I don’t like it. It’s inappropriate for my president to pull a stunt like that. He needed to be a grown up and talk to the Knesset — and therefore the world — about Syria and Iran. He’s a flake. Even when the script is handed him, he has to improv with B.S. We need to take the CWs out. Work with our partners and force them to work together. It would also send the right message to Iran for a change. The current hands off policy is sending the wrong message. Again. It was clearly engineered to speak to the people over the heads of the leaders
March 24, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
PA removed map-shaped monument so Obama wouldn’t see it
Same old same old.
Speaking with forked tongue.
March 20, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Explaining Obama’s Fixation with Israel

Liberals and their media will not be able to find any issue that will gain as much traction as Israel (Jews) and the Arabs.
Assuming the hostilities were settled (HAH!), how easy it would be to ignore slaughters in Africa, starvation and water shortages there and elsewhere — except for announcements at rock and roll concerts — and focus on something truly pressing such as more “free” health care.
What care they about women and gays in the Muslim world? The Israel-Arab confrontation seems to be the sole excuse for these crypto anti-Semites to begrudgingly allow there is a world outside of their domestic redistribution schemes. Otherwise, they truly wish to withdraw America from a world they believe we are otherwise afflicting by our mere existence.

March 18, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
The American consulate seems to be exclusively aimed at benefiting West Bank and east Jerusalem Palestinians. This is horrific. Can you forward to as many members of Congress as possible? This should become public in the U.S. There are a lot of people who should be fired over this. The woman involved made aliyah. She is the great niece of the late Sen. Arlen Spector. She is a highly qualified medical professional. And a victim of Jew hatred in our “consulate” in Jerusalem.
March 11, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
So much for Turkey as an EU member, if there was any doubt at this point.
What is disturbing is how Obama thought Turkey could be elevated above Israel as a strategic ally. It is a clear demonstration of the incompetence of Obama and his team.
Kerry, ironically, is having to do clean up from that four-year farce.
BTW, add Turkey as a subject to the President’s itinerary when he visits the Mideast this month.
What a mess.
Does he get it yet that Israel is all we have out there? Great article.


March 11, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Did you see any of Hagel’s press conference yesterday in Afghanistan?

Talking about a deer caught in the headlights.


February 24, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.’s letter to Bob Simon regarding his segment on CBS 60 Minutes
“Will Israel’s Iron Dome Help Bring Peace?”

