“Sleepless in L.A.” Index

Collection of Sleepless in L.A.’s writings

March 13, 2015
Aliyah by French (and Other European)
To the editor of the Jewish Journal

There are the conversations I’ve had with French Jews in Paris — the ones with grown children already in Israel and the parents making their own plans because “We can’t stand it anymore.”

February 26, 2015
Susan Rice: “Damaging the Relationship”

No, it’s not Israel that “damaging the relationship. It’s the administration’s desperate obsession for a deal, any deal, with Iran that is threatening to actually destroy — the other “D” word — Israel.

So Rice is right about one thing. The relationship has been deliberately turned toxic and the Ayatollahs are toasting their honey sweetened mint teas day and night.

February 25, 2015
Iranian Dissidents Disclose New Secret Iranian Site Near Tehran

Another Iranian (not-so) secret nuclear site. As to the credibility of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Clare Lopez endorses their revelations. She is a professional and former CIA analyst.
Will this latest secret nuclear site remain the elephant in the room or will it actually be the deal breaker it should be? Color me pessimist.

February 23, 2015
President Putin Visits Egypt*

This is the destruction to our relationship with Egypt that Obama has reeked.


February 17, 2015
The Ayatollah Spring: The Ferengis vs. The Orcs

The Iran negotiation charade has been a slow motion nightmare that is gaining frightening, unstoppable momentum.
Are you feeling wrung out by it yet? Obama obligingly, constantly ceded ground as if on cue.
His goal is a “grand bargain” with the Ayatollah Ferengis.

Welcome to Springtime in Iran for the Ayatollahs. This episode brought to you by that White House in D.C.


February 16, 2016
Hersh (Annals of Nat’l Sec): Obama’s Mideast policy (New Yorker 2007 article)

I am unconvinced Hersh is right, that Obama is empowering Sunni extremists to undermine Iran.
The opposite seems more likely: That he is using ISIS as an excuse to empower Iran. That actually seems rather obvious.


February 15, 2016
Leibler Mailing List: Obama’s shameless Jewish cheerleaders

There is no excuse for constant excuse-making by lib Jews. When is enough enough? He doesn’t even want to say that the Paris attack on the kosher mkt was anti-Semitic. He’s making a suicidal deal with Iran.

February 14, 2016
Romeny and Bain/Off-shoring and all that jazz

1. Did he understand the economics to boost the economy?
2. Did he understand the security issues, first and foremost the Iranian threat?
3. Where is he at on the underlying political cultural issue of America’s role in the world and the worth of our culture.

I give Romney high marks on all of those. I flunk the B-HO on all of those.


February 4, 2015

This article is about all the arms we’ve left in Yemen. So much, they don’t even kokw what it all is.


February 3, 2015
Iran — Unafraid and Undeterred

He is a traitor.


February 3, 2015
Dershowitz: “Trigger Mechanisms” Are Not on the Iran Talks Agenda Either

nuke bomb trigger mechanisms not on the talks agenda.
An ICBM that can hit the U.S. is not far off. Rocketry is not on the “agenda” either — the talks agenda, that is. They certainly are on Iran’s agenda.


February 3, 2015
Palestinian West Bank students admire terrorist Dalal Mughrabi who led killing of 37

This is based on translations of the West Bank media by Palestinian Media Watch of Israel.
This is typical; it is not the exception.
The “two-state solution” is no more than the creation of a maxi-terror mini-state.


January 28, 2015
Should Netanyahu address Congress?

As the American in the room, HELL YES! Speak, Bibi! Speak!

You have no idea how disgusted and/or frustrated so many in the Congress are over the B-HO’s total suck up to Iran.
The B-HO believes….


January 27, 2015
The United States of ‘American Sniper’
Rogan and Moore — between them, two tons of mental blubber — would never say what they have about the 2001 film “Enemy at the Gates” about a cat-and-mouse game between a Russian (the hero) and German sniper.