A line-by-line critique of your “Iron Dome” report would be too much, but even the opening lines of Mr. Simon’s reporting begs correction. The “only thing” Israelis could do was not run for cover from the rockets and missiles besieging them for so many years. Israel is actually capable of a massive invasion of Gaza and Lebanon — simultaneously if need be — that would utterly destroy every single structure and eliminate the entire terrorist threat, albeit with a high rate of collateral damage. So Israel has shown forbearance that no other country on this planet would, partially because of the hyperbolic, histrionic, vituperate, relentless, grossly distorted criticism that would be elicited from your Mr. Simon – an acerbic criticism reserved, apparently, for Israel but not the heirs of Nazi propaganda, Jew hatred and genocidal yearnings that are the hallmark of Hamas, Hizbollah, and yes, even Fatah, daily incitement. Oh, would that Mr. Simon would actually report on that as well. So, the Israelis have chosen to suffer PTSD, causualties, property destruction and hellish lives so that Mr. Simon can ask the inane question, “Will Iron Dome Mean Peace”? Gentlemen, Iron Dome will mean peace and quiet for Israelis but it will not bring a peace treaty, and at this point, I do not understand how supercilious questions such as Mr. Simon’s can get asked by presumably sophisticated international reporters. Turning to the end of the peace, Mr. Simon confounds history as his opening remark confounds one’s reason. The Arabs were killing Jews before there was an Israel, and not just in “Palestine.” The Arabs were allies of Hitler. Please read some WW2 history. I can’t give you a history course in an email, but the leader of the Palestinians, the Grand Mufti Haj Amin El-Husseini (a cousin of Arafat, whom he later mentored) was a Nazi ally, was given a tour of Auschwitz by Himmler, was made a Commander in the Waffen-SS by Hitler himself, raised two battalions of Muslim Croats to fight with the Germans, murdered en masse Jews, Gypsies and partisans. He personally interceded twice to assure the gassing first of 900 Hungarian children and then 5,000 Hungarians of all ages. He was active in East Europe urging the destruction of the Jews and the cooperation of local governments. His adamant refusal to allow Jews into the British Mandate over the holy land was a direct, major influence in the drafting of the Wansee Protocols, the Final Solution. The Arabs have sworn genocide against the Jews for 100 years. They have attempted it repeated against Israel beginning in 1947 with increased Palestinian attacks and in 1948 with the attacks by Israel’s neighbors. The charter of Hamas repeats a Haddith that invokes the final destruction of the Jews in the Muslim version of the end of days. This is repetitious already. It’s been stated countless, unfathomable times, including to this network. How can your producers and Mr. Simon still put out this simplistic jingoism that the “settlements” have anything to do with Arab Jew hatred? If that is true, then why do Sharia fundamentalists advocate stoning homosexuals? Are there homosexual settlements somewhere in Saudi Arabia? Surrounding the al-Aqsa mosque? Fanatic hate is fanatic hate. Further, why is there even more hatred of Jews in Gaza, where there are no Jews, then in Judea and Samaria where there are many Jews? Apparently, actually living near or next to Jews seems to be somewhat helpful, contrary to the Judenrein vision unintentionally advocated by your report. So before CBS advocates a true Apartheid state — one without Jews — consider much more carefully the accuracy and logic of what you are advocating. (The question of whether a report such as this one should be advocating anything rather than reporting is another matter.) The real story of Iron Dome however, is that it has changed military strategic thinking about missile defense — and that Ronald Reagan was right. For this, the U.S. potentially owes Israel an enormous thanks for protecting the future of our troops in battle theaters as well as civilian populations all over the world. In the future, please get the story right.


February 23, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Lists of Jews Compiled At Hungary’s Largest University

Pretty creepy.
February 21,2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Hagel is weak, dim…

Hagel is weak, dim…loves our enemies and hates our friends. For Obama, whats not to like? Hagel will try to reduce our military to a paper tiger that Ron Paul will hail.

The PERFECT guy to hand the Defense Portfolio.
February 20,2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Sequestration’s Devastating Effects Will Be Felt at Home and Abroad – JINSA Report

Gage some of these cutbacks such as missile defense and withdrawing a carrier from the Gulf region against the money foolishly squandered by this incomprehensibly incompetent administration on its crony capitalism faves in Green Energy nonsense. Billions are frittered away while hundreds of millions would shore up critical technology and a few billion would shore up needed security.

February 19, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Diet: Would Egypt and the Region Survive?
The 900-lb gorilla of ironies in all this is that if that insufferably arrogant, anti-Semitic fop Mubarak had warmed up the peace with Israel, the country’s agriculture would have been in much better shape and undoubtedly averted this disaster, not to mention that the revolution would probably never have happened and tourism would have maintained. They sowed a terrible whirlwind for themselves. The Jew/Israel hatred cultivated by Mubarak was the fertilizer for the MB and a  crisis with entropic portent.
The further irony is that America’s MB-Infatuate-in-Chief, instead of praising Morsi and the MB, should be lecturing them on the dividends of  normalizing the situation with Israel.

Even less likely to happen with the Kerry-Hagel-Brennan Troika. If Hagel is replaced, no matter how sensible he/she might be, the new Sec. Def.  won’t stand a chance given the momentum from the White House, State and CIA.

Nobody has the money to bail them out. Nor should the MB be bailed out.
I can’t see a solution. I suspect at some point, the U.S. will be sending over freighters loaded with bags of wheat.
Food aid again. But no solution.
February 15, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
The American Babe in the Iranian Wood
We are in a very bad position and making silly decisions and… it goes on.
February 14, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
This is an excellent essay on the Pope.
Without going into details, it is a commentary that the Bishop of Wooster, MA is badly in need of reading. He’s a fool. I fear that the next Pope will not have anywhere near the intellectual power of  Benedict XVI.
February 14, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Obama to America: I’m Backing Democracy and Human Rights; Egyptian Human Rights Activist: No, You’re Not!
Certainly, those who see democracy in the Mideast, China and East Europe are not duped by the West’s main stream media con job.
They know that Obama — and now Kerry, Hagel and Brennan – are frauds, as do many Israelis. It is a travesty that so many Americans are so clueless.
February 13, 2012
Sleepless in L.A.
Any attack on Iran by the U.S. should include taking out their navy.
February 11, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Argentina’s Pact with the Devil
In the narrative below, the Israeli ambassador could have (if he didn’t actually do so) reminded the Argentine foreign minister that Israel has every right to protest how Argentina was handling the Iranian bombings because the first one was the Israeli embassy and that the argument that Israel has no right to claim concern over Argentina’s own Jewish population is irrelevant. Israel has every right to object to Argentina’s betrayal of its legal obligation to protect the sovereign Embassy of Israel.
Otherwise, this is the sort of crap I expect from Argentina going back to Juan Peron.
February 11, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Yeah, I know. It’s like TOTALLY LAME! Already….
I suppose if one is incapable of making an actual judgment that Obama is a total incompetent and endangering the homeland, then you’ll read this and feel sorry for him: “Oh, dear. What a terrible world that wonderful, brilliant, transcendent would-be worker of wonders must deal with! How unfair of the world to be so…unfair….”
Yeah, I know. It’s like TOTALLY LAME! Already….
What does one do with these facts? Well, if you’re an Obama-ite you spin, ignore, blame George Bush, find a multi-cultural reason not to reason it through — or have a sudden need to go meditate so your groove doesn’t come unglued. I know a few of those too. We all do, don’t we? And don’t forget, gay marriage and abortion trumps nuclear Iran or Syrian chemical weapons spreading like water from a broken dam. Or, “I just want a president who agrees with my positions on those issues. It’s how I FEEL.”
You’ve got an incoming Director of CIA who refuses to say that Islam itself is largely responsible for the world’s mess. A Director who has purged texts at the direction of the heads of CAIR and other domestic Islamist radicals. (I know, “Islamist radical” is redundant, but some people still don’t get it — including our CIA director.)
Read on. It only hurts. At least those of us who have a modicum of common sense left.

February 10, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Saudi Court Releases Imam Who Raped, Murdered 5-Yr. Old Daughter

The title left out torture. Brace yourselves for the details in the article. This stuff has been going on forever in Saudi Arabia, but Europe’s “intellectual” class would rather stay obsessed with those damned Jews. I mean, “illegitimate Zionist occupiers.” Of course, “the occupation” now includes Tel Aviv. But we have a detour here from the usual. One case finally leaked out in Saudi Arabia. Will they behead “Daddy” now that it’s causing a ruckus? Will they do it on live tv just to make it “look good”? Since they practice punitive amputation, perhaps they’ll opt for Daddy’s little head over his big one? Whatever is a decadent, vilely primitive Saudi despot to do when one of his baboon collection goes out of control? Before this is over, Daddy will blame it on a Zionist plot. After all, he is a popular tv imam. When he goes to Paradise — after all, he’ll blame it all on the Jews and should receive dispensation from Allah for that — according to him, his daughter can’t be one of his 72 virgins. That’s why Dirty Dingbat Daddy claimed he had a right to torture, rape and murder her. The sooner Saudi Arabia’s degenerate leadership gets it over with, the sooner the West’s Chattering Useful Idiots can get back to condemning Israel. I had one amusing thought. On BHO’s upcoming trip to Israel, he is also supposed to go to Saudi Arabia. Wouldn’t it be funny if the feminist left in Europe and America protested that leg of the trip in memory of that poor little girl? Nahhh! They’re in bed (with the devil, so to speak) — and the left will NEVER do anything so uncouth as to imply any criticism of Prophet BHO. But I’m sure our State Department condemns such acts — by an individual…. After all, they can’t condemn the society that bred Dirty, Dingbat Dad — and then let him go. File this one along with all the college dorm young women who burned to death in Saudi Arabia because the key keeper wouldn’t unlock the door so they could escape when the building was burning. After all, they wouldn’t be properly attired if they ran out in their nighties. But at least they died virgins. Maybe Dirty Dingbat Dad could ask Allah for a few of them?