January 22, 2015
PM Netanyahu’s coming speech to US Congress, I respectfully submit these modest suggestions…

We need to win this one like we have never won anything since World War 2.
Iran is gigantic viper looming over the denizens of a virtual Hobbitown in comparison to what those monsters intend.
They are Malach. We are far too naïve,

far too cosseted in our ocean-buffered sequestration at times for our own good.

January 22, 2015
France vs. Italy: Europe’s Jewish Dilemma and the Israel Dialectic

I think I can make a few distinctions b/n France and Italy.


January 22, 2015
The hanging of Shaabani would hit home.

The U.S. Congress and the American people get it: Regimes who murder poets cannot be permitted to be nuclear “threshold”
states with a full arsenal of ICBMs capable of reaching Israel, Europe, America and for that matter any part of Asia.


Making waves
I think the story of the hanging of Shaabani would hit home. It would make every network in the world.
January 22, 2015

Could you imagine that at some point, some reporter in Geneva shoves a mic in Rouhani’s face and demands an explanation why he murdered a poet?


January 22, 2015

Alberto Nisman deserves to be named A Righteous Gentile. It would be a post-Shoa first.

January 22, 2015
I have a problem with the “key” in the inside door lock business.

How convenient if you want to make it look like a suicide. So tell the story…. Who knows if the key was even inside the lock…


January 21, 2015
From Nisman to US backers of Israel

The fog of assassination and ‘Loose Talk of War’ Only Helps Iran, President Says

January 20, 2015
Alberto Nisman

A charming, dedicated, vital man.
I do not believe he committed suicide. Certainly not the night before he was going to testify to congress.

January 20, 2015
Obama Warns Dems Not to Bow to (Jewish) Donors

OMG. You can’t make this stuff up, can you?
Okay, gang. I am really sick of this.

There is now a BIPARTISAN majority to pass the sanctions. In the meantime, that B-HO is sowing some very dangerous seeds of anti-Semitism.


January 18, 2015
OMG. You can’t make this stuff up, can you?

CNN’s Jim Clancy resigns after controversial Israel tweets
Is Clancy nuts? Most of his tweets were non sequitors with a dash of paranoia.


January 15, 2015
Palestinian Guard at U.S. Jerusalem Consulate to be gtiven guns

When the second intifada began, one of the first murders was by a Palestinian of an Israeli on a joint security patrol.


November 19, 2014
Iran will end up the hegemon of the oil-producing region

There will be another “agreed principle” with Iran. But in the end, Obama will claim some cosmetic concession is a breakthrough.


America and Europe — and even Israel — have too long downplayed the culture of incitement, hatred and constant call to murder.  The White House has become part of the initiating events by exaggerating the significance of Israel building housing in Jerusalem.


October 27, 2014
Iran’s Pragmatic Camp Calls For Exploiting Obama’s Weakness To Attain Comprehensive Nuclear Agreement On Tehran’s Terms

This is another disaster of Obama’s in the making: Iran’s ultimately unhindered nuclear program.


October 19, 2014
To the Editor of the Jewish Journal
regarding “The fourth Gaza War: 5 predictions” by Rob Eshman

The motivations of Hizbollah aside, the idea that Hamas could possibly be logistically repaired and prepared enough by June 2015 — less than a year away — is fantasy. If there is any success in assembling “international” repair efforts, launching a war while Gaza has a substantial contingent of non-Gazan busybodies and do-gooders present would not be PR that even the most fanatic Israel bashers could pull off: Not even Hamas could get away with using visitors as human shields for their rocket launching.


October 9, 2014
Funding for construction in Gaza

The U.S. should withhold any funding for construction in Gaza — and we should pressure Europe to do so as well


September 11, 2014
How Obama inadvertently made an Israeli war with Iran all but inevitable

The fact that Obama left any mention of Iran’s nuclear threat out of The Speech demonstrates how little he thinks of the threat from Iran.
He accepts a nuclear Iran. Which is the real reason Israel has to strike — if it can.


September 2, 2014
Criticism of Israel’s Military Staff?

Periodically, Israel just has to “mow the lawn.” That’s the way it goes.
Bear in mind, Hamas lost billions of dollars in this war. Many tunnels, a good number of “fighters”, a coterie of leaders and a massive amount of infrastructuer and housing.

The Egyptian rel/p is absolutely critical to Israel.
Also, America has to watch its own back in the Arab world. There can’t be a “blood bath”in Gaza and there not be consequences for the U.S. I think Bibi struck the best balance he could.

The other big issue is to demand that the incitement be placed front and center. It must be exposed.
Our big job through AIPAC is to work with Congress to investigate the Hamas-UNRWA connection.
Also on the Congressional calendar needs to be a long hard look and rethink regarding Qatar. OY!~ The $11.4 billion weapons deal is not a good idea.


 August 18, 2014
Tzipi Livni Stabs Cinderella!


…..And this Madame Goulet is a an actual French senator running for reelection.  Charmant!

Jews, get out of Europe already for crying out loud.  Enough is enough.  Make Aliyah.  That’s what Israel’s there for.


August 19, 2014
Sherman’s 300,000 and the Caliphate’s Three Million :: Goldman in Asia Times


First, go after Iran.  That is truly a no-brainer, and Obama’s view of Iran as a rational actor is radically irrational.

 Second, Obama, as usual, is wrong about Iran not being another North Korea.  Indeed, the two are close allies and collaborate on all things nuclear and ballistic.

My position on Iraq was clear from even before the invasion:  Break up Iraq into three parts:  Kurdish, Sunni, Shia.  I was right then and I still am.  Kurdistan would be an important ally of the U.S. and if not an ally of Israel openly, certainly an ally covertly.  Saddam was too dangerous to leave alone.  Rogue actors make for rogue states, and these aggressions, when possible, should not be left to stand.


August 16, 2014
Atrocity Video Porn and Dachau

I have a measure of sympathy for your anti-Islamist horror video stance, but in the end I am compelled to disagree.

How different is viewing these atrocities from what the allies did to many Germans after WW2 by busing them out to Dachau and other camps and forcing them to witness the horrors they pretended to have been unaware of.  In some instances, they were even forced to bury the dead with the awful stench of the rotting corpse, one at a time, coming off the body draped over the “innocent” German’s shoulder.


August 16, 2014
Obama’s Double Betrayals of Israel – Coupled with an Iraq Blunder

 According to the administration and the State Department, they are miffed that Israel has not been “cautious” enough in Gaza.  After all, it used artillery when it could — read, “should” — have used “precision” munitions.  First, artillery is not so imprecise.  Ask any naval commander.  But you wouldn’t expect such expertise from a CIC who doesn’t even bother to take a break from his evening boogying in Martha’s Vineyard long enough to attend the funeral of a two-star general, the highest ranking American killed (murdered) in Afghanistan.  There is a good reason to use artillery shells when fighting a terror group fielding anti-civilian rocket barrages:  Artillery is more likely to be real-time than “precision” munitions from drones, copters or jets.  Too often, a Hamas launcher is spotted at the last minute and the counterattack must be made immediately; otherwise, the attack is launched and the terrorists escape


August 16, 2014


 Iran is evil and bent on destruction.

 Anyone still addicted to Obama deserves what’s coming.

 The problem is that the rest of us don’t.


August 15, 2014
Wlliam Schabas – The Grand Inquisitor Attack Dog Unleashed Against Israel by the UN

William Schabas,  the head of the UN HCR’s kangaroo court on the actions of Israel defending against rockets and terror tunnels from Gaza.  This cold-blooded monster doesn’t give a straight answer to anything.

It is vicious subterfuge.  The outcome is as foreordained as any post-torture “trial” by the Spanish Inquisition. 

 It is he who is the criminal:  He is facilitating terrorism and genocidal hate speech.  The allies hanged Joseph Goebbels for exactly the same crime.