February 9, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
Syria: Everyone But Obama Wanted Action Jarrow
It never gets better. It just gets worse and worse — as does the chore of reading items such as this. There is no hope and no help for it. With the slavishly obsequeous press — both “mainstream” and the “Useful Idiots” of the always left Jewish press — stories such as this do not reach the public. Intellectual, political blogs carry a daily death toll of common sense and mark step-by-step the path to utter nihilism and destruction throughout the Mideast along with the West’s own determined slog into a swamp of geopolitical quicksands much of its out making.
Ironically, Hillary Clinton but expectedly then-CIA Director Patraeus and other security and foreign policy heads urged that the U.S. find and support pro-Western, non-Islamist groups in Syria. Ironic for Hillary because she is on record that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “secular organization.” (You just can’t make that stuff up. At least, I can’t.) Given my insignificant voice in these matters, I too was advocating the same policy.
But not our BHO. Oh No BHO!
Now, G-d help us.
The chemical weapons are Damascus’s ultimate Sword of Damacles over the entire region. They are the hope chest for Hizzbollah and the grab bag in waiting of the local al-Qaeda & the Gang groups.
It is a subregion preparing itself for chaos, disintegration and cycles of further hideous violence, guaranteed by BHO’s refusal to lead even from behind.
Syria is a subject for conversation between BHO and Bibi in their upcoming meeting with a huge no go zone for Bibi. He dare not say what’s on his mind: “Mr. President. YOU FUCKED UP! AGAIN!” But it will be screaming in his mind as they talk about…Iran….
You can’t make this stuff up. The author below, Elliot Abrams, served as Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs in the early 1980s and later as Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs. During G.W. Bush’s first term, he served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director on the National Security Council for Near East and North African Affairs. At the start of Bush’s second term, Abrams was promoted to be his Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy, in charge of promoting Bush’s strategy of advancing democracy abroad. The Council on Foreign Relations is generally believed to be the nation’s most influential think tank on foreign affairs. It publishes a bi-monthly journal, Foreign Affairs. Read on.


February 7, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
A special place in Hades for the English “Intellectuals”

This is the London Sunday Times?

They should rename it the London Der Sturmer Times.
And of course they will never report on the literally Nazi-like hatred that is published everyday in the Arab world against Christians, Jews and Israel.
They won’t report on it because they are now part of it.
Almost makes me disgusted that English is my native language.
Civilization? What is it becoming? What is it doing to itself?
A little fantasy: A group of Jews charter a plane to Israel from London. They hold a press conference before boarding the plane.
They hold up a copy of this Sunday Times. They then hold up an English flag, paste the cartoon to the flag. Then past a Der Sturmer banner heading above the cartoon. Drop it on the floor and walk to the plane.
I’m sure the paper will answer it with a cartoon portraying the emigrating Jews as goosestepping to the plane to Israel….
February 4, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
EU sanctions are not working against Ahmadinejad and Iran.  Almost every sanctioned Iranian company or individual
is suing the EU — and some of them are winning. …

It really does get depressing. There just never seem to be an end of it. There is always some “higher intellectual” rationale for utter rot, dirvel — and civilizational suicide, if not aiding and abetting wholesale murder such as the EU’s refusal to designate Hizbollah a terrorist organization, which allows these latter day Nazis to raise millions of dollars from Europe.
My middle finger to the U.K. over the video of the IQ2 debate about Israel’s settlements was my response to the obvious, intense dislike of Israel — meaning Jews — as the real issue, not “settlements.” If settlements are an injustice, then I can site numerous injustices far more egregious than anything Israel is doing or has done in the Judea and Samaria — assuming arguendo the settlements are an injustice and they are not. What China has done and is doing in Tibet is an historic crime as is China’s facilitation of the mass murdering North Korean regime. The deaths of 5 millions in the Congo is another. Of course, the ongoing slaughter in Syria might raise an eyebrow. In fact, that is all the “ire” it would raise: The higher eyebrow ire. These other issues would “incite” a polite, bloodless, intellectual debate at IQ2 and some hand wringing and most of the other effete salons of Europe, but mention Israel and the EU blood just boils. Well, so does mine and any other lover of Israel that is sick and tired of the relentless Jew hatred. Just because Freud was right, that anti-Semitism is the shadow of the Jews, does not mean that we aren’t disgusted with it, particularly when it is coming from the European elites. Supreme Leader Khameini in 2001 told the Deputy Foreign Minister of Spain, “My job is to set the Jews on fire.” Where is the Europe rage over that? They’d rather shriek to the heavens about a Jewish apartment in East JERUSALEM, the capitol of Israel no matter what the rest of the world’s cowards say. They will extol the virtues of sanctions against Israel, threaten the economy of the only civilized country in the Mideast, but there is not a word of threat to make China regret its own wanton contempt for human rights. And now, in the name of some fictional right of “transparency” when enforcing vital concerns about the nuclear ambitions of madmen, it is Iranian nuclear facilitators that get the economic green light while Israel gets the economic yellow and red lights.

Read on. It only gets worse.


Feb. 2, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
“My job is to set Israel on fire.”