 August 15, 2014
Barbier, Beetzebuth, and Anti-Semitism: The French Socialists’ Conundrum

Enough is enough already.  How many times can we be stabbed in the back?Time for the Jews to leave France for Israel.  Way past time.  This is a disgusting article.



August 16, 2014
WSJ:  White House and State Dangerously Interfering with Israeli Arms Requests to Pentagon

 Contrary to the WSJ headline below, Israel’s flanking maneuver was temporary.  The White House and State Dept are now going to interfere and interrupt Israeli munitions and arms requests as a matter of routine.  This is deadly dangerous in the long run — not so long run, in fact.


August 14, 2014

Dear Senator Feinstein:

I respectfully disagree with both statements as being contrary to sound military doctrine and self-defeating politically and diplomatically. The language to “strongly urge both sides…exercise restraint” declares that there is an equivalence in actions between Israel and Hamas, which I know you do not agree with; however, the language used militates otherwise.


August 14, 2014
Student-Worker UAW 2865 of Univ Calif votes to join anti-Israel BDS

 When are our politicians going to do something about this already?  The left, particularly in academia, is, ultimately, spreading an anti-Semitic virus.


August 11, 2014
Hamas protests; Norway et al rebuild


 Incredible: Already a conference to rebuild Gaza in Norway.
That aid should be blocked until the rockets are surrendered and the tunnels all destroyed.


August 7, 2014
Muslims force Christian to accept Islam, then behead him

There is a point: Israel is fighting exactly the same type of people when it fights Hamas.
This young man is horribly murdered because he is Christian. The murderers are evil beyond comprehension.


August 7, 2014
Follow the UNRWA money….

There need to be Congressional hearings on UNRWA funding.  Follow the money.
UNRWA knew.  They knew everything.  Everything means everything.  Tunnels, missile storage, firing positions, human shields, hate/incitement education.

August 5, 2014
What Hamas Believes, and Why It must Be Delegitimized and Fought


There are NO excuses for Hamas.  NONE AT ALL!

It is an organization of criminal, mad dog, mass murderers.  They are insane and evil.


 August 5, 2024
Israel says has evidence 47 percent of Gaza dead were combatants

Typical of the Arabs to grossly inflate and misrepresent the facts.  They’ve done this about Israel and the Jews there for 100 years
— before there was an Israel even.


August 5, 2014
Was a UN School in Gaza Really Bombed?


This one, obviously no.  More typical Arab criminal fraud.

It’s called Paliwood, the phony “Hollywood” of these Pali creeps.


August 4, 2014
The eight (8) who voted against the $225 MM for funding more Iron Dome missiles


There is a pattern here of who voted against the $225MM funding for more Iron Dome missiles. The Democrats who did so are left wing with one left wing Muslim


The old hate is coming back with a vengeance.
I did say something about the Jews getting out, didn’t I?
At least this time: 1) We will get out in time; and 2) We have a country to goto with a powerful army to protect us.


August 4, 2014
Kids? Monsters.


They are going to commit mass murder and mayhem. It’s guaranteed.
Educate when you can. Kill it when you can’t educate it.

Hamas shows dead kids. They don’t show their kids as the killers they are trained to be.
Hamas has even put “suicide” vests on retarded kids and sent them to Israeli checkpoints hoping to commit mass murder.


August 4, 2014
The Rocket Clock


Since 2001, the terrorist Arabs have fired 15,373 rockets into Israel.

 How much should the Israelis have to tolerate? 


August 4, 2014
The Obama administration and State Dept have made a huge muck of things with Egypt.

Egypt has major terror concerns of its own from Hamas.  How dare Kerry do what he did?  To make it worse, he has Turkey there:
Turkey, which is led by a man who’s Jew hatred is reminiscent of Hitler and Goebbels, it is that intense. 


August 3, 2014
How to drive a huge wedge between Dem. Congress candidates and Obama, Pelosi and Kerry

Pelosi gave an outrageous description of Hamas based on Qatari leadership: “who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization”.