Quote Iran’s Supreme Leader: “My job is to set Israel on fire.” And the West is still dithering. Of course.
Then, there’s the U.K. fUcK the U.K…. Once and for all. They committed the first blood libel claim in history in 1269. Then they kicked the Jews out.
They closed Palestine knowing the Jews were being burned.
And now, they would do it again. Time to leave Europe.
January 24, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
On Hillary
I found Hillary Clinton’s comment that it makes little difference at this point whether the Benghazi assault started as a riot over a video or more or less “some guys who went for a walk one night and decided to kill Americans” to be absolutely vile. What a disgustingly flippant remark. If that were my family member or friend who was dead, I would be livid beyond belief. That’s chutzpah. This is as bad — if not worse — than the B-HO’s disgusting descriptor shortly after the murders that the deaths were “a bump in the road.” By the way, has anybody asked “What road? Road to where?” Islamist hell? Just another mere Global Caliphate fatality? Just the Islamic version of having to break a few eggs to make an omlet? Perhaps if the deaths had been beheadings a la Daniel Pearl, they would have elicited a little more improvised outrage from these cold-blooded frauds? Who in the hell do these people think they are? It matters plenty about why those people died, Madame Secretary. It matters because WE ARE AT WAR WITH MONSTERS. The slogan “Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive and well’ is BULLSHIT, Those murders prove it. Mali proves it. Yemen proves it. Egypt proves it. Syria proves it. And those people are consciousless, effortless liars. It actually matters because their lies dishonor those who died for this country. It matters because these con artists LIED TO THE WHOLE WORLD — and to their own country. But they are so privileged with “insight” that we commoners just don’t “git,” they are entitled to lie to us. Fundamentally changing America means fundamentally changing what it means to tell the truth. The truth is now whatever they — and their media minyans (ys, it also takes a village to tell a big lie — convince us is true. But it matters because they — and their whorish media — have so debased this country’s political awareness that Obama can lie six times from the podium of the UN GA and get away with it. This country is so unaware and deliberately uninformed that he gets away with making a joke in front of their vaunted “global village” out of the country they rule. The administration wasn’t merely wrong about the video being the cause of the Benghazi killings because there was so much “confusion” at the time as Hillary Clinton claimed. Actually, Hillary, there was no confusion. They simply LIED — about the deaths of people who died in the line of duty. (Try this: “Oh gee, Hillary. I was just so confused and tired those nights in the Oval Office’s private study. I thought it was you getting me….” Yeah. She’s SO easily confused that one.) If Clinton did not want to undertake a State Dept. investigation because the FBI was doing one — SUPPOSEDLY — then just pick up the phone and ask the head of the FBI, “Was that comment the next morning from the President of Libya about it being a terrorist attack true?” How about PHONING THE PREISDIENT OF LIBYA? SHE WAS THE DAMNED SECRETARY OF STATE!!!!! She actually told the father of a family member whose body was being returned, during the return ceremony, that we were going to get that durned filmmaker! Sounds like she should have verified that with the FBI before teling that to the family of one of the victims. But then she wouldn’t have been able to LIE. (And people think she ought to be the next president?!) Whether it was a post-video riot or a long and well-planned series of murders and an assault on a U.S. mission matters because of WHY they lied about it. They are covering up something BIG. You don’t lie like that for nuthin’. WERE THEY RUNNING GUNS TO SYRIA? What was Stevens & Co. doing in BENGHAZI? What was the meeting with the Turkish INTELLIGENCE OFFICER — not a “diplomat; that’s more bull — about? The one that ended at 8:30 before the shootin’ started. It matters because they threw the idiot who made an appropriately hysterically inept film in jail, supposedly for parole violation. That’s another crock. They threw him in jail because it was part of their cover up. Their little drama was to make it seem they cared SO MUCH and were so SERIOUS. They also threw him in jail as a test run on SPEECH CODES. They threw him in jail for INSULTING ISLAM. This was a jizzyah. They paid the Muslim tax owed by infidels. They offered up one of our own — no matter what a nutter he is — as a hostage, as a ransome. Yes, he was an internet fraudster, but posting his ridiculous movie on-line had NOTHING to do with his conviction. This is like banning someone from bookshops or libraries because he bought a book about running cons. Going to put him in jail for googling the location of a restaurant? But the first amendment doesn’t matter to these bastards either. Can “speech codes” be far behind with this crowd? Obama certainly groveled like a peon before Islam from the UN GA dias. Another major national humiliation. The only reason why I don’t want Clinton gone is because Kerry is the caricature of a jester and has dangerously naive ideas. (He even has a spandex jester-on-a-bicycle suit!) He’s an ignorant, blowhard, elitist fool. He’s like a prep school fop whose professors can’t stand because he’s so pretentious and superficial. Then there’s Hagel…. The DAMASCUS FREQUENT FLIER BOY with an Iranian prayer rug for a comforter in the coming nuclear winter. And let’s not leave out Brennan, a virtual Fifth Column Alger Hiss with a turban and a fourth rate Arabic language skill. Hagel can’t say “Jerusalem.” Keeps pronouncing it “Al Quds.” Watch the video on our Brennan of Arabia. He’s a Trita Parsi/NIAC shill — when he’s not pitching for Hizzbollah and Hamas. The Manchurian Candidate missed the plot: It was the Bro’ Hood Candidate who takes over the CIA. Or was it the Ayatollah Prayer Partner? “Hey, buddy! Can you spare a nuke?!” Oh, this is going to be a GREAT four years: Obama, Kerry, Hagel and Brennan. What a team! Well, I guess the Muslim Brotherhood won after all…. Actually, the only question is, Who gets the Oscar? The MB or the Ayatollahs?
January 14th, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
 “EU reportedly to offer new Middle East peace plan”
The French and British are leading this apparent “initiative.” Those two have done enough damage to the Mideast, starting with the British White Paper that trapped Jews in Europe so we could be gassed, burned, shot, starved, beaten and worked to death. The U.K. badly needs to keep out of this part of the Mideast already. We also don’t need the French who messed up the Levant (Syria-Lebanon) and are closet anti-Semites at best and are totally beholden to the Arabs. (The current government was elected by France’s Muslim vote.)
Historical ineptitude aside, this is no time for the EU to go around telling Israel what to do. The region is incomprehensibly chaotic and the Palestinians are no exception with Gaza held by Hamas and the “West Bank” held by…. Well, isn’t that a good question?
Egypt has been taken over by the MB and we don’t know how long the border with Israel will be “stable,” which is already questionable. Gaza and Israel just had a mini war. The Sinai is lawless. Syria is a charnel house. There is increasing concern over Jordan.
And Europe has “a better idea”?! Their timing couldn’t be worse and that is terribly polite and charitable in the circumstaces. It’s actually abysmally obtuse. Events have proven Israeli ownership of the Golan to be more than a no-brainer. It has turned out to be so strategic as to be of existential significance for the little state. Now, Europe wants to screw up Israel’s most vulnerable “middle kingdom.”
There is cautious movement towards an alignment between the “West Bank” Palestinians and Jordan. This is the only solution that makes sense and one I’ve advocated since the 1960s. It would be partially status quo ante pre-1967. It is the only course that would obviate some of the intractable issues such as “Right of Return” and much of the real estate disputes since it would open a great deal of geography to the Palestinians – or Jordanians west of the Jordan River, or whatever they are. (They used to call themselves Syrians, so forgive me if I seem historically challenged on that one.) If Europe wants to be helpful, it could help Jordan and the West Bankers develop a more stable relationship and at least attempt to strengthen elements that have a modicum of regard for civil rights. That would be novel for our faddishly center left multi-cultural cousins, wouldn’t it?
As for Europe telling Israel how it should freeze building in Jewish areas or where its sovereignty over Jerusalem should be limited to, perhaps they should focus on creating a long overdue historical homeland for the Kurds instead? In other words, Europe really needs to shut up on both of those issues other than working with the Jordanians and the West Bankers. European “opinion” on matters directly affecting Israel is deeply offensive. Perhaps Jerusalem needs to be the one to call in the European ambassadors for a good dressing down — history lesson, military depth strategy and all.
Dayenu! (Enough is enough!)


July 6, 2010
Sleepless in L.A.
Jordan is Palestine

I’ve said this for years. The only solution is to stick the West Bank — after border adjustments — back with Jordan. Let them call it “Palestine,” or “Jordan-Palestine” or “Palestine-Jordan,” whatever identity they want to make up for themselves the next time around.
The truth is that the so-called Palestinians want to destroy Israel and then move against Jordan, throwing out the Hashemites. Make the original Palestine Mandate territory into an Islamist state — the Palestinians have always had a big fat streak of Islamo-Nazism going back to Haj Amin al-Husseini, their Grand Mufti monster — to become part of a Great Global Caliphate. They’re a bunch of Mohamedan wack jobs. Always have been. Always will be.
Wilders is a mensch.
PM Netanyahu is coming back to the States to see that putz Obama. I suppose that after Obama betrayed Israel by “condemning the acts on both sides that led to injuries and deaths” when Israeli troops fought for their lives and those of their comrades-in-arms, and Obama kissed Mahmoud’s ass in the Oval Office the following week, I guess Obama had to see (begrudgingly) that (damned Jew) Netanyahu. To bad Bibi can’t just flip that SOB the bird and shine on the visit. It’s just going to be another scandal with that damned White House lying through its teeth — as usual. That administration has put Israel into its worst situation since early June 1967 and 1948.
What is the difference between Clinton and Obama? Clinton got a blow job in the Oval Office while keeping Arafat waiting for him. Obambi felches the Arabs in and from the Oval Office and keeps the Israeli PM on ice.
We need a President who knows what the Oval Office, Commander in Chief, and the word “ally” are supposed to mean.
Melanie Phillips is always a great read.

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