Bengio in Middle East Quarterly
I’ve been a fan of the Kurds for years.


July 31, 2014
Analysis:  The hidden picture in Gaza — Yaakkov Lappin

I am not surprised that the very left, cynical and constantly grousing Haaretz did the number they did claiming that Bibi was too preoccupied with Iran and missed the Gaza situation with its tunnels, etc.  Apparently, Israel’s intelligence had a good warning of what was coming.  It’s also apparent from how well Israel has militarily responded to the situation.  The IDF’s performance has been spectacular.


July 31, 2014
FDD’s Vice President for Research, Jonathan Schanzer, discusses the latest ceasefire in Gaza

Peter Beinart’s whole riff on the Fatah-Hamas alliance was stupifyingly dishonest, but actually,
I think It just reflects the fact that he is simply meretriciously mendacious.


July 30, 2014
Response to a professor’s accessment about Obama’s motives:

Dinesh D’Souza is right that he’s a post-colonialist ideologue.

Otherwise, he’s an atheist whose Jungian collective unconscious is Muslim.


July 30, 2014
ISIS has become a functioning state with economic resources and heavy weaponry

This is “fundamental change.”

Happy now, Obama voters?  Happy?   Happy?  Happy?


July 30, 2014
Hamas executed 20 anti-war protestors in Gaza


How long will it take to see this reported in the media — if at all?
Those people undoubtedly died in vain because their truth will likely never be told to the public.


July 28, 2014
Building Hamas tunnels kills 160 kids


The amount of concrete used in the tunnels is a huge issue.  And they killed a lot of their kids — at least 160 — doing it…See links

…. A moral person would condemn what Hamas did as not only unnecessary to begin with but doing so forced Israel to undertake a heavy bombardment.  But since the world does not accept the necessity of the latter, it gives no thought to the former.  That is how the world works now — which is also why it hasn’t been working so well lately.


July 25, 2014

Palestinian protest stops Maccabi Haifa Football Club match. 

Punches and profanities were exchanged between the handful of youngsters and the Haifa players.
But then again, were they “Palestinian” or “merely” pro-Palestinian white Eurotrash. 


July 23, 2014

Stewart’s “skit” was basically anti-Semitic, anti-Israel diatribe and sickening. 

“Stewart’s “ISRAEL!!!!” “skit” was a sickening display of moral relativism — at best.  It denigrated the seriousness of thousands of rockets hitting Israel year after year and covered up entirely the Nazi-like Jew hatred and Israel hatred of Hamas.  Article 7 of the Hamas Charter states: In the end of days, even the rocks and trees will say, ‘Oh, Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me.  Come and kill him.”  It is quoting one of the Hadiths.  


July 16, 2014

Palestinian Casualties

Too many, especially Europe and much of the press, focus on Palestinian casualties, failing to point out that most of them are due to Hamas using civilians as shields. 


July 13, 2014

Obama’s secret directive supporting global terrorism

The B-HO administration commission a Rand Corporation study on reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood including embedding MB youth in our government agencies!  — Not non-MB youth to better train them on democracy but MB youth, which would only corrupt our agencies. 


July 13, 2014

By 2015 Iran could test ICBM capable of hitting U.S.

Israel was right all along and the U.S. was wrong. Period.

Too many, especially Europe and much of the press, focus on Palestinian casualties, failing to point out that most of them are due to Hamas using civilians as shields.


Little known factoid about Turkey’s President Erdogan: He was a fundraiser for the Muslims during the Bosnia-Herzegovina war.
He was — and is — after all, an acolyte of the MB.
And he’s doing it again for the ISIS gang in Syria.


June 18, 2014
 Sleepless in L.A. Comments on: Bret Stephens: The Pace of Disasters

I’ve observed that there is so much going wrong it is overwhelming to just try to keep track of the catastrophes. 

Then it becomes: How can you hold the B-HO responsible? It’s THE WORLD. The problem is THE WORLD — not America’s most brilliant president since Thomas Jefferson.


June 16, 2014

Rick Perry’s Stupidity

The governor’s comment likening being gay to being an alcoholic is so inexcusable as to be contemptible.


June 16, 2014
Nike ad features evil ‘Jewish’ clones
Knesset member accuses activewear giant of ‘anti-Semitic propaganda’ over Star of David-like logo in World Cup clip
Not so cleverly, the logo created by Nike for the “clones” in this long (5″) ad for their gear in a soccer setting, combines the Star of David with a Swastika look.
April 24, 2014
AP reported out a story that did no one any good except for a mass murderer.  They were told that their releasing the info would force the U.S. to end a secret operation to kill one of the world’s most dangerous bomb makers; that the story could result in mass death including bringing down an airliner.  The AP didn’t care.  They printed the story.  In other words, they would have told Hitler about D-Day.

April 22, 2014

Extreme Jew Hatred by U.S. (and U.K.) Nazis 

Fortunately, they are few. They are dangerous otherwise. Intense hatred. Frightening people. Bona fide heirs of Hitler.

These Nazis certainly have their arguments in order. They may be outright lies, sly arguments, and almost clever misreadings of history or philosophies, but they certainly know how to make their case. “The Jews caused WW2 [Hitler’s song book] and then ended it by developing the nuclear bomb.” Now THAT is cynical.


April 16, 2014
Subject: Reply from Congressman Adam Schiff
Re: Failure of you and other Democrats to support Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act

Your bathetic, bloviating gas bag of a Secretary of State, John Kerry, actually admitted this week at a Congressional hearing that Iran is presently two months from a nuclear breakout and after the much vaunted “DEAL” you and the rest of you dolts have touted so loudly would set back Iran to a mere FOUR TO TEN MONTHS FROM NUCLEAR BREAKOUT. This is after you SOBs — starting with the White House and then the Pentagon and State and Congressional Sycophants like yourself so publicly chastised and trashed Israel’s intelligence and strenuous public warnings. Have you no shame? Damn you! HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!


February 27, 2014
If Sleepless in L.A. could introduce the Secretary of State at AIPAC:

 In light of this public position taken by the President and the Secretary of State, why would not
Iran proceed toward becoming a nuclear state fully expecting this organization
and its allies and Congress to be blamed for the consequences?


February 27, 2014
Sleepless in L.A.’s response to AIPAC’S request to embrace the bipartisan spirit
that has formed the basis of that relationship. 

Please be courteous, respect all views and perspectives….

The administration’s opposition to the sanctions bill is not just a death blow to stopping Iran from
obtaining nuclear weapons but is a body blow to AIPAC from which it may never recover.


February 24, 2014
FDD’s Mark Dubowitz and Ali Alfoneh on what’s wrong with the administration’s negotiating strategy.

…..a  devastating indictment of either the administration’utter
lack of any strategic vision or comprehension of the Iranian situation and Rohani’s “role”
— or, worse, in my view its tacit complicity in an historic disaster.
February 24, 2014

In supporting passage of the pending Iranian sanctions bill,
it is not merely a matter of urging that Iran be stopped from becoming a nuclear state.
It is more a matter of stopping the administration from stopping the Stop Iran Movement! 


February 13, 2014
 A European Boycott of Israel?

Yes, as thorough as the Nuremberg laws.  Some things never change.
Not that I want to distract one iota from the Iran crisis — I do see it as a crisis — but I believe there are
U.S. anti-boycott laws pertaining to Israel from the heyday of the Arab Boycott years.


February 11, 2014
Daniel Greenfield: The Little Israel Lobby That Couldn’t: AIPAC chokes again

Sleepless in L.A. to AIPACMake it PERSONAL. It’s not about Democrats. It’s about THEIR senator.
It’s about 
Harry Reid. How many people are not Harry fans anyway? Not everyone is wild about Harry, you know.

February 10, 2014
I predicted its inevitability years ago.

French Jews Migrate To Israel Citing Rising Anti-Semitism
I predicted its inevitability years ago.
Jewish children are now being attacked by Muslim “kids” in France…

The truth is that Europe will never forgive the Jews for the Holocaust. 


And, having been abandoned by the White House, we face this threat alone.
Yes, Israel has been betrayed. But so has the United States. Our rotten leaders are not our country.
They’ve just sought to ruin it is all.


February 9, 2014
Sleepless in L.A. response to AIPAC

PM Netanyahu Will Speak Live at AIPAC Policy Conference.
Given the success Iran has had — and all the help it’s received from the P5+1
— I guess Bibi is about the best we can do these days.


January 25, 2014
Sleepless in L.A. writes a poem in honor of Kipling

It’s an age of lies and plunder. Kipling’s poem, “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”?



January 21, 2014
Sleepless in L.A. responds to UNESCO cancelling a Cultural Exhibit on Jewish Ties to the HolyLand.
The English Methodist Church BDS project revives this disgraceful history of Jew hatred, slander and libel.


January 17, 2014 
Counterpoint – The HJS Editorial: “The Importance of Mavericks in the Middle East”,
From the Director’s Desk & 2014 Global Dangers
I supported the Gaza withdrawal and still do.  In fact, I wrote well before
the withdrawal occurred that it should be done.
I have long believed in Israel unilaterally imposing various “lines of demarcation.” 
One result of a robust Iran strategy could be a quid pro quo with Saudi Arabia to crack down on funding jihadis.
Instead, we have only given them cause to deeply mistrust us.

When Kerry decried the Syrian gas attacks and B-HO was all het up about it, B-HO called in American Jewish leaders and asked them to lobby — charge, so to speak — 

November 21, 2013
More on the The U.S. and Russia Are Triangulating Israel Not to Bomb Iran

The obvious determination of the U.S. to sign a deal with Iran…
November 18, 2013

Money?  I propose taking the $1 billion or so needed to destroy the weapons
— presuming an acceptable site can be found for carrying out the “decommissioning”
— out of our annual proceeds to the UN. 

November 15, 2013

Range of Critical Mass for U235 Depends on Trigger Type:
Trigger devices can be “Steel Reflected” or “Unreflected” types.  The respective critical masses for U235 range as follows…


October 18, 2013
While the new CW (as in Common Wisdom before it meant Chemical Weapons) on Syria’s CWs is that the destruction of (so far a handful)
delivery devices and not-so-deadly non-nerve agents signals the good will and possibility — if not probability! — of a New Deal with Iran…

October 18, 2013

For One, Because – Obama to Senators – Nuclear Iran Would ”Not Be an Existential Threat to Israel”
The Obama-Putin-Assad triad is a scam.  The US and the old SSR are triangulating Israel not to bomb Iran. 

October 4, 2013
The Western experiment thing seems to be fizzling out, doesn’t it?

It’s difficult to say whether Europe is just retreating into its usual state of Jew-loathing and scapegoating or just so
fearful of anything that doesn’t have the scent of cringing dhimmitude and fear-struck “pacifism”, it is shunned as though it be witchcraft.
It is the New Middle Ages.

It is a sickening read, and the reality is even worse.
September 12, 2013
Responding to Time Magazine article on Syria, Israel, and Obama

Time magazine.  Faddishly left and the writer is hyping political PR for liberal views and support of Obama. 
Most of the Israeli newspapers he cites are left as well.
September 5, 2013
Sleepless in L.A.
B52s and B2s are being sent in-theater.
My wish: It’s all a feint. We surround Syria but go 1,000 miles east…(Iran)….

September 5, 2013
Sleepless in L.A. writes the House of Commons

Speaker of the House of Common John Bercow: On Russia’s Press TV Galloway accused Israel of supplying al-Qaeda with CW (it would have been sarin gas) that was used two weeks ago in the east suburbs of Damascus, Syria.Galloway then lied in front of the English nation and the Members of Parliament by denying he had ever said such a thing.

